Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thursday 13.......Starting with A

Things I loved about living in Alaska

Thank you Uncle Sam for sending us to live in such a beautiful awesome place......we made some of the best friends ever in our time there. Yes, the winters are harsh, but the spring (after breakup and all the slush) the summer and the fall are so beautiful!

first of all, these pics are just some I found on Google images. We didn't go digital until Will was born.

1. The aurora, I don't think I ever tired of seeing it.

2. The Thai House....first time I ever had me some Thai tea!

3. Alaska salmon crab legs ever....and they sell their recipe!

4. Becoming an Outdoor Woman....this was held at my next favorite place, and the ONLY reason I went....I am so not an outdoor woman....but I went with a friend who has shot a caribou with a bow and arrow....<----that is an Outdoor woman! (hey there Gina!)

5. Chena Hot Springs

6. Valdez...despite being served a food on my allergy list....It was still pretty! First time I ever saw whales.

7. Homer Alaska....we have a gorgeous art piece from there!

8. The Outhouse Races in the White Mountains.,....who wouldn't love to see a bunch of crazy people in the dead of winter guide an outhouse down a hill , turn a corner, and coast home???9. The World Champion Ice sculpture contest.....they even have a huge ice slide.

10. A dinner of halibut cheeks at a Princess Cruise lines restaurant in Denali . Which brings me to,,,

11. Denali National Park....first time I ever saw bears.

12. auto start on my first year there I traveled to another school at lunch in -40 degree weather! At those temps, you must warm up your vehicle for a good 15-20 I got this clicker that started it with a remote! LOVED it!

13. Finally, Hot ice cream ever.....okay, maybe next to Braums in OK....but good still.


Lori said...

My friend lives in Anchorage. I went to visit her a couple years ago and I must say, its the most beautiful place Ive ever been:) Happy TT.

The Crux said...

I've never been to Alaska, though many of my friends have. I wouldn't mind going.

tulipmom said...

You're lucky to have lived in such a beautiful place. I'd love to visit someday.

My mom has remote startup on her car (extreme temps are hard on her MS) and it really is the coolest thing!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

My SIL would *love* to live in Alaska. Great pics!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to live. I'd love to visit one day... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Alaska someday.

Happy TT!

Wendy said...

I have been wanting to go to Alaska for a long time. My grandparents lived there when my grandfather was in the Airforce.

Thai food is my favorite! There is a little place back home in Indiana that has the best spicy noodles ever! I make it one of my first stops whenever I'm home. Yum!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

I've always wanted to take a cruise there.

Monica said...

I'd love to go...someday!

Di said...

Oh, I think Sunny Skies in Angier, NC might give your ice cream place some competition! Maybe Uncle Sam will send you our way one day.

When we were in Alaska, we gave each other silly names based on stuff we saw and daughter was Princess Ooloo Looloo...from the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We came up with Hali-butt-head for my husband...but I am going to have to tell them about Halibut Cheeks...need more info!!!

Qtpies7 said...

We dream about moving there. Well, Donnie wants to live there, I'd like to visit, hehe. I HATE being outdoors and I HATE the cold.

patti_cake said...

Alaska is one place i've never aspired to visit. Maybe I need to explore more.

Kerry said...

I;ve never been to Alaska either... but a really good friend moved back there (she grew up there) after a bad divorce... sadly we are not in touch at the moment - I was planning to visit! Lucky you to be able to live in so many different parts of the country!

tommiea said...

lori-it is so pretty!

the crux, susan, mamalee-I hope you get to go one day.

tulipmom- I have wondered if I should put it on my new car just to cool it off!

joely-they are just off of Google Images.

wendy-I got a Thai fix today since this post made me crave it!

janie-if you do a cruise, do an Inside Passage one.

monica- it is so pretty!

di- the 'cheeks' are th primo part of the fish, much like filet mignon on beef. Very tender and oh so delicate!

qtpies- Anchorage doesn't have the extreme temps like Fairbanks.

patti- you would love it..especially for just a visit.

kerry- we do try to take advantage of wherever are and get out and do stuff. Makes for a nicer time rather than griping and complaining for your time there.

Vixen said...

Nice TT. I have always, always wanted to go to Alaska. Now the urge is back and strong!

gina said...

Sounds like an experience like no other!