Friday, August 31, 2007

My laptop so sad!

I had let it sit too long on the kitchen counter.....It went to sleep. Like some little old gramma who only eats day old doughnuts and Sonic lemonade.

I moved my finger on the little mouse block thingy, and - nothing. Oh dude, this is not good!

The little power indicator light came on, and that was it. Yeah she is working....but wait, just a bit of a flicker before nothing but a black screen. Reminded me of Carrie in SATC when she her laptop died! But she used a Mac didn't she?? I'll have to dig those old season 1-2-3 DVDs out!

Okay back to mine.....No reassuring chimes, oh wait, I hear gentle whirring, I hear clickety clack of computer bits sorting themselves out (what is that clicking noise anyway?). The screen was black. My computer is dead. Good thing this is just my fluff computer...the big one in the office is the one I keep my pictures on....that is the almighty important one!

Why my computer??!! Surely it could have kept itself up and running just fine. I am pretty bummed out about it. Okay... maybe 'despair' would more aptly describe how it hit me. It was like the final blow. It just seems like one more thing to deal with while Mike is gone!

I mentioned it to him in an email. He said he ALWAYS gets the extended warranty. I couldn't even remember when we got this laptop....turns out he got it for me when Livi was born....whew hoo he got the three year one!! Being as anal as I am I know where the paperwork is....I locate it in a matter of minutes ....grab the file, the cord and the laptop. I put it in my front seat to take by Best Buy after aerobics.

Now don't even get me started on Best Buy, but they were thankful I had my paperwork. Someone somewhere is working on my little baby as we speak. It will be home in early Sept. Until then I will have to blog on the computer in the office. Because I load my pictures on here it is pretty pokey these days! But again, I can deal. What other choice do I have??

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Final beach pics and a week recap

This week has flown by! Tonight I had to be in two places at once: a MANDATORY meeting at the kids' preschool and a kickball's preschool for goodness sake...I can read the manual. How hard can it be? :

  • 1. Get your kid to school on time.

  • 2. Pack a good lunch not something full of junk and sugar.

  • 3. Pick them up on time.

See, my version could have been done in two minutes rather than the two hours I wasted there tonight! Oh well, despite the crazy director (who communicates with the kids much better than adults btw)...the kids absolutely love it. Livi is doing well. Today she told me, "Mom, they have shakers at school."

***Edited to add: I couldn't get it to load just the May 29, 2007 post, so scroll down to read if you click on the "shakers" link.***

I said, " They do!" Note to self: Talk to the teachers that if they are missing any maracas to check the kids' bathroom.

Being the little mother that she is, she said, "Now you don't have to worry about me, I can use the big girl potty at school. And I close the doors so nobody sees my business!" She is looking mighty proud of herself while she is saying this.

She is doing very well. I have already shown her on her calendar that there is no school on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Fridays they have to wear their school shirt. She was pulling out a pair of shorts tonight that matched the shirt. She cracks me up, she said, "This red gingham matches the red in the little girl's shirt." Gingham....who knew she even knew that word? She started to dig through her bows to clip on the shirt...when I showed her the one I had made that matches it. She gave me the biggest hug and said, "I will be the cutest one there!" No, self-esteem problems in her little world.

Will is doing fine with her in his class. Their preschool is a multi-age classroom with 3-6 year olds in it. He is very attentive of her without being too bossy. I was afraid they would bicker some, but so far (Knock on wood!) that hasn't happened.

We didn't make it to the kickball game...oh well, it is four year old kickball....not Friday Night Lights in Texas.

Since it is against my blogging religion to post without pics....just a few more from the beach.

One of the other girls took this. I hate to have my picture taken. But Mike always loves it when I put my mug on here too. Don't think I even took that hat off for a second the entire time we were there!

He was pretty much done taking pics by this time....he is saying, "Mom, may I please swim in these shorts??"

Livi is never far from her bunny....Bunny has been in every one of her yearly pics. I knew bunny would be on this vacation as well. I love pics taken from the that's all folks with the beach pics.....Back to our regularly scheduled Will and Livi fest.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thursday 13: Things I heard at the beach last week

1. Livi: Does Nemo live in this ocean? Me: He might, baby girl.

2. Will: This sand doesn't make castles, it makes volcanoes. Me: that is one cool volcano!

3. Livi: I loooovvvveee my ocean. Me: And it loves you too, baby girl.

4. Will: I wanna go back to my beach house with Daddy when he gets home. Me: We will come back, but this isn't ours.

5. Will: Oh yes it is, I wrote my name on it. Me: No, you wrote your name in the sand! (But to avoid a meltdown)...okay it is your beach house.

6. Livi: I just need to take a wee little bunny rest. Me: Do you need some bunny love?

7. Livi: May I peepee in the sand? Me: Sure, why not?? Just go over there where no one is playing!

8. Will: The water tastes salty....kind of like a booger. Me: Great! Quit eating your boogers.

9. Livi: May I sit on your lap and let the water spank me? Me: That is just the tide, baby girl.....of course you can. (It took her two days to finally sit in the water, but only on my lap!)

10. Will: I am ready to go back to our Texas home. Me: Just one more day.

11. Livi: A crab just bit me....Me: baby girl, he just ran over your finger. (She picked up a shell and it was hiding under it.

12. Will: I am lovin' me some s'mores! Cheer me, Livi!
Livi: It's yummylicious!

13. and the best for last:

Will: If you toot in the water, it makes bubbles! Me: Nice! Just don't do anything else!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First day of preschool

I can't believe both of my babies are in preschool. Before we left, we had to do silly pics for Daddy. It has become the favorite since he deployed almost 11 months ago!

What has happened to the time...wearing one baby in a Baby Bjorn and pushing the other in a stroller....snuggling on the couch with one at my feet while nursing the other.

As we were coming over the little hill to their school, she hollers out..."My school!".....just last week, she would say, "Bubba's school!" I had no doubt she would love it. She has been looking forward to going every since she did her visitation.

Will was so ready to see his friends that didn't go to any of the summer "camps".....<--what the summer sessions were called. Livi walked in like she ran the place. I had to ask their teacher a question, but could barely get a word in because she was pushing me out the door. She kept saying, "Bye Mom, it is time for me to be a big girl. I'll see you later!" She is literally shoving me out the door and closing it!

I got out to the car ready to go do some adult-alone-time things. And to my own shock, my tears started to fall! I couldn't believe it!! What was happening to me!? I don't do this?! I celebrate my freedom! I have longed for four hours to do whatever my little heart desires. To do whatever I wanted....go to Target and not have to bribe a child for "just a few more minutes." To go to lunch with the girls without having to pack a snack box.

Will I ever stop calling them my babies? I doubt it! But, they today they are officially preschoolers! As I pulled out of the parking lot, I wondered how many other moms were going through the same thing. I couldn't cry too much because I get big puffy eyes and I had to go to aerobics.

When I went to get them, both ran to the door and gave me the biggest I had been gone for four days rather than four hours! Livi loved every moment, she didn't have any potty accidents either! She came home and napped for almost three hours! This is the same little girl who hasn't napped in about a month.

I realized at that moment, life's moving forward, we are growing up and it's all good. This was a moment that I don't want to forget! I wish Mike were here to see it, so photos will have to do for now.

As soon as we got out to the car, she immediately asked for bunny. Last year she reminded me to take Will chocolate milk every day when we went to pick him up. As we were walking in she said, "Now remember you have to bring us our milk....okay?? Don't forget!" She is such the mom!

Monday, August 27, 2007

beach aar...(if you know what an AAR is, then you are are geeky as I am!)

We are back.....should I do a The Good, the Bad, the Ugly...nah, let's just do a few quick words....




kids had fun

great...(okay BEYOND great......I might even venture into AWESOME) evenings

long drives...really long 4-5 movies long

LOTS of tolls

CRAZY shopping for groceries

just a few pics

Favorite of Will...jumping in the waves...

One of my many favorites of Livi:digging for shells, lots of sand

I can't believe both kids start preschool in the morning!! I still have to pack lunches. More later...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beach here we come....

I had just a few things to finish up today...It took a few bribes of cookies at HEB, but we got them done.

extra sunscreen: check

new movie to entertain them for the first two hours: check

bags packed: check

list made for grocery store: check

note for last minute things made: check

----pack bathroom stuff

----pack sleep music

----pack Will's baby he sleeps with

We are ready to go....This is the first time I have taken the kids on a vacation since Mike has been gone. We are only going a few hours to the beach. I am really trying not to stress out and not just relax!

We get back Monday late afternoon. Both kids start preschool on Tuesday AM. That is making me get all I just want to enjoy this weekend. I really wish Mike were home to go with us. Again, one of the many things he has missed this year.

Love you husband...hurry home.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday 13....number thirteen....things I have been asked by my four year old in the last week

**My replies in color**

1.Do bunnies have belly buttons? Not sure little dude.

2. Do they have nipples? ( Still him...)They have to have nipples, how else will the baby bunnies drink their mommy milk. I guess you are right on that one kiddo.

3. Will Daddy be home in 6-5-4 days? No sweety, but he will be home in about 117.

4. Does 117 have one number, seventeen numbers or 7 numbers? It has three numbers.

5. How can it have three numbers, you didn't say it was 1-1-7 days?. Uummm, let me see...

6. Can we go to the sprinkle park today? Nope, it is raining.

7. Does that mean it is sprinkling outside? yes it does.

8. May I go outside? We have a a park outside and it is sprinkling....You are right on that one.

9. Does that mean we have a sprinkle park? Apparently this is super hilarious in a four year old's mind...because he thought it was grab-your-belly-and-howl laugh worthy.

10. Since I am going out in the rain, can I wear my bathing suit? Uuhhmm, no, wear your boots and raincoat.

11. Who wears boots and raincoats to a sprinkle park? Again he cracks up laughing, remembering his joke from uuuhhhhmmmm two seconds before.

12. Why did that lightening bug (it was a wasp) stick his booty in me? I don't know baby...maybe he thinks you are sweet.

13. When do we go to the beach?? ONE MORE DAY....well really two since I am writing this on Wed and we leave on Friday.

Happy Thursday y'all

edited to add: Thanks all for the comments...this is only a minute amount of things I get asked every day! His new favorite is "why"....I usually ask him, "Why do you think?" It gives him a few minutes to think of something that never would have occurred to me!

yes, my poor baby got stung by a wasp while playing out back last night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wild card Wednesday.....there was an old lady who lived in her shoe

The Kept Woman wanted to see our shoes to prove to her husband that all these random bloggers across the world have more than her....Not sure if I am helping you out any though.
These are shoes that I am not wearing now that it is so super hot. The ones on the bottom are dressy black, one brown, and one from my wedding. I kept the wedding ones thinking I could dye them one day....uuhmmm they are still white....ten years later. I don't know any fashionista wearing cute white shoes with a little bow on them. But I still hang on to them.

These are the ones I wear on a daily basis.....Again a bunch of khaki, brown and black. Wait, right at the top is a speck of Kelly green. ....Kate Spade Kelly green....nearly the only ounce of color in my entire shoe wardrobe. To the right of the tennis shoes are a pair of orange and brown rain boots.....but that is about it.

So, even counting some boot boxes that are barely visable, I probably have less than 25 pairs of shoes. I keep a great basic black, brown, and tan of a few styles. I am a firm believer of one pair in, one pair out. I try to keep my closet as organized as possible. I know I can go to it at any time and throw together a casual outfit, an outfit for lunch with the girls, a date outfit, or something totally formal. Same goes with shoes....

Did you play?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rain rain go away....or more likely...hurricane hurricane go away

I am getting a bit worried about our beach vacation.

We are supposed to leave on Friday for a long weekend at the beach near Houston......right in the path of a hurricane. A few hours from there in Brownsville they have evacuated prisoners. Okay, my guess is if they are evacuating the bad guys, then they think it will be there soon.

How sad is it that someone's house could be in jeopardy and I am worried about my vacation?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday fill in #6

1. There's _____ and then there's _____!

2. Subscribe to _____ because _____

3. I love a good book because _____.

4. My favourite position is _____.

5. I need to quit _____.

6. I need to start _____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

I know, a day late and a dollar short. I usually blog after the kids go to bed...but I was too pooped last night.

1. There's pizza and then there's Papa Murphy's pizza!

2. Subscribe to Real Simple because it helps me realize life can be organized and simple.

3. I love a good book because it helps calm me in the evenings.

4. My favourite position is asleep in my bed.

5. I need to quit eating once the kids go to bed.

6. I need to start going to aerobics more.....

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to apparently it was sleep, tomorrow my plans include staying dry (it is supposed to rain all weekend) and Sunday, I want to clean out the garage and wash cars....if it doesn't rain!

Don't forget...have fun! Because it is against my nature to post without pictures.....

Will is climbing into one of those bouncy house things at our Neighborhood Night Out last week. This is also the night he ate about six of those frosted sugar cookies from Walmart. Good thing he wore himself out bouncing in this thing, because he would have been up all night after that much sugar.

Livi is watching one of the movies Mike sent. She knows how to click the little button where it repeats. So she watches for a good ten minutes before she gets tired of it. She thinks it is like when we do the VTC (video teleconference) and she talks to the monitor!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Please tell me when things get easy....

I had to take my car into the dealer today to have that wire fixed.....the one that Will cut. They had told me that it would be more than a day....sooo....I had specifically told them when I made the appointment, "I will need a loaner car that two car seats can fit in!"

I get to the Volvo dealer and they call someone from Enterprise to bring a car. ....

Wait....Enterprise???? Not to sound like a spoiled little stay at home mom....but I have been driving my cool mom-mobile for almost a year. You expect me to drive this uuhhmmmm little plastic car that sounds like a windup toy with a tick-tock clock turn signal???

I thought I would get like the XC90 or an S80....something to entice me into wanting another new car.....oh no....I get the windup car.

So after switching out the carseats.....I try to hook up her DVD player. It is a good 45 minute drive home. You have GOT to be kidding me....their freaking cigarette lighter is plugged and I can't play her a movie....!!! So we head back home. Only to get called at 3:30....the car is ready.

Again, go to the dealer....oh have got to be kidding me....I have to take the freaking wind up car back to Enterprise (which was right by the gas station I had to top the gas tank off at!!!) ....okay, circle back around on backed up I-35....back to the Volvo dealer.

Finally get the car seats switched.....I look under the seat to see the wire....Take a deep breath I tell myself. It is taped up with electrical tape. At this point in my life, I am so honked I can't even think straight. I head home and will deal with this tomorrow. I am so disappointed with this Volvo dealership right now. I was so ready to cry....but I try not to cry in front of the kids. If I can't handle my emotions, how can I expect them to??

Now remind me, after ten and a half months of deployment, shouldn't the days be getting easier???
edited to add: I talked to the technician at the dealership first thing this morning.....they soldered the wire together, then wrapped it with 'heat tape'.....this is the standard to the Volvo warranty. If I want the wire replaced, I will have to pay for it. I sat Will in the seat. He only weighs 36 pounds. The airbag won't deploy if someone less than 40 pounds is sitting in the seat. The little light did come on that said "air bag off" it was fixed. The entire experience was awful. I haven't gotten to talk to the service manager yet.
I guess I should be thankful I get to drive my cushy mom car....and forget about it. There is another Volvo dealer a bit farther. It is the one we actually bought the car from. I wonder if the service is any better there?? Who knows??

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday 13....number twelve.....things I have do every night before going to bed

Thirteen things I do before going to bed every night....Yes, it is Flylady. Yes, I have it written down in my "control journal"....otherwise known as my brain.

1. Pick up anything left out in the living room. The kids actually do this one now.

2. Make my sink shiny....wipe it out with Windex.

3. Run dishwasher.

4. Prep coffee pot for exactly two cups of coffee.

5. Figure out what we are having for dinner the next day. Thaw meat in fridge if necessary.

6. Pack Will's lunch. Put the entire packed lunchbox into the fridge. Make sure the freezer thingy to keep it cool is back in the freezer.

7. Check calendar for next day's activities.

8. Pack diaper bag, put it in the car.

9. Set table for breakfast...put out what I non-perishables I can.

10. Lay out clothes, shoes, and accessories for the next day in the bathroom. (the kids do this now as well)

11. Make sure cell phone is charged. (I don't have a car charger!!)

12. Make sure I took vitamins for the day.

13. Brush teeth and wash face.

Yes, it seems like a lot....but I know I MUST do this in order to get out the door on time in the morning. My lists are all about making my chaotic life easier.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wild card Wednesday...W....Will is in kickety be back next week

The Kept Woman wanted to see our shoes.....but needs another week. So no shoes for now....but
Will had his first kickety kickball game tonight at 6:45. I didn't really want to go that late. But at least I knew they would be tired. I wouldn't have to deal with them coming out of their rooms fifty times.
I thought their colors were blue...I went to pick up his shirt this afternoon and it is grey and black. Black??? I don't have black shorts. So I head to Walmart next. They don't have any 4T shorts, so I go over to the big boy section. Score....there were one pair of 4/5 XS black shorts.
After dinner I get the water bottles packed....It was over 100 degrees today, so I pack two for everybody. I put his kickety kick ball shirt on him, he got really upset when I showed him his shirt with a big number three in the back. "But, Mom, I am FOUR years old now!" Oh dude, how do I get past this one.....Pulling it straight out of the air I told him that he got to kick third at the game. He accepted that....I hope he forgets by the time we get there!! Then I got his new XS black shorts on took me back to my teaching days. His shorts are just a tad too big and they are dragging past his knees. I found a safety pin. I pinned it up and just hoped he didn't go digging back there and make it pop open. What can we do the game starts in 15 minutes.
I load up the car....
kid in shirt and right color shorts.....check
We get to the field with five minutes to spare. Okay....lots of grey and black shirts running other kids. The other teams' coach quit this week and no one bothered to tell us. It was a good thing since the one thing every good momma needs, I forgot. home.
Oh well, we practiced kicking the ball and running bases. They did so much better than they did the first time.
Watch out Bumblebees.....the Mosquitoes are ready!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Do you see what I see??

Do you see what I see??, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Dora?? No...

Cool Mom car....Well, it is, but not what I am talking about.

Yes, BOTH players playing the same movie!! Whew hoo!! I had to take the second set of DVD players back. This one wasn't on sale anymore, but they let me have it at an even exchange. I put the thing together in the car to make sure it worked.

Now I can focus on getting ready for the rest of what I need to do to get ready to go to the beach. I seriously felt a huge relief lifted off my shoulders. We have never traveled without the kids having movies in the back. I am a wimp, I don't think I could do a several hour drive without movies.

It is a happy Monday!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice does matter....

Cynthia from Springmont Cottage has tagged me with the "Nice Matter's" Award. Thanks Cynthia, what an honor. I used to do a weekly email to freinds and family since we live so far away most of the time. I sent it out on it was called Tuesday Update. When Mike deployed it became the next step to just set up a blog for all to see at the same time. The fact that I have found a little group of blogs I enjoy happens to be the icing on the cake!

The mission of this tag is to pick 7 bloggers for this award.....

1. Carrie of Blah,blah, blog!
2. Wendy of Snips & Snails
3. Headhen of Runnin' the Roost
4.Tulip mom of Tulip Mom
5. The Sisters of Sisters With Style
6. Gina of Spicy, Savvy & Sane
7. Ashlee of Meet the Leighow's **btw, I used to work with Ashlee in OK!

Visit them if you get the chance...

happy Sunday, y'all

Saturday, August 11, 2007

one word me~me

have to answer these with one word:
Yourself: Tommie
Your partner: Mike
Your hair: short
Your mother: home
Your favorite item: Jewelry
Your dream last night: sound
Your favorite drink: diet
Your dream car: xc70
Dream home: Beach
The room you are in: Office
Your fear: Dying
What you are great at: organizing
Where you want to be in 10 years: Beach
Who you hung out with last night: Family
You're not: messy
One of your wish list items: Potterybarn
The last thing you did: cook
You are wearing: shorts
Your favorite weather: fall
Your favorite book: sudoku
Last thing you ate: guacamole
Your life: challenging
Your mood: tired
Your best friend: Mike
What are you thinking about right now: sleep
Your car: Volvo
What are you doing at the moment: Meme
Relationship status: Married
What is on your t.v: movie
When is the last time you laughed: evening
One picture:

Okay, I couldn't do this one in one word.....Will learned to blow up balloons this afternoon. It was so hot we went to the sprinkle park again. The guy that watches over the sprinkle park gave them some water balloons. When we got home, they wanted to play with them still. Thankfully I had a few leftover from Will's birthday party. It helped keep us cool in the super hot weather. When he would let the air out he called then 'balloon toots!'

They are watching Alice in Wonderland....soon all will be quiet once again so we can do it all over tomorrow.

Is it too soon to start counting down until Mike gets home??? 136 days

Friday, August 10, 2007

life is all about balance

life is all about balance, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

1. My commute . _____.
2. _____ best describes my neighborhood.
3. My neighbors _____.
4. _____ is my favorite place to eat that's close to home.
5. If there's one thing I'd change about my community, it would be _____.
6. The thing I miss most about the town (city/area/swamp) I grew up in is _____.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

1. My commute.....well since I am a SAHM, I just drive the kids to preschool and daily activities all within 15 minutes of home.

2. New with deployed spouses best describes my neighborhood.

3. My neighbors are there if I need someone to change a fuse or anything else.

4. Thai Kitchen is my favorite place to eat that's close to home.

5. If there's one thing I'd change about my community, it would be ...
can I change the climate???.

6. The thing I miss most about the town (city/area/swamp) I grew up in is ....oh Cache America.....I guess knowing pretty much everyone in town, all my family, and all that goes along with living in podunk America.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to kissing the kids goodnight, tomorrow my plans include reorganizing part of my control journal that got wet!! and Sunday, I want to sleep in! **That's my story and I am sticking to day it will come true. ***

Don't forget...have fun!

By the way, today was a much better day than yesterday. In fact I might go so far as to say it was the easiest in a LONG TIME. I was up and ready, drinking a cup of coffee, talking to Mike before the kids even woke up....after 7AM!!!

Will had a great day at school, no climbing on playhouses.

Livi was super well behaved the two hours it took to get my oil changed and do a mileage checkup thingy. I talked to the guy there and he even said the wire thing would be under warranty! The wire he cut was a sensor that is in the seat for airbags. It automatically will not go off if someone at least 40 pounds isn't sitting in that seat. Since Volvo doesn't like the technicians fixing airbag stuff, they will most likely have to replace the entire wired bundle. He told me to call him on Monday and he would arrange for me to have a loaner since it will take at least a day to fix.

While we were in the town where the Volvo place is, I picked up Papa Murphy's....a take and bake pizza ....I love their Mediterranean Chicken pizza!

Super simple day.....much needed after yesterday. So life is all about balance. It reminded me of this picture of Will when he was about 7 months old. We were in OH at my in-laws.

I know in the back of my mind those days are far and few in between. I hope we have many more like today and no more of the others!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

An email I just sent my husband......

How can a mom be angry with an adorable face like that....well let me tell you......

Let me just say I am so glad it is 9PM and the kids are finally both asleep. I hate to be crabby but.....

Starting at 5AM, Will crawled into bed and wiggled around until my alarm went off at 6:15. By then my meds have worn off and my head/throat/body are killing me.....I am also having my monthly visit with Flo, so I am cramping as well. ***I am having some sinus/allergy issues this week!***

While I am getting ready to get IN the shower Livi walks in....nice. Now I won't even get to get a shower and get ready without being a referee for them.

I drop Will off at school and he didn't want to stay today. A new kid is going there and cries for his dad for about an hour every day. So Will sees this and decides to start acting up as well.

I come home to wait on the repairman to fix the French doors in the office and the front door. He is supposed to be here at 11 he still isn't here. I call him and he said he thought he said Thur OR Friday. I really need to go to the commissary but there is no time now since Livi is already crabby and needing to lay down.

Livi does take a nap....whew hoo!

I go pick up Will and he is in time out near the fence. His teacher told me he used a tricycle to climb on the little roof covering the tricycles, then climbed from there to the roof of the playhouse! **Later on when I was putting him in bed, I was telling him he should play in the sandbox or IN the house. He said he couldn't play in the sandbox. When I asked him why he said he was swinging the shovel and fighting with them. So he must have gotten a time out for that, then set down by the fence after climbing on the roof. Also I got there 5 minutes after the kids lined up for gymnastics and he is NOT doing gymnastics anymore, so he was MAD he didn't' get to go with them. The other kids go out to the playground and this is when he got in two timeouts.

The adapter on the DVD player needs a new fuse. I bought an adapter at Best Buy but could never could get that adapter to work on it. So I bought the $149 dual one at Target. I got it home and hooked up. It doesn't work! It looked like it had been taken out of the box already. So I loaded up the kids, we took it back. **These are the portable ones for the car.**

They were sold out of those, so they gave me the 9 inch ones that can play either the same DVD or separately for $199....fifty dollars off the sale price. I get those home, and they don't work.

Now I am wondering if it is just my car....I wondered if a fuse is blown. I put the dvd players in my husband's car and they work fine. So now I get the manual to try to find out how to replace the fuse. I can't even find on the car where the fuse box is.....btw, there are three places where fuses are on the car.

As much as I hate to do it, I look around the neighborhood for a man....I actually hollered out, "I need a man!!" it is about 6PM now, Neighbor K and her husband...on vacation.....Neighbor J, still in Maine and her husband is guy across the street...(btw they lived in our old building in Leavenworth!!) They know some friends of ours) ...not home from work, The guy who moved into L and S's house has someone over visiting.....the next house...not home from work....the nice neighbor S...just saw them leave.....Okay now on our side....nice neighbor A couldn't find it either...nice neighbor C. whew hooo!! He is home. I go to knock on his door and nice neighbor A says, " What is that on your pants?"...I reach back there and low and behold my shorts are ripped at the seam all the up my backside. These are the cute Dockers I got at Kohls!! So I go change, then go ask C to help me find the freaking fuse box.

After several tools, a screwdriver, a needle nosed pliers, he gets it out. He lays the tools down in the passenger seat. Replaces the fuse.....Before he puts the cover back on with the tools, I plug the DVD players in.....whew hoo, they work.

Will is crouched down in the floorboard....I notice the needle nosed pliers are not in the seat. I say, "Hand them over...." He looks REALLY guilty. I look at the seat wondering if he poked a hole in it or something....NOPE, he CUT A WIRE under the seat!!! A tiny green wire that is bundled with a bunch of others. But he just cut the one. By now I am so livid I am ready to seriously ready to lock him in his room before I cause him serious injury. It is 104 degrees inside the garage. I am dripping with sweat....and I don't sweat. I have sweat pouring down me. Note: I tried all the up, down, forward, back, recline...etc on that seat. It works fine, so I am not sure what he cut.**

I think at this point I was ready to just cry! Nice neighbor C looks at me like he is ready to witness a child beating....but I just sent him to his room.....Will, not nice neighbor C. One thing that went right was that the car already has some extra fuses on a little panel on the side of the dash. I have never even noticed that it was a place you can open up. So he replaced it and put the cover back on.

I got the kids in the house and bathed. Finally at 9, an hour after their normal bedtime, they are in bed. I had only tried one of the DVD players to make sure it worked, so I went back out there to connect them together and see if both play at the same time. Would you freaking believe it, they don't!!!! I can get each to play individually, but not where each screen is playing the same movie.

I think I just need to step away from it for a bit because I am about to lose it tonight. I will try again tomorrow. If I can't get them to play the same one, I may just keep them and get Will a set of headphones. The play button is pretty easy to find on the player. I am sure I could teach him how to start his own. I know Mike didn't want the one that plays different movies, but I seriously don't think I could drive to the beach without some entertainment in the back!

sorry to vent....I am all about not griping if you can't change something...I cant 'change that Mike is not just a bit of a rant before I regain my composure!!

since i am trying to look at the positive side of all of this....

1. The 9 inch ones are REALLY nice....much better screen that the other ones I had gotten first,

2. I now know how to replace a fuse if by some freak of nature that ever happens again.

3. I got a $10 gift card in the mail from Kohls. I wasn't going to use it. I take it as a good sign to go get some new shorts. As hot as it is here, I will be able to still wear them well into Oct!

