Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday fill in

Courtesy of the Janet.

1. When my blog is broken, I just save a draft in an email and email it to myself.

2. I saw the most amazing smiles this afternoon!

3. Enchanted is the new movie I’m most looking forward to seeing.

4. Work: Necessary and never ending!

5. Of all the new tv shows, I enjoy fluff reality tv the most. (Real Housewives of Orange County is the current favorite.)

6. If only the next 19 days would fly by.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine, tomorrow my plans include putting the rest of the fall decorations in the attic and Sunday, I want to make pancakes for the kids and stay in jammies all day.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy tenth anniversary, Husband

Happy anniversary, Husband, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

***These are pictures of pictures in our wedding scrapbook....I don't have a scanner!***

My version of how we met:

I was a single teacher in a junior high that the kids from the military post went. Over Christmas break this one military wife I had become friends with needed a house-sitter. They had a huge third floor that was basically an apartment. They got home a few days early to throw an impromptu New Year's party.

I was cleaning up empty beer bottles to help Debbie out. (I have always compusively cleaned!) Some little Lieutenant (Husband) kept asking me why I was cleaning. I had no desire to meet some single soldier. They had been hitting on me at the mall since I was 13 years old!

I was only staying at the party for a bit because we were driving to Bricktown in OKC to a party as well.

Later on that week, I called a friend of that little Lieutenant to get the scoop on him. By Spring break, I knew we would be married it was just a matter of when. The when turned out to be engaged just before the fourth of July, and married the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I don't know what changes lie ahead or where our shared path will lead. But what I do know is that I'm here for you today to listen or talk, to applaud or console, to want, need, and to love you with all my heart. It hardly seems like it has been ten years. Love you, Husband, hurry home.

His version of how we met:

What do I remember about when we met...I remember getting invited to the Clark's for New Years and thinking that I wouldn't go. I ended up going with the intent of making an appearance and then going out. I remember it was free beer and some good food. Since I was single, good food and free beer was very important. I remember seeing you there and thinking you were cute. I figured you were there with someone else and wondered why you were spending so much time cleaning up. I remember talking to you and being sad that you were leaving because I wanted to steal you away. I ended up staying at the Clark's until late and the colonel and I sat around listening to a Pink Floyd album until Debbie kicked me out.

I remember we called each other a while later and I was suprised you remembered me. I got stood up one time and was really disappointed. I think the next time we went out was valentines day. I can;t remember the details, but I remember we weren't apart much after that. I know that I fell in love with you pretty quickly because of your pretty smile and your just a nice person. I was amazed that you liked me and wanted to hang out. I know I love you more each day and I'm proud to be your husband.

Hope you have a good day today. We can celebrate and find something nice for ourselves when I get back.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday 13.......#16 ......thirteen strengths of my Melancholy self

Since I did strengths two weeks ago, I will do weaknesses this week....this test is from: Free Personality/Temperament test . This test is based on a book called "Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself "(Paperback)by Florence Littauer.

The Melancholy As a Friend **my notes in red

1. Lives through others **I don't see this in me.

2. Insecure socially **used to be, but not so much as I have gotten older.

3. Withdrawn and remote **yes, and some people interpret it as witchy

4. critical of others **sadly, yes

5. Holds back affections **not a big hugger...well, unless I have had a few, then I will hug just about anyone!

6..Dislikes those in opposition **I think 'dislikes' is a harsh word, but I would probably be 'critical'....see #4.

7. Suspicious of people **very much so

8. Antagonistic and vengeful **Not so much, that takes too much energy

9.. Unforgiving **I can be.

10. Full of contradictions **I don't think so, most people know where I stand.

11. Skeptical of compliments **Very much so, it is very hard for me to accept a compliment, this is something I have worked on for years. But it doesn't come natural for me to just say, "thank you!"

The Melancholy As A Parent

12. Puts goals beyond reach **They are only 3 and 4, so I don't think so.

13. May be too meticulous **Nothing wrong with being neat.

Bonus ones, since they were on the list:

14. Becomes martyr **This is so not me!

15. Sulks over disagreements **With the kids!! There are no disagreements, I am right...they are only 3 and 4!!

16. Puts guilt upon children **I don't think so, but I can see how I might be able to do this.

See why I wanted to start with strengths? This makes me sound like Debbie Downer! The one thing I liked about this test was it made me see what my weaknesses are and deal with them...especially the parental ones!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The stockings were hung.....

