Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Really trying to stay sane here...

When ever I saw this I had to laugh. After a day like today, I really needed to laugh. I don't usually curse but it is very fitting! Okay, after a glass of wine, my tongue might be a tad loose, after several I might drop the f-bomb....but in general, I am too scared Livi will repeat something at school....so it is a good reminder to use G-rated language around here.

Back to my craptastic day.....I seriously should chart my girl-thing because I am a huge bundle of emotions. It has been 380 days since Mike left. You would think I would have a hang of this by now. But lack of sleep has magnified all these emotions.

I am physically exhausted from trying to do it all. Then I get frustrated that not all is going as smoothly as I would like. For instance I get up an hour before the kids normally wake up so I can have myself ready, coffee in hand, and ready to start the day. But this morning Will woke up while I was in the shower. Not a good sign....I was so tired by the time we were ready to walk out the door to go to school.

Five minutes after our warning timer had gone off, not one but two kids had to go to the bathroom. Will is an "I-have-to-take-all-my-clothes-off-from-waist-down" kid. What is it with boys and stripping? Livi said she had to go as well. Since she is barely potty-trained, I dare not let her go if she says she has too! I was not the most positive mom in all of this. Let it even be noted that I might have lost it!

After I finally got Will's clothes, socks (Yes, even the socks have to come off.) and shoes off, he says, "Mommy, why are being so mean?" Oh crap! The floodgates opened.

I had to step back and realize the worst thing that would happen is we would be late. Will's favorite thing to say when things aren't going right is, "Let's start all over okay?" So it was my turn to say, "I am sorry buddy! Let's start all over."

I think the little things are starting to really add up...the stupid woman at AutoZone who laughed at me about the coolant, the morons at Garlyn Shelton Volvo, just all the little things that normally roll off my back..suddenly backed up and I barked at my kid!

I need to remember I have no control over this extension....but I can control how I react to it. One major positive thing is I clean in response to stress. I am guessing that I can't control when the army will send Mike home, but I can control my surroundings. I cleaned out the garage today. A few things that needed to go up to the attic went up there. All the summer stuff is cleaned and put away.

So, I guess all in all, a little cleaning, a little laughter and a sense of humor got me through today. Tomorrow I can only try to have a little more patience and hope that I control how I react to whatever it is that will stress me out tomorrow.

On a side note, I really try not to whine about this...so if you have read this far....thanks!

Just because I need one more laugh....these are from this weekend's visit to the pumpkin patch. See how red his cheeks were...it was in the high 80s. It has been in the 50s this week so far!

Livi would strike a pