Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can you hear me?? Can you hear me?? VTC....Video TeleConference

What can evoke such emotion from a little girl who will let you know "I am not two, I am two half"???....<----Livi speak for two and a half.

We were able to go to post this afternoon to do a Video TeleConference (VTC) with Mike. We get to the building.....a huge building I might add. We finally found the right door to go into .....(I am trying so hard to keep this post positive, because I could really rant right now about the stupid doors!!) BUT....
where was I??? Oh yeah...We got there about 15 min early. Some times if no one is scheduled before or after you, you can get a little longer time than the fifteen minutes allotted to you. We wait in the waiting room....which by the way has no air conditioner...this is basically a glass building in 90+ degree Texas heat....can you say sauna?? Let's say it all together: was H-O-T-T hot!
We finally get in to do our VTC....after the initial hoopla, the kids settled in like old can only talk when the button on the microphone is red, so both kids made sure their microphone stayed red. There is a bit of lag time in the transmission, but not that much.

Believe it or not, fifteen minutes is a long time. Since we get to talk on the phone several times a week, it is really just a chance to let him see the kids. See how big they have gotten....see how sassy they are, or I should say she is!

So after a bit, Mike starts playing peek a boo with them. Again, they think this is hysterical! They snuck under the table and started running for the big screen (that screen on the wall is pretty big. Mike is on the right, and what he sees of us is on the left. So I can tell when the kids get to close to that camera, because he can't see anything!

We had a great visit. Afterwards we ran around some of the old armour they have out there. I will post some of those pictures tomorrow.

happy Saturday, y'all

Friday, June 29, 2007

grocery shopping with a toddler

Okay, for the love of all that is good in this world, can we please not curse in front of my is a recap of my day.

and I drop Will off at school...He is so excited because his daddy called him just as he was waking up. It was a great phone call and started off a great day. We then took him to his preschool. It is a swim day on Friday so he is pumped.....whew hoo....great day so far.

Fast forward a bit...Livi goes to her Ooyey Gooyey art class...we make all kinds of fourth of July 'crap'...a windsock....some sand art, (you know this is going in a box to the in laws or daddy!) whew hoo a great day so far...

Oh yeah, we need a few groceries...we have some time...So let's go over to the commissary on post. We can save some $$$ and get some fresh sushi. I love to go the the commissary farthest from me because there is a sushi chef there preparing whatever your little heart desires. They even make it with brown rice if you want now. So while we are shopping he is making me some great little pieces of delight.

Totally forgetting it is payday weekend.....I manage to survive the trip. I pay....for those of you unaware of the commissary shopping etiquette...the baggers work for tips only. Note: I am an excellent tipper. Bag my groceries....I will automatically tip you $3 per $100 spent. See....not a bad deal.....if you say, "hi, how are you doing?" on the way to the car....dude, your $3 just went up to $4 maybe even $5 if you continue the conversation.

I totally got rock-star parking, so I was the first one in the lot.....I get Liv loaded into her car seat...from the rear of the car, I hear said grocery bagger..."dammit"
Woah dude...I have Pete and Repeat here, I am buckling her in.....I can see her looking all worried and wondering to myself, "how much is she filing away in her little recorder?"
I get her buckled in....then I hear, "$hit".....okay dude...WHAT is going on back there?? I mean I know I bought alot, but...dang, just load the groceries! By now Livi is worried...she says..."Mommy, she can have one of my Hello Kitty band aids."...<---which we just bought, it was in one of the many bags she is loading.

Apparently she hit her head on the opening of the back of my car...I drive a wagon, ....a super cool mom wagon....but a she hit her head on the top of the car.
Before she got a chance to say anything else, I had to speak up...."UUhhmm, could you please not curse in front of my kid....???"

She only got a $3 tip on what COULD have easily been a $10 tip! DUDE, quit cursing in front of the kids!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Because Kristine is cleaning out all kinds of junk....we get this assignment: "Show me your favoritest ugly creation that was made just for you. For those of you that don’t have nieces, nephews, children, teenagers…*cough* bitch *cough* and have nothing to post, show me your ass. Yes, you heard me right. Your ass. Pull em down and take a picture for us. Oh wait, you suddenly remember a knick nack or crazy picture a kid drew you. Thaaaats what I thought."