4. The kids were so worn out they might sleep until 7.

5. I am utmost thankful I know my neighbors and can turn to them in need just by a knock on the door. They will stop whatever it is they were doing to come help.

happy friday yall!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thursday 13....number eleven.....things I have done to the house since husband delployed

1. Planted all the containers, hanging basket, and flower beds.

2. Killed one container of flowers (we had way too much rain for about two I accept part of that blame only)

3. Hung a rack system in the garage to get a bunch of stuff off the floor.

4. Hung the gates on the wall below the bar.

5. Hung this Southern Living at Home arch (it comes in four pieces!!)

6. Put together the organizing cubbies in the kids' closets.

7. Put up the Christmas tree...the thing weighs a ton.

8. Carried the bikes to the attic.

9. Finished decorating the mantle.

10. Manage to start his car and drive it around the block every so often.

11. Organize the art stuff in the office.

12. Finish putting our clothes on wooden hangers in our closet.

13. No, I DIDN'T sell the house.....though I have heard of that happening!

It has been ten months as of today that Mike has been deployed. I have many ups and downs. Now I am kind of mopey so I had to remind myself of all that I have done and can do. We only have five more months of this. He should be home around Christmas time 2007! This deployment has shown me that I am as stronger than I even know. It is empowering to know I can do all these things, but I like my cushy little life and want my husband back! Trust me, there is no way I will be picking up a hammer and nails once he gets back...Back onto the honey-do list those things will go!!
So hurry home, husband, I'll start your list in December.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wild card Wednesday..B...oh wait, no it is R.....

I think I might need some of that brain empowering chocolate ice cream The Kept Woman is having because I could have sworn the letter of the week was "B".....but it is is R.
R, how do I get B and R mixed up? I am not in preschool anymore. Granted I am around nothing but two maybe it is rubbing off. So I am stealing her "R" and going with red as well.

So either B for Bubbles or R for Red....these are some pictures I have already on the computer. I love this bubble dipper from Gymboree....the kids can't eat the bubbles at all. Eating bubbles leads to upset tummies. Upset tummies lead to moaning and groaning all evening...something I try to keep to a minimum these days since I am parenting solo for the time being.

Livi has the red going as well, in the little gingham hair bow .....score...she does not have the handy dandy Gymboree so guess who was moaning and groaning??

So for a girlie who thought the letter was B....I think I pulled this one off.

happy Wednesday y'all

Monday, August 06, 2007

First Joke ....Knock Knock.....

Tonight as we were finishing up dinner, we always say one thing that was our favorite from that day.
Will: I have a new favorite. "Knock knock..."
Will: Mom, you are supposed to say, 'Who's there?' <---said like I was crazy that I didn't know I was supposed to say that.
Me: Who's there?
Will: Orange
Me: (Sadly enough to this Boomer Sooner, it has always been his favorite color!) Orange who?
Will: Orange you please let me in!
His bright blue eyes just lit up as he literally grabbed his belly from laughing so hard. I was laughing just as hard because it was the first time he has ever told a joke. It was even kind of funny in a four year old kind of way! Then because we all laughed, he had to tell it several more times! He tried to teach Livi how to do it, but she didn't get it. After he told the orange knock knock, he thought it would be even funnier if he used all the colors, so he told the same one using yellow! Silly boy......for being so serious all the time he is really starting to be a comedian.

For example, while at the Sprinkle Park this weekend, I usually just take pics as they are running around. He noticed I was taking pics and he said, "Take one of me dancing!' uuughhh, okay. So he busting out some moves that reminded me of Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally when he is doing the "white man overbite". He had some bizarre facial expressions that was making EVERYONE laugh. Livi saw him getting some laughs, so she joined in.

They did this for quite some time since everyone was laughing. It was like the more the people laughed, the more they did it. Yes, I think the Mike in him is starting to show through more and more every day! Oh wait that didn't sound right.....Mike doesn't dance like that....but he is goofy as ever making us laugh ever day.
***Edited to add: Livi must have been thinking of a joke since dinner. When I put her to bed she told me, " I have a special diamond for you." I said, "You do...(thinking she was going to point to my wedding ring or something.)...But she said, "Diamond cheese."
The only reason this is funny, is because we are HUGE fans of Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese. Whenever we get it, we ration it out like it is little white nuggets of gold. If the kids see the black wax wrapper in the cheese drawer, they will always ask for 'diamond cheese'.
After she told her 'diamond cheese' joke, she said, "I am such a silly little girl." Yes, you are little girl!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I think I might be lightening up in my old age......

For as long as I can remember I have been super organized. Back in junior high before laminating ever entered my little mind, I used to get a roll of the shiny Scotch tape. I would line what ever I wanted "laminated" to get the same effect.

After I got married, I know I relaxed some of my ways even more. There has been the odd occasion that I have gone to bed with dishes on the counter or sink. But I think I have reached a new level of relaxation.

I am giving control over the way dishes should be put in the dishwasher. The kids have put them on the counter. But recently both have acquired new "responsibilities" as they call them. Normally, I would rinse these off and put them the "right way" otherwise known as my way......all facing the same direction with the biggest ones on the right, kids melamine plates on the left.