I finally got some decorations hung. The night before we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving, I had pulled the bins down from the they were just sitting in the entry waiting. I went through the house and put away all the fall stuff. Whew hoo....where do I start?
I figured I would start with something big that would make an impact....OOOPPPS, let me back up....We are not decorating the tree until Husband gets home. I set it up, but that is it....Yes, it is fake. I have massive allergies.....anyhow...back to the decorating.
I pulled out the bins labeled "French doors garland" ....Well, this was where it was used in our home in Kansas. But here I am going to use it around the fireplace mantle. A little peek into some 'Tommie madness'....I take a picture, print it out, and stick all the things that are in that area in the same Rubbermaid tub. So, a year later when I pull the bins out, I just try to figure out where that 'french doors garland' is going to go. In this bin was the greenery, ornaments, snowflakes, and silver ornaments.
In Kansas this was on both sides of the French doors, so they didn't have the stockings. I will probably print this picture out as well since we could use this around a mantle wherever we are next year at this time.
By the way, all these decorations are from Nell Hill's. If you are ever near Kansas City, it is an awesome store. I don't think a month went by that me and my neighbors didn't load up and drive over to the original one in Atchison, KS. Husband would see the familiar black shopping bags and wonder what was new in out home.
So, are you done with decorating???
happy Tuesday

Monday, November 26, 2007

Manic Monday....and oh how it has been one

You can find my meme Manic Monday here, each and every Monday.

Which personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble? probably being so talkative.....I got kicked out of a music class in high school because and I quote "I cannot offer Tommie the structure she needs in order to be successful in my class." LOL Whatever! It was a time to catch up with my friends! Or at least it was for a few weeks.

If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight? cheese and crackers with a glass of wine

How is your private self different from your public self? Just thinking off head, sad to say I am probably crankier. Because I am wearing the "I-can-do-this-deployment-thing" with a happy little mask, once I am settled in with close friends....then they see that I have worries as much as the next person. I just try to keep a positive face in front of the kids.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My first Weekly Winners

I saw this at Libby's ....who got it from Sarcastic Mom. Weekly Winners is photo feature that is the brainchild of Sarcastic Mom. The basic idea is that every Sunday bloggers post their best/favorite photos from the previous week. I think this is an awesome idea. I usually have some random photos that I am not sure how to blog. So whew hoo! Here are my Weekly Winners:
I love this shot of him....just peeking over his shoulder to see if I am still there. That goofy grin of his .....he was saying, "Hey! I thought you put your camera down."

Nope, sweety, I didn't. He is actually jumping on a trampoline. I was playing around with some settings. So I am very happy the way this one turned out.

The trampoline didn't have a safety net, so I only let them jump alone. I was paranoid that one of them would flip off. If I haven't said it here, one of my goals for this deployment is to NOT go to the emergency room. Even better, to NOT go to an emergency room while traveling somewhere far from home!!
Anyhow, Livi is saying, "STOP taking pictures!!!"
But if I did that, baby girl, I never would have captured this side of you!

This picture has no great qualities or anything, but it does show how much the kids love to read and be read to......This is one of the many cousins reading a story to them. They sat in there for almost 45 minutes listening to her read to them. Both Husband and I are readers. This is one quality I want to pass on to the, so far we are doing good!

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Since I could not figure out how to post this ticker on the blog itself, I will stick it in the post. I could get it to show up at the bottom, but not above the posts. Oh well.....whew hoo, we are down to a little more than three weeks!!

Edited to add: MUCHO thanks to Libby for getting it at the top of my posts. I was wondering if I was going to have to copy and paste this thing into every post!! LOL

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday fill in ....a day late....

1. I enjoy good food, friends, and wine more than anything else.

2. Blogging satisfies my need to keep Husband and family up to date with us.

3. When I look at a full moon, I feel peaceful.

4. If I want a snack, I usually reach for cheese and crackers.

5. The most recent movie I saw, (how about listened to ...on the drive home) Barbie, Island Princess made me want to get home quickly .

6. If only the next 24 days would fly by .

7. And as for the weekend, (last night) I looked forward shopping with sister (which is a post in and of itself!), today my plans include driving back home and Sunday, I want to put up some Christmas decorations.

yeah, we made it back safe and sound.......hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Our link chain to count down the days....

This is the paper chain we made to count down the days. Rather than deal with the fight of who would cut each one off each day, each kid made their own. I am all about eliminating as many whiney fits as I can. Of course there is the token 'crazy face' pic for Dad. I can hardly get them to take a normal one now.

here's Manic Monday, hosted by Lisa

What is your least favorite day of the week and why?
None really, but if I have to pick just one, I'd say's not quite the weekend, and if it has been a long week, it just seems to go on forever…

What’s the best way to end the day?
Relaxing - catching up on whatever DVRd fluff I have that isn't kid appropriate.

Which animal would you have left out of the ark?
Definitely scorpians! Also exactly why the Orkin man comes out every month.

Happy Thanksgiving all....the kids and I are off to the land of no internet....Yes, there are still people who still don't have it, even dial up. I am related to them!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel of deployment

just peeking through, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

I got the email I have been waiting fourteen months for......the email that gives me an end date to this deployment! WHEW HOO!!!!

Husband should be home (give or take a couple of days) by the 19th of December! I can't even begin to describe how exciting it feels. I have a million things I need to do before then.

Should I wash all of his clothes? They have just been sitting there for the past year. He will most likely need new ones...when he came home on R&R in March, he had lost quite a bit of weight. So maybe I shouldn't wash them?? See, lots of things to wonder about!

The kids and I made paper chains to count down the remaining 31 days. Each day we will cut off a chain. I will write a post about it later.

I better cut this short, the kids are being way too quiet!

Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I don't want to be brown

My Result: Brown

Take this test!
You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.

I thought this was quite funny since I did the personality test the other day and they used the same word...."melancholy".....sounds so depressing.I don't want to be brown.....brown seems so not 'fine wood, rich leather'....

I thought the challenge your mind was good. I love a good Suduko puzzle. My mom got me these four levels of Suduko puzzles from easy to hard. I have finally worked myself up to solving the hard ones. I like to do one just as I crawl into bed.

I guess I should embrace my brown self because this was fairly accurate.

Happy Saturday

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday fill in #11

Courtesy of Janet

1. The things I give thanks for this Thanksgiving are my family, friends, my health, and most importantly Husband....even if he is thousands of miles away.

2. My Thanksgiving traditions include watching the Macy’s Parade!

3. The best part about Thanksgiving is spending it with whatever family or friends nearby.

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing Husband makes.....since I don't eat pork, this is one of the recipes we have altered from the notes we have from his mom.

5. I don't think I have anything that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me on Thanksgiving.

6. After the meal, I talk with my family and help with the dishes.When I was younger, my older cousins and I used to load up the kids in a couple of cars and take them to see whatever Disney movie was released. Now that the cousins are older, we are now taking our own kids! It gives the 'adults' some time to spend together and the 'kids' love it. Sounds funny now that I am 39 and still considered one of the 'kids'.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to putting my feet up, tomorrow my plans include going to a kid's birthday party (yeah me!) and Sunday, I want to get the laundry done so I can lay out what clothes we need to take to my mom's house.

ps....just a little note on the slippers....I was very hesitant to get them...I HATE toe cleavage...but they are oh so comfortable and remind me of the old ballet house slippers I use to wear. Do they not make those anymore? You know, the ones with the little leather soles, the little stretchy tops.....oh well....these are a close second, even with toe cleavage!

Happy Friday, y'all.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conversation with Will tonight

Beach house, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Tonight while putting Will to bed, he asks, "Mom can we go to our other house?"

I am wondering if he is talking about when we lived in KS....or even CA. I know he remembers going to a Wiggles concert when we lived there. I said, "Which house are you talking about, baby?"

Will: "Our beach house!" Like I am three degrees of crazy that I don't know what he is talking about!