Since I am not up for sharing pics of my back end for all to see, I found these pictures of Livi from her Ooyey Gooyey art class. These are what we made last week.

This is a stepping stone made out of plaster of Paris. We covered the top with wax paper so she could press her hand into it. Then she put those little glass pebbles all over it. The hand is covered with colored sand. She was really upset they didn't have purple sand. I don't know if you can tell, but I tried to mix red and blue sand.....pretty basic concept you learn in preschool right?? Well, it doesn't work with colored sand. You just get red and blue sand ....all mixed up! It has been so wet and humid here though that it still hasn't even dried a week later.

When Mike gets home, we are going to dig out some grass and do some more landscaping....maybe just maybe she will forget about it by then. If not, I am sure we could find a spot for it in the new beds.

The other thing we made last week was this bug. It is made out of a toilet paper roll with colored polka dots all over it. We were getting glued to the tube until I realized I could put glue on the tube and roll it in the dots. Way easier!! When she finished, she flew it around the room singing the song to Miss Spider. I don't even know where this one ended up because it is not in her room. Better than that, I have not been vacuuming up all those dots all over the house!

Little side note on the sleep problems I have been having with her.. ..after reading this book, (Thanks nice friend J...I'll be getting it back to you in a week or so), today she has managed to sleep in her own bed for a two hour nap and go to bed, stay in her bed, and go to sleep on her own in less than an hour. Yes, she came out 7-8 times, but she eventually went to sleep on her own. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

happy Friday y'all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday 13....number seven...shows on my DVR

Thirteen shows on my DVR...

First off, I could not live without this thing. The kids only get to watch PBS or Noggin if they watch anything.

So if I am to watch anything, I record it and watch it while they are in bed. it is:

1. Brothers and Sisters 6/17 and 6/24 ( I guess I am behind on that one!)
2. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List 6/26 (See why I don't watch it with kids around??)
3. Namaste Yoga 6/26 and 6/27 (oops missed a day!)
4. Starter Wife ( I am having trouble getting into this one.)
5. Real Simple (on PBS, I love this show, but it is my favorite magazine!)
6. neat (of course I would love this Discovery Home show)
7. Gay, Straight or Taken (this show is great when I need a laugh)
8. What Not to Wear (a girl can always gleen something from Stacy and Clinton...heck, I would front my own money if they would come shopping with me!)
9. Army Wives...haven't watched this one yet...but I want to see how "real" it is.

the kid shows
10. Classical Baby, The Music Show..(on HBO...wonderful 'sleep' music)
11. Curious George
12. Veggie Tales
13. Little Einsteins

There are many more kids fact there are 79 shows in all on there. I don't think we ever watch all of them, but I like the option of knowing it is there if we need it!

need=sanity time while I prep dinner or get dressed!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WCW: H....Home decorating from Hobby Lobby

From The Kept Woman who is keeping little girls in tutus all over the Land of Snow and Cheese.

I finally got these gates hung. A friend of mine has a real antique gate that is hung just below the bar in her kitchen. I totally loved it. I looked at the place where I got the big rusty rooster... but all she had were some ivory ones. I didn't think ivory would work well in my home. So when Hobby Lobby put all their iron work on sale half off, I knew I would find something there.

I grew up fairly close to where Hobby Lobby started. I never realized they were just a regional store. I can go in there, and depending on the kids' behavior, an hour will have gone by before we know it. There are crafts, framing, party supplies, furniture, and lots of rusty iron things.
This one is actually two gates butted right up next to each other. Trying to hang a gate on little nails with no help is a pain. I think they kind of lean into the center, but they are staying that way until Mike gets back.

***Getting off on a bunny trail here***
It was in the paper and mentioned at the Town Hall meeting last night that his group will be home between Christmas and mid January!!! Whew hooo!!

Back to the gates.....when my friend saw them, she really liked the painted wall behind them. She has a very eclectic home, so I can't wait to see what color she paints behind hers. It was white...but I doubt she can leave it that way!

Happy Wednesday...or almost Wednesday y'all! Did you play??

Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't you just love surprises!

