Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just close those pretty blues and go to sleep!

peek a will, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Will has always been a cuddly snuggly boy. From the days as a tiny infant until now. During the deployment, I finally got over trying to keep him in his bed. No one got any sleep since we were both up all night. So more nights than not, he ended up in my bed.

Fast forward to Dec 07....Husband got home from a 15 month deployment.

May 08-sold house and remained homeless for two months

now- finally settled in our own home, own beds, own pillows...etc.

Preschool is starting next week. Husband also leaves on a TDY (temporarily away from home for work stuff) to GA. So I thought in all my genius thinking that I should start sleep training using the 1-2-3 Magic philosophy. I love its approach to discipline. So why not?

He had more reasons to try to get out of bed than I could count. I was sitting on a chair just outside his doorway, but he could still see me. I was working on a sudoku puzzle, so I started writing them down.

*He needed to read another book.

*Just one more book, please.

*I'm cold. (I did step in and get him a blanket because any one who knows me know I keep it like a freezer in my house!)

*I'm hot. (Of course he was, he just piled every pillow, sham, decorative pillow, blanket, quilt, and sheet he had ON him.)

*I have to go potty.

Aaawwwhh, it is finally quiet. I peek in, his eyes are closed. I start to get up......CREEAAKK....."Mom, where are you going?"

DANG....DANG.....DANG.......I act like I needed to go get a cough drop.

*I'm and having a hard time going to sleep. (Of course you are, just close your eyes!)

*I'm scared. (Oh man, he is pulling out all the tricks!)

*I'm lonely. (Dude, he is really working it.)

*Mom, I just need a small snuggle. (Alright now, at least an hour has passed. Livi has already gone to sleep even after going to potty no less than four time! I am starting to wear thin. But I still haven't said a word to him. I guide him back to his bed when he got up....said nothing when he has literally begged. My mommy-gut is telling me the 1-2-3 Magic is not magically working on him! Dang, I think I am going to cave.)

*Mom, can I just have a hand hug? (By now, I know he is exhausted. Heck, he had a meltdown during bath time over an hour ago. So I scooch the chair close enough to his bed. I rub his back and sing his "hush little baby" favorite night time nursery rhyme....

I kid you not, he was sleep in less than two minutes!

I am not thinking the magic happened tonight! Maybe tomorrow....


IamDerby said...

Love that picture. My boy hates to stay in his bed as well. My dh works nights and on those nights my little guy moves in oh so silently... I dont even wake up until its too late! Nights my dh is there man its just way to crowded, I wake up every time.

Wendy said...

Jaykeb's favorite excuse is, "I can't get comfortable." This is usually because he has no less than 50 stuffed animals piled on his bed. Hope the sleeping comes easier tomorrow night.

MamaGeek said...

Maybe tomorrow. Or next year.

It could go either way. :)

I love that shot of Will, he just looks like one happy, loving little guy. And those eyes. Oh those eyes.

Janet said...

That's a great shot of him, and a wonderful story :-)

Jessie said...

My favorite of Ty's is "I just want to tell you that I love you. Again. So yeah, I love you. I just want to tell you that. Can I tell you that? I looooooove you"

and so on.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh sigh....they sure know how to pull those heart strings don't they?

Dea Felis said...

Y'know, from the kid's side rather than the mommy's side... it could take a rather long time before he can reliably fall asleep when he goes to bed. (I still can't do it. ;) ) Just stick with it. :)

I used to crawl into bed with my dad when my mom worked nights, and she'd come home and carry me to my bed then go to bed herself. {fond memories - she always smelled so neat} But later Dad was pretty strict about the number of times I got up when I didn't really need to (once for water, and only for bathroom after that ;) ).

I didn't realize he has such amazing blue eyes. :)

tulipmom said...

I feel your pain. Sleeping -- getting to sleep AND falling back to sleep -- are such big issues in our house.

T's newest thing is waking up from nightmares where his whole family has died. Ugh.

I think that might be my favorite photo ever of Will. Gorgeous!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh boy we are having "get to sleep" issues too! Augh it is frustrating.

gina said...

At least he was in his own bed. It's hard to get them to relax when they are over-tired (and he had already had a meltdown). I am of the whatever gets me some sleep tonight school of thinking when it comes to bedtime- they all outgrow sleeping with us too soon anyways. ;)

On a limb with Claudia said...

ugggh! I didn't realize hubby was going to GA. sigh. How long? ((hug)) You really are amazing.

Poor Will. He is so big and so brave and still so soft at heart. What a sweetie. So kind of you to nurture his loving heart.

As always, my blessings are with you every step along the way.

Brandt said...

Hmm .. I am about to say "enjoy it while you can .." we barely get the goodnight kiss before the teenagers go to bed. At times we are the ones falling asleep on the couch because they are not ready to go to sleep because their sleeping patterns are so messed up from summer vacation, and their "I am not tired yet .." at 10:00pm! Yet I do remember how exhausting it used to be. It does change eventually!! Hang in there!

Susie said...

What a GORGEOUS picture! um, Dude! falling asleep with a backrub and a lullabye in about 2 minutes sounds pretty magical to me! I'd keep sticking to that mommy-gut thing-it sounds like it knows what it's doing!