I had to explain to him that we only rented that house this past summer. It is not ours! Boy that was not the right answer. He finally settled down after I told him we could go back when Daddy got home.

This picture is a some of the little houses that were just to the right of the one we rented.

I guess we will be making a beach trip in the spring before we move! I would hate to disappoint him and I know Husband would love to go with us this time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday 13.......#16 ......thirteen strengths of my Melancholy self

Thirteen Strengths according to: Free Personality/Temperament test ....kind of scary how right on these are. Next week, I will do weaknesses....gotta start with the good stuff.

The Melancholy as a Parent: (my opinions after the **)

1. Sets high standards **I do this, even Livi can make her own bed at three.

2. Wants everything done right **check....why do it wrong?

3. Keeps home in good order ***again, Flylady keeps me sane

4. Picks up after children ***what mom doesn't, even though they do most of it

5. Sacrifices own will for others **I am getting better at making time for myself, but with Husband gone it is hard!

6. Encourages scholarship and talent **I try to do this.

The Melancholy as a Friend

7. Makes friends cautiously **biggest understatement EVER

8. Content to stay in background **I do have to disagree with this one.

9. Avoids causing attention **true....

10. Faithful and devoted ***Very true

11. Will listen to complaints ***Depends what it is about. I find it hard to listen to someone griping about something they can't change. For example: Not a single thing I can do about this deployment. I will listen to my friends and neighbors gripe, but then "Get over it....not a single thing we can do but mark off the days!"

12. Can solve other's problems ***I usually can do this, but have to really refrain from offering my opinion unless I am asked.

13. Deep concern for other people ***Definitely...

Bonus ones since they were on the list

14. Moved to tears with compassion ***Only if it Aunt Flo is here

15. Seeks ideal mate ***been there, done that....Hurry home, Husband

Edited to add: This test is based on a book called "Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself "(Paperback)by Florence Littauer

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Muffin Monday......blond brownies

Oh my ......these were simply delicious.

Just a little background on Muffin Monday: I am a diligent follower of Flylady. Just as Mike left in October 2006, Flylady issued a challenge to get rid of cookbook clutter. I had narrowed things down once before, but wondered if I could really get rid of anymore cookbooks. So I told myself that if didn't use a cookbook for at least three recipes I would get rid of it. I would put the recipes I used it for on cards or in my recipe notebook.....and out it goes.

There were a couple of cookbooks that were very sentimental but I only used one or two recipes in I looked through the muffin recipes thinking I could make one or two and get to keep that cookbook. Kind of like bargaining with myself.

Muffins are actually pretty easy to make with the kids....who were only 2 and 3 at the time! Livi could measure the dry stuff. Will could do the wet stuff......wallahh, mix, scoop and bake. We could be done in 45 minutes from start to finish.

Also since we used mini muffins, they only take 10-13 minutes to bake. We had lots and lots of we started to share with out neighbors. We have tried sweet, savory, spicy, and every flavor in between.

Now we are running out of muffin recipes. This month in Better Homes and Gardens, I saw a recipe for Cranberry Blondies with Cinnamon Whipped Cream. They were awesome! It said to let them cool for an hour...well, that didn't happen. But today I tried a little piece, and it was better today. I guess we should have waited.

Happy Tuesday.....

edited to add recipe: (my notes in red)

Nonstick cooking spray

1/2 cup buttered, softened (leave it out on the counter for a few hours prior to baking...makes it really easy to mix with the sugars)

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

3/4 t. baking powder

1/4 t. baking soda

1/4 t. salt

2 eggs

1 t. vanilla

1 cup all-purpose flour (I use half wheat and half all-purpose flour.)

1/2 dried cranberries

1/2 cup coarsely chopped white chocolate (I just used white chocolate chips, since I couldn't find a bar.)

1 cup fresh cranberries

1 recipe Cinnamon Whipped Cream (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 11x7x1 1/2 inch or 9x9x2 baking pan with foil; coat foil with cooking spray and and set aside.

2. In large mixing bowl beat butter with wire whisk or electric mixer until softened. Beat in sugars. baking powder, soda, and salt. Beat in eggs and vanilla until combined. On low speed, beat in flour.

3. Stir in dried cranberries and white chocolate. Spread batter in pan. Sprinkle with fresh cranberries; press in lightly with spatula. Bake 25-30 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. (I didn't read the part about pressing the cranberries, so I just mixed them in the batter...which is VERY thick. They turned out fine.)

4. Cool on wire rack for one hour. Lift with foil to remove from pan. Cut into bars. Serve with Cinnamon whipped cream. (Did NOT cool for an hour....still turned out fine, though the whipped cream did melt a bit)

Makes 12 bars

cinnamon whipped cream

In a chilled mixing bowl combine 1/2 cup whipping cream and 1/4 t. cinnamon, beat with electric mixer on medium speed until soft peaks form. (Or just use Cool whip and cinnamon)...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Manic Monday....

What family traditions or customs would you most like to see preserved?

For Thanksgiving, we try to celebrate it with whatever family we are close to. Being in the military we aren't always close to relatives, so we welcome any other scragglers into our home. When Husband was a new Lieutenant(before we were married), his younger sister came out to help him do Thanksgiving. His mom wrote out from start to finish how to do a Thanksgiving dinner. We still refer to those notes, even though they are tattered and soiled. We have tweaked things a bit here and there. The kids are old enough to help now as well.

What do you feel is the least sexy part of the body?

Not a big foot person.....

What keeps you awake at night? Why? (This could be worries, recurring thoughts, pain or any other distraction. Read into this any way you wish.)

Mainly worrying about all the things I need to do the next day. Or the fact that Husband is in a combat zone! Take your pick....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gobble gobble

Gobble gobble, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

I saw a quote in the paper this morning that summed up Veteran's Day for me: "Thank a service member for giving up the comfort of friends and family to fight for freedom. Thank those veterans who came before us." -Brigadier General Christopher Tucker.

Before Husband left thirteen months and three days ago, I never thought of all that these soldiers give up for a year to fifteen months. Even the comfort of sleeping in a bed without springs poking up in your back. As hard as this year has been, I know Husband is doing what he joined the military for...he has always wanted to be a soldier and is great at his job! So, thanks Husband....but hurry home now!!

On a much lighter note, this little turkey came home with me yesterday. I got it from the same vender as the rooster I got a while back. There is a craft bazaar here that kind of kicks off the holiday season.

I was able to find the ornaments that we exchange with Mike's sisters as well. Whew hoo!! Another thing I can check off my list.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

crazy pj day

crazy pj day, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Yesterday the kids had "Wear your pj's to school" day. Just as I was lining them up at the door, I grabbed my camera...For some freaky reason as soon as I did, both of them started busting out the moves. Livi was dancing like a crazy chick and she says, "I've got skills!"

Okay, to be honest, even in a wine-induced state, I have NEVER said that to either child. I just cracked up laughing.

Just after this pic was taken, Will starts with the Harry Met Sally "white-man-overbite" moves.

Nice....I've got Skillz and a Goofball!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday fill in

1. Plans and schedules keep me sane.

2. I'm happy when things go according to my schedule .

3. The last thing I drank was diet Dr Pepper.

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is family.

5. I like spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives on my pizza.

6. Dear November, you are whacky....what is up with the 85 degrees today?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating pizza with the kids and the neighbors, tomorrow my plans include craft fair and get Will a haircut, and Sunday, I want to sleep in and just veg.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Husband

Happy Birthday, Husband! Month's ago we put Mike's picture on his chair at the dining room table. Tonight, we decorated his chair, sang happy birthday, and blew out candles. I had the tall blue ones, and Livi insisted we put the chunky number one on there. Anyhow, happy birthday, Husband.....I love you!
Thank you.....
for making me laugh when no one else can.

for being confident in who I am as a wife, mother, and friend.

for knowing good manners and expecting them from the kids...even when they were just 2 and three...
for being respectful.

for standing up for what you believe in....

for being sensitive to my feelings and needs

for asking what I want and like even though you think I might return them!

for not only telling me you trust me, but believing it and putting your trust in me.

for sharing your life with me.