You can tell we have had pancakes today from the batter bowl. I am still doing the cups. I don't think I could handle the smell of old sippy cups that have had milk in them. Baby steps....babysteps....maybe by the time I get to that one they will be using big kid cups all of the time! By looking at this picture, I can tell I would do some rearranging....I would move that big purple sippy cup (two guesses as to whose that one is) to the back....I like them to go from biggest to smallest.

I am very fond of lists and charts. Whether it goes back to teaching or just me being anal, I have always had lists. Since the kids can't read, I made this chart. It is at their level at the kid table. Even at two years old, Livi knows how to "read" the chart. So we will see how long this lasts.....I can use all the help I can cleaning and these two seem capable. Maybe not to the level I think is right, but it is getting done!

happy sunday y'all

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday fill in.....

For starters, I don't come up with this on my own, I found this at Fond of Snape

1. Last weekend, I was thinking that _____.
2. If the weather continues like this, _____.
3. Will my _____ ever grow?
4. Often, on a summer's night, I think _____.
5. Right now, I could use a good strong ____
6. My favorite summertime meal is _____.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

1. Last weekend, I was thinking that one day I might get to sleep you see a theme here????

2. If the weather continues like this, I will be keeping my thermostat on 73.

3. Will my wings (the little hair that used to be bangs) ever grow? Note to ALL: don't ever cut bangs when you have a small forehead!!

4. Often, on a summer's night, I think tonight might be the night I see a falling star.

5. Right now, I could use a good strong massage.

6. My favorite summertime meal is my pasta salad I posted on my Sunday meal.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking the kids to the sprinkle park, tomorrow my plans include the sprinkle park and Sunday, I want to sleep in! I know if I wish enough it will come true!

Don't forget...have fun!

because it goes against my nature to post without are a few of my favorites
Mike and Will on the beach on the Isle of Palms......Will is two....a little younger than Livi is now.

Livi and Mike at the casing ceremony for Mike's Division just before they deployed ....this was in the Austin paper! It is the picture she kisses each night before her night time routine!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sprinkle Park

This past week at Livi's story time the librarian mentioned that the library was teaming up with the fire department to do a water safety day......all Livi heard was "free pass to the sprinkle park". I really try to limit each kid to two activities a week....Otherwise I would be on the fast bus to Crazy! I asked her what she would rather give up: Open Gym at gymnastics or the Lion Park Playground......she quickly threw gymnastics under the bus.

I am so glad we went. In the parking lot of the library they had all kinds of fire trucks, water slides, and activities for the kids. The YMCA kids Sprinkle park is right next door. Since there so many kids in the parking lot activities....we headed to the sprinkle park. A day care was just leaving, so there were only a handful of kids!

There were all kinds of ways to get wet....little geysers would pop up from the ground. Little arches you could run through would mist you. One tall post thing had buckets that would dump water on the kids underneath when it got full. This was all on just a concrete pool. So I was not the 'helicopter' parent hovering over her the entire time.

I kind of felt bad for taking Livi while Will was at school. So we are definitely going back this weekend. Since all the rain has stopped, it finally broke 100 degrees here. Welcome to the heat, I guess we are lucky it has been so mild so far.

Happy Friday, y'all.....we will be ordering pizza and trying to stay cool!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thursday 13.......Starting with A

Things I loved about living in Alaska

Thank you Uncle Sam for sending us to live in such a beautiful awesome place......we made some of the best friends ever in our time there. Yes, the winters are harsh, but the spring (after breakup and all the slush) the summer and the fall are so beautiful!

first of all, these pics are just some I found on Google images. We didn't go digital until Will was born.

1. The aurora, I don't think I ever tired of seeing it.

2. The Thai House....first time I ever had me some Thai tea!

3. Alaska salmon crab legs ever....and they sell their recipe!

4. Becoming an Outdoor Woman....this was held at my next favorite place, and the ONLY reason I went....I am so not an outdoor woman....but I went with a friend who has shot a caribou with a bow and arrow....<----that is an Outdoor woman! (hey there Gina!)

5. Chena Hot Springs

6. Valdez...despite being served a food on my allergy list....It was still pretty! First time I ever saw whales.

7. Homer Alaska....we have a gorgeous art piece from there!

8. The Outhouse Races in the White Mountains.,....who wouldn't love to see a bunch of crazy people in the dead of winter guide an outhouse down a hill , turn a corner, and coast home???9. The World Champion Ice sculpture contest.....they even have a huge ice slide.

10. A dinner of halibut cheeks at a Princess Cruise lines restaurant in Denali . Which brings me to,,,

11. Denali National Park....first time I ever saw bears.

12. auto start on my first year there I traveled to another school at lunch in -40 degree weather! At those temps, you must warm up your vehicle for a good 15-20 I got this clicker that started it with a remote! LOVED it!

13. Finally, Hot ice cream ever.....okay, maybe next to Braums in OK....but good still.