As I have said before, going to get the mail is one of the highlights of my day! Despite shredding 3/4 of it (but I love my shredder), I still get all giddy. We have one of those community mailboxes so the poor little mailmen only have to stop at one place instead of 24 houses. So I get my little golden key as Livi calls it, and go across the street.
I got the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog. There are some very cute backpacks and lunch boxes. I earmarked a few pages because we will be needing some cute ones in a month or so.
I get some magazine for Mike....make note to self to cut off address before I stick it in his next box going out. ooh wait. what is this?? something I don't have to shred??
Then what do I see??...what is this cute little envelope from Starbucks?? I know I tried every dang day to enter when they were doing the free t-shirts on their website. I never did get one. I am sure they gave out like three a day, but I was there every day trying! I kept trying to remember if I entered my birthday on their website. I mean, I know I go to the one here a lot. But since I started going to Jazzercise, I had cut back considerably.
Call me slow, or more likely, exhausted. But I was wondering what I had done to get a gift card from Starbucks. Then in teeny tiny print at the bottom is a note from my husband.
I have already gotten my birthday gift of the new camera when Will left our the old camera out in the rain. My birthday isn't even until July, so I was quite surprised.
Livi and I just might have to go have a latte and a star muffin tomorrow. Thanks husband!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just A Lazy Saturday

This afternoon neither kid took a nap, so we had to do something to keep busy. Having nothing to do is the root of all chaos around here. I knew I would go stir crazy if we stayed inside all day. I had gotten these popsicle things at Target last week. We basically made a raspberry orange smootie and froze it. After a couple of hours of quiet time we headed outside, slathered down with sunscreen and swam. For it being late June in Texas, it really wasn't that bad outside. We have some trees in the yard, so I was able to stay in the shade. Far be my delicate flower self be in the sun!
When Livi saw me haul out the camera, she pointed her popsicle up to me and said, "Take a picture for Dad, he might like a bite." I nearly started crying.** I am not sure if she thought if we took a picture the he could taste it or not, but here it is. ....a bite of Raspberry Orange popsicle. Enjoy!

While Will had talked to Mike this morning, he said he would do a silly picture. Those have become the favorite around here now. For all my trying to get a picture that doesn't look posed, they usually turn out to be silly. You can't really tell, but he is rolling his tongue in and out like a lizard. He had had enough of Livi spitting the little raspberry seeds out and putting them on his shorts.

**I am not sure why I am in such a funk lately. I thought it was a girl thing, (TMI alert) but that came and went and I am still antsy. I know I have been having problems sleeping, so for now that is what I am blaming. I am too paranoid to take Tylenol PM or anything with a sleep aid for fear that one or the other kid will wake up and need something. If I didn't hear them, I am not sure what I think would happen, but the fear is still there. Oh well, 8 1/2 months down, 6 1/2 more to go.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - Air Freshener

Because Kristine is a cleaning fool this week, she asks: "How do you keep your house smelling good? Is it open windows? Is it Febreeze? A fan? Removing all children from your house thus removing teenage FUNK stank?"

Anyone who knows me or even reads this occasionally knows I am a overly organized person who does the Flylady thing adapted to our family. I do a little bit of cleaning everyday. Once a week I do an hour of a house blessing, I spend 10 minutes doing each of these things: dusting, swiffer the tiled areas, mop the tiled areas, vacuum the carpeted areas, purge magazines and shred junk mail, and change bed sheets. It should only take an hour, but it usually takes about an hour and a half with all the interruptions. Everything else is done on a daily basis that I never really have to stop and spend an entire day cleaning. I wipe down the sink and counter every day after I finish my morning routine. The kids do the wipe down in their bathroom. I still do their toilets, though.

I should mention I use this stuff that came with my vacuum cleaner once a week. The stuff is this moist powder that you sprinkle on the carpets. It magically absorbs any skanky smells. Once it is dry to the touch (about an hour) you can vacuum it up. I know Target carries it.

The other thing I use is this little thingy I blogged about in Feb. Here is a recap of what I wrote:

I went to lunch with a new friend today. I think that is the hardest thing about moving.....having to find, make, and keep friends. This mom has a daughter that goes to Will's school. I have volunteered with her for a few events. Her little girl is always dressed so cute. I mentioned to her that she should sell her daughter's stuff on Ebay. So one afternoon she came over and I showed her how. She suggested we go to lunch sometimes. Since my babysitter comes over on Tuesdays, I suggested a little hole in the wall Thai place I had been wanting to try.

Well, I am so glad I did. We had the greatest time. She brought me this diffuser from Pier 1 called Ember. I was hesitant to even open because I am very picky about smells. I am not a fruity sweet type....this has rich scents of oranges, clove, cinnamon and more. Place the reeds in the glass bottle filled with fragrance and allow it to gently waft through the room. I am so impressed she noticed the couple of candles I had were very fall-ish...if that is a word.
I wanted to take my camera and take a picture of my Thai tea...but with the making-new-friends thing, I wasn't hesitant to bust out the camera and start snapping. Don't want to run her off too quickly. We had such a good lunch. It was 3:30 before any one noticed the time. (We met at 1.) We have already made plans for our next girls lunch at another place.
So here is to new friends.....I have definitely made a lifelong friends at each and every place we have lived.....from big Lawton America to Alaska, out to the beautiful bay of California, to the cornfields of Kansas...So now it is time to do the same here. I am trying to keep a positive outlook about this and things are looking up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday 13....number six...location, location, location

Thirteen locations on my sitemeter:

1. Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium **farthest from me with 5060 miles**
2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. Dryden, Ontario, Canada
4. France
5. Kabel, Nordrhein-Westfale, Germany

6. Reigate, Bromley, United Kingdom

7. Chelsfield, Bromley, United Kingdom

I don't have 13 seperate countries, I'll fill in the rest with the first thirteen from the United States of America

1..Olney, Maryland, USA

2. Hampton, Virginia, USA

3. Portland, Maine, USA

4. Houston, Texas, USA

5. Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

6. Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

7. San Jose, California, USA

8. Ontario, California, USA

9. Smithsburg, Maryland, USA

10. State College, Pennsylvania, USA

11. Fairport, New York, USA

12. Seattle, Washington, USA **farthest in the USA with 1730 miles**

13. Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Little did I know when I started this blog that anyone besides my husband and immediate family would even care to hear me drone on day after day about my kids. I started this blog so Mike could keep up with the kids while he was gone. I used to send an email out called "tuesday update" to our friends and family. I would get emails bounced back and such, so it evolved into this blog.

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Watching the Father's Day video

What does it take to get two kids to sleep in on the weekend?? Don't ask me because it is not happening here. Sunday morning we woke up to our usual routine. I was hoping the kids would sleep until at least 8....yeah right, not in my little world.

First Will woke up around 7. This is the time he has to be up during the week, so I guess it really is good that he stays in his routine. No, really, help me feel better about having to get up at the crack of dawn! He came and got in our bed. I always make him go potty first, because I am just not convinced that he is completely potty trained. He has only had one accident in 8 months...but still that fear of being peepeed on is high on my list of "don't want to deal with".

We were almost ready to doze off and I feel this little poke-poke-poke of a little hand full of a not-so-fluffy bunny. Livi was right beside my side of the bed. I swear she should be some type of a person who needs sneaking up on people skills because I NEVER heard her come in the room, much less creep within inches of me.

So we all crawled into bed to do a quick snuggle. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite things on the weekend. Mostly because I can almost doze off and not feel guilty that I should be watching one or the other.

Anyhow, every Sunday we have pancakes and sausage. Way back when Mike and I were dating and before kids, we used to go to IHOP for breakfast. Well, two kids in within 16 months will cure you of wanting to get up early on the weekends. So we do it at home now.

While I was mixing up the pancakes, I flipped the laptop on. Mike has sent us a video of him opening his father's day box. The kids actually think he is really talking to him like when we do the Video Tele-Conferences. They sit and watch them over and over.

Will really didn't want me to take any he said he would do a 'silly face'....apparently in a four year old's world that mean putting your tongue on the side of your cheek like you have a big wad of Skoal in it. I guess we have been in TX long enough for him to gain some skills.

Can you tell how tan he is getting?? We swim quite a bit. Every Friday they do water activities at his preschool as well. I slather both of them down with sunscreen, but they are really getting that golden color.

Happy Tuesday all....I am off to grill some chick chick chicken....

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, husband. Another holiday spent away from us. I do hope your album will help you feel a little closer to us. The kids had fun picking out what pictures they wanted to put in there. I love the silly one taken on Crazy Hat day.