Hurry home husband, I can't wait to start being with you again! Hope you can have a happy birthday.....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday 13...junk in my bag

Thursday 13...junk in my bag, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Just because I am really tired tonight, I am going with the easy route ....thirteen things in my bag.

1. Bobbi Brown compact

2. business cards for the lady that makes Livi's bows....I get stopped all the time and asked who makes them!

3. business card for the new hair girl I went to last time

4. Zoopals knife....not sure how this got in there!

5. light bulb that burned out over stove....I will never get the right size if I don't take this one in to match it up!

6. phone- same phone I dropped in the ocean this summer....STILL WORKS!!

7. pink bag of essentials: girl things, band aids...both Hello Kitty and Cars, Neosporin, and hand sanitizer

8. wallet

9. sugar free sucker from Livi's three year well baby check

10. Tylenol- no brainer...far be it I have to be in pain

11. envelope labeled Nov 2007 of receipts.

12. those "curiously stong mints"...

13. sock ....tossed in there from gymnastics today.

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Livi's "sewing"....I should hire her out

It has been chilly the mid-50's. Kind of wacky since yesterday it was in the 80s. Welcome to Texas!

Between the time change and the cold weather, Livi is worn out. She has a croupy cough. I put one of those Sudafed plug ins in her room along with a humidifier. First off, her room smells like a menthol factory....but she is breathing without the barking cough. Second the humidifier I bought sounded like a jet landing on an air craft carrier. It was so loud. I am really surprised she slept at all last night. Surprisingly she stayed asleep all night! I couldn't even keep the baby monitor on because it was so loud!!

So......between the cough and the chilly weather, we had to break out some indoor activities to occupy them this afternoon. Livi choose 'sewing'. I really should hire her out to Gap or who was it just accused of hiring child labor?? LOL I kid!!

I really liked the big pic of her here. She was so intense and quiet while she worked. The key word here being quiet. She has always been quite the talker. Many many times, I have to just tune her out because the child even talks in her sleep. Maybe we should sew every day!

The other thing these pictures made me think about was how long her hair has gotten. When Mike left thirteen months ago, she was still wearing a bow band. For those of you NOT in the south, it is basically a headband that goes all the way around her head with a little loop on the top. A bow clips onto that loop...and wallaaa, a bow headed baby for a baby with no hair. So even at the age of two, she barely had any hair! It is still growing in along the hairline in the front, but I can gather enough in a tiny piggy to clip her bows onto now.

Happy Tuesday y'all....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Will's no bake cookies

Will's no bake cookies, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Okay, can i just say I love this little thingy on Flickr....? It came in handy again tonight when I wanted to do a sequence with Will's cookie pics.

The time change is wrecking havoc on Livi's schedule. She asked to lay down at preschool this morning. I pick them up at at 12:30....last week she was napping at this time. She literally crashed as soon as I laid her down on her bed.

So Will and I got to make his cookies. Normally I am so paranoid about letting him eat raw cookie dough. I guess somewhere along the years someone convinced me if I ever ate cookie dough with raw eggs I would die some unimaginable death. Since this is a no-egg recipe....he got to lick away.

Sad to say by dinner time they didn't harden up like they normally do. I am sure the neighbors don't want gooyey no bake cookies. Oh well, the kids still ate them!

ps, just a little note on that vanilla in the first picture. My friend Andrena got that for me years ago when she went to Mexico. That was several moves ago....since the military doesn't always move open spices and liquids like that, we have packed it up with other kitchen essentials and moved it in our personal vehicle. It's that good!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My orange month

My orange month, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

I just how to learned how to do this handy dandy little trick through Flickr so I thought I would put it to good use during this post-once-a-day thing.

Just some fun pics from October.

We didn't do the cookies today. I should have known the kids would have no clue about the time change. So needless to say Will woke up at 5:30AM...I tried to get him to lay back down at least until the sun came up. But that wasn't happening.

You would think being up before dawn he might be a bit tired by the afternoon. I was waiting for a lull....the lull never came.