You are much more than a father, you are a dad....Can you hear Will singing the "D-A-D" dad song from Sesame Street? Though he usually says D-A-E, we are still having some problems getting the last D. Every night when he goes to bed he kisses three pictures...1.) the family picture we had taken in KS 2.) one from the aquarium in Monterey Bay with both kids in the double stroller in front of that Bubba Gump's restaurant and 3.) the one of you and Trigger in Iraq.

I think this picture is my all time favorite picture we have taken since you left. Will was having Crazy Hat day at school. These are the matching madras shorts and hat that I so love. He finally grew out of the blue and white ones he has worn the last two years. The teachers at his school were joking that this is the last year I can make him wear matching hat and shorts!!

I tried to have this one made into an iron on to put on a pillow case, but they said the resolution wasn't high enough. This was taken with the old camera. But every time I look at it I laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too!

Will reminds me so much of you. He can be so silly, caring, loving, goofy and kind. If he grows up to be like you, I think we could say "Job well done!"

Livi is truly a Daddy's little girl. The entire time you were home, she didn't want much to do with me. I knew she needed to get in all her 'daddy-loving- time'. I hope you can enjoy your day even though we are so far apart. I also hope we get to talk to you today. I am sure the phones will be busy with everyone wanting to talk to their families.

Hurry home, we love you and miss you!


Sunday Six - Father's Day

1. How do men become Dads?

W: They build.

O: I don't know.

2. Is your Dad Special?

W: Yes.

O: Yes, ma'am.

3. What does your Daddy do?

W: Go to Iraq...(this made me tear up!)

O: In the 'puter. (He sends us videos and we watch them over and over!)

4. What did you do for Father's Day?

W: Make a card.

O: Paint a picture

5. What makes a good Dad?

W: Daddy is a good dad.

O: Muddy mud pits...(from some cartoon I am sure!)

6. Who's your Daddy?

W: Daddy, I just told you.

O: Your husband. (that one cracked me up)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - Your back

***EDITED TO ADD: I had put this in a comment, but I decided to move it up here...

thanks to all for the comments. I really wasn't planning a PVM (Please Validate Me) post. I try not to be a complaining person about this deployment. My personal philosophy is if you can change it, then by all mean, gripe away. If you can't, and I can't change this deployment, then suck it up and deal with it. I allow myself a few minutes of pity party, but I get back on the wagon and drive on.
thanks again....

When kristine gave the topic: YOUR BACK...I knew immediately I could whip up a doozy of a post about my husband. I know no matter what happens in life, he is my number one fan!
But, he is deployed now and as much as he is still a fan, some days his emotional support is just not enough. Yes, I know I have many great friends who are a phone call away, but come 7:45 PM when I have walked Livi to her room for the umpteenth time, I am the one who is here.
I heard this song on another blog and it really describes how I am feeling in the 8th month of deployment. I am not much of a country music fan, but I do like the lyrics.
During these 15 months Mike will be gone, I am the one doing all the things that are not fun, but they have to be done. But as he reminded me, "Would I rather be the one to be away from them for all this time?" No, I do not think I could be away from them. So I take it one day at a time and STAND. Like the song says, one more piece of you falls into place.
So I will STAND, I will have my own back, and I can do this....only 7 more months to go.
Okay, sappy post over...did you play?
Rascal Flatts – Stand lyrics

You feel like a candle in a hurricane
Just like a picture with a broken frame
Alone and helpless
Like you've lost your fight
But you’ll be alright
You’ll be alright

Chorus:Cause when push comes to shove

You taste what you're made of
You might bend, till you break
Cause it's all you can take
On your knees you look up
Decide you’ve had enough
You get mad you get strong
Wipe your hands shake it off
Then you Stand, Then you stand

2.Life's like a novel
With the end ripped out
The edge of a canyon
With only one way down
Take what you're given before it's gone
Start holding on, keep holding
Then you Stand, Then you stand

Yeah then you stand.
Yeah then you stand.Yeah babyOhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhOhhhhhhhhhOoohhhhhhh
Then you stand

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday 13....number five

Thirteen random questions and answers...

ARCHAEOLOGY: the study of material remains
Q. What's the oldest article of clothing you still wear?
A. an olive green wool sweater from Banana Republic...I bought it when I was in college way back when.

Q. What's the oldest article of clothing you won't get rid of?
A. a baby dress my mom made for me
Q. When was the house/building you live in built?
A. 2006
Q. What in your fridge needs to be thrown out?
A. Nothing, tomorrow is trash day so I cleaned it all out.
BIBLIOLOGY: the study of publication
Q. What are you reading?
A. The lastest Real Simple magazine
Q. Do you have a favorite quote?
A. Reach for the moon, if you miss, you will land among the stars.
Q. What's the most recent music you purchased?
A. Back in Black ringtone
PHYSIOLOGY: the study of physical function
Q. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
A. right.
Q. Do you like your smile?
A. Yes
Q. What's your best feature?
A. clear skin
Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A. an ovary
Q. Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?
A. smell, comes from smelling stinky diapers.
AXIOLOGY: the study of the nature of values and value judgments
Q. Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000?
A. Would pictures be taken?? then no...
Q. Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
A. who's first?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Randomly assigning no letters this week, The Kept Woman is attempting to get sun out of a bottle.
While Will is in school, Livi and I go to an arts and crafts class called Ooyey Gooyey art. They do all the kinds of stuff you (meaning me) don't let your kid do at home.
This project included modpodge and glitter. Check, check, those two things are not in my home. With as many little crafty things that we do, I don't do glitter or I will be doing glitter for a week. Even my super duper purple vacuum cleaner doesn't like glitter.

These flowers are made with coffee filters and markers. Once she colored on the filters, we sprinkled them ever so lightly with water causing the marker color to run. The pot is one huge sticky mess with various tissue papers modpodged to it. Of course the majority of them were various shades of 'purpur'.

When she was finished she was so proud to take it home. She told her daddy she made him flowers, so I guess they will soon be going in the next box we send him.

Happy Wednesday, did you play?

By popular packing list

This list is part Flylady and part me. Every time we go on a trip I make notes on it of what I should have or should not have taken. Please adapt it to your vacation. This one of for a three day vacation. I keep one of these list in each suitcase in a page protector. As I pack it, I can mark it off with a dry erase pen. I pack the kid's outfits in gallon sized baggies, so they can pull one bag out and everything is there: outfit, underwear, bow, etc.
Feel free to copy and paste it into Word. ***The stuff added in red are what my DH kindly reminded me...Even with him half a world away, I still need him!** thanks husband.

____ask neighbor to bring in paper and mail
____make dog reservation or find someone to take care of her
____clean out dog kennel
____pack dog's food, treats, leash
____ 4 changes of clothes….Pack one set in baggie, put in back seat of car
____ 4 sets of underwear (underpants, socks)
____ 2 sleep shirts/pjs
____shoes (swim sandals, flip flops)
____robes (swim cover ups)
____swimsuits *at least 2 or 3
____swim towels *at least 2 per kid
____ light jacket for evenings

____piggy tail holders
____kids' shampoo
____kid bath soap
____sunscreen, aloe vera spray, solarcain
____hats, sunglasses
____beach umbrella
____Benydryl, meat tenderizer, and vinegar for jelly fish stings
____ swim diapers
____ wipes
____water bottles
____lidded cups: juice and milk
____graham crackers
____rice cakes
____drinks …juice boxes
____ice chest on wheels to lug things to beach
____ wine opener
____sleeping bags
____ beach toys, shovels
____beach tote to haul stuff like floaties
____lawn chairs
____cell phone, charger
____flashlight…make sure it works
____books, magazines
____Hostess gift
____camera, charger
____resort information
____feed, water dog
____let her out to potty
____give key to neighbor who is watching dog
____turn on porch light, set timers
____clear answering machine
____water plants
____check doors, all appliances off
____turn up air conditioning
____post card labels
____post card stamps
____large net bags for dirty clothes
Kitchen Products: if staying in a condo or rented house.
Paper plates, plasticware
Paper towels
Toilet paper
trash bags
plastic baggies
dish towels
dishwashing liquid in handle thingy
hand soap
if grilling, grill tools
is there a coffee pot?
Charcoal, charcoal lighter, matches
aluminum foil

Saturday, June 09, 2007

There is a rooster in the house....and notecards too.