Oh well, we can make them tomorrow instead of making muffins.

happy Sunday

Saturday, November 03, 2007

First day for flannel sheets

I get up every day and do the same old routine:
1. Get up and weigh. Whew hoo! Not bad, despite bloating from being a woman!
2. Shower and get dressed, including hair and face.
3. While you are in the bathroom Swish and Swipe.
4. Grab a load of laundry and start the washer.
5. Check your calendar for today's activities...not much, just make no-bake cookies for Will, and mail anniversary card to Husband.
6. Empty dishwasher to start your day.
7. Eat something good for you and take allergy medicine and vitamin.
8. Drink your water BEFORE coffee.
Yes, this is straight from Flylady. I don't do shoes in the house, she is all about wearing lace up shoes. But I don't need shoes to feel done if I am just veggin' at home.
So, my big thing for the day was #4....see my bed...see that tiny bit of cream sticking out from the back? I put flannel sheets on this morning! I love flannel sheets. We got these years ago from Mike's parents the first year we were in Alaska...(so that makes them almost 9 years old....and they are so soft!!!) I have a mattress pad with a brain (it has warmer coils near the feet, a few in the middle and just a little one near the chest area). I love to turn it on while I am brusing my teeth and washing my face. When I crawl in bed it will be all nice and toasty!! But I leave Mike's side turned if I get too hot, I can scooch my toes to his side and cool down.
It is all a very exact science!!
I can't wait to go to bed tonight! Happy Saturday...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday fill in

This is from Janet ... the Friday Fill-Ins are over here now.....

1. _______ is my favorite form of therapy.

2. If you get my voice mail you'll hear _______ .

3. My favorite product EVER is _______ .

4. I see something _______ .

5. When I'm grumpy _______ .

6. _______ is my strangest habit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!

1. Vegging with a glass of wine is my favorite form of therapy.

2. If you get my voice mail you'll hear the one that came with the machine....On my cell phone it is me though .

3. My favorite product EVER is Bobbi Brown makeup.

4. I see something or should I say someone walking out of her room!!!

5. When I'm grumpy I feel bad for the kids....I am so not as patient as I should be.

6. Cleaning when I am stressed is my strangest habit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the silence once the kids are in bed, tomorrow my plans include making no bake cookies with Will** and Sunday, I want to sleep in! Sunday, not Monday!!

**Tonight while I was putting him to bed, he said, "Mom, I really love no bake you think we have the stuff to make them? If not, can we go to the no bake cookie store and get the stuff for them?" How could I resist when he asks like that?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Flowers and a Tag

I was tagged by Carrieb, so I thought this would be a good time to fill it in....

1. . My Love Language is Acts of Service. I've would love for it to be physical touch or even receiving gifts. But no, take out the trash and give the kids a bath...and I am good! So today when I got these.......

Oh wait that is the pic of the flowers from their website.

The ones I received looked like this! Granted Mike ordered them from Iraq....maybe half fell out by the time they got here. All joking aside....I burst into tears when I opened the box. I am so NOT a flower person....but after the week I have had.......I knew my husband was showing me the only act of service he could. He can't be here physically, but he can bring a smile to my face even from the other side of the world.

PS....I was totally impressed with FTDs customer service. When i called to tell her the flowers were a poor interpretation of the picture on the website...she offered to 1. send out another bouquet or 2. refund my money ....I told her I didn't know how Husband paid for them (because you know I checked the only credit card statement that he has with him.) She said she had to email him about it....but she was really nice and didn't even want pics.

Okay, back to the tag....

2. One of the reasons my week has been horrid is Husband's granddad passed away yesterday. He has been very sick with cancer for a while. He is finally at peace.

3. Will is named after both of Mike's granddads. When we had Will, Mike got to name him and I named Livi....

4. We are at 50 days and they can't come fast enough.

5. This week I felt like I needed to just tie a knot in the rope and hang on.

6. I know I am hyper emotional because I am being a woman, but dang! This is getting old. I am way to old to be using BC pills. Any of you knocking on 40s door have any recommendations?

7....Yikes, that hurt to type 4-0....can it be that in 2008 I will really be the big 4-0....??? I certainly don't feel it.

You know how I feel about tags....steal it if you are post lacking anytime...

happy Thursday y'all

ETA: I joined the NaBloPoMo-- Short for National Blog Posting Month. this totally counts as the first post for November!!!