There is a rooster in the house...Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?? My friend J asked me if I wanted to go to this sale out in the pawpaw patch of a bunch of rusty old stuff. J has this rooster in the next size....38 or 39 inches to be exact.....of course this spot will only accommodate a 36" inch piece. So unless my little rooster was going to lose his legs, I had to get this baby one. He is made of metal and has rebar legs. I saw this at an arts and crafts festival in the fall. I hesitated and decided not to buy it. (mainly because I wasn't sure the medium sized one would fit there). Every since no other rooster has compared. I always kept telling myself I should have gotten this one. So when she asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at it.
I also got this little plant thing. My snap dragon that is just to the right of it is just about crushed from all the rain we have had, so I think I will get some ivy that will climb this stand.
Friend J got this adorable little red pig and a cross with a Texas star on it.

**Thanks to nice friend R who I call for random directions to get around this area!!** It did save us some time.
When we got home from our little adventure I was quite surprised to get these little things in my mailbox.

A few weeks ago Sisters with Style held a celebration in honor of their 100th post. They had a random giveaway to anyone who left a comment. Well, my old Alaska Bunco winning spirit** must have been with me because today when I got home from getting the rooster this was in the mail. I am not sure if it is because I am "being a woman" and am overly emotional or what, but the little monogrammed note cards* really brought tears to my eyes. I started reading their blog from a link on lost in surburbia a while back. So, many thanks, Sisters for your little act of thoughtfulness. These note cards will write letters of love to the man who rocks my world even though he is halfway across the planet!
*I blurred the monogram because I am paranoid like that!!
**When I lived in Alaska, I was in a Bunco group with 24 people. Yep, it was that big because no one had anything to do up there!!. I won some prize every single time I played the entire two years I was there.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - Bounce

kristine wants some Bounce this week........The kids have always called a trampoline a BOUNCE two little kids on a bounce.

This is at my aunt's house in podunk America. Yes, I am aware there are no nets. Yes, I was standing there the entire time.

So did you play??

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thursday 13....number four

I was trying to think of something to do. I have a natural gift of organizing pretty much anything. So here are some of my best tips:

My best organizing tips:
1. Everything should have a home and everyone in the house should know where that home is. You can't put something away if you don't know where it goes.
2. Make a menu and use it.
3. Lay out your clothes the night before, down to shoes and accessories.
4. Clean up your spot where everything gets dumped BEFORE you go to bed. If it is too much do 15 minutes at a time.
5. Use a calendar. Mine has colored dots for which kid needs to be where for each activity.
6. Clean my sink every night. I shine it with Windex after it is cleaned.
7. Teach the kids routines (mine call them maps) and there is so much less stress in the morning and going to bed.
8. Make lunches the night before.
9. Set the table as I unload the dishwasher.
10. Put out non-perishable items for the next day's meal next to cookbook stand with recipe or cookbook. (the menu is stored there as well.)
11. Make my bed every day. It makes the room look so much cleaner since it is such a large piece.
12. Do one load of laundry every day.
13. Be good to myself at least once a day. (Like a little glass of vino while blogging!)
Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: Letter of the Week: K

I feel so Sesame Street-ish saying, "Brought to you by The Kept Woman who randomly assigned the letter K this week. Just because I am sticking with the Sesame Street theme, the number of the day is 2....
two kids....doing summer fun things.
This is a picture of Will playing with the bouncy sprinkler ball he got for his birthday. I just really liked how it captured all the water droplets but you can still see him.

Livi is running her sweet little legs as fast as she can so as not to get sprayed by the big boys she so wants to keep up with. I am surprised she even had any energy left. I dragged her to go eat at Pei Wei and a super Target this afternoon. But she hung in there.

Then here is Will's audition for "Dancing with the Stars"...he was totally posing and cracking me up. At one point he had two of those cones on his head looking like the old Madonna bras! I am surprised he let me take these pictures because he usually runs when he sees it these days. But he was doing "crazy pictures for Dad".

"Cheese me for Daddy, " she is saying.....this was right after Will's posing with the cone. Then she turned around and gave me a squinty-eyed squirrel grin. I love that little dimple on her cheek.

Happy Wednesday....did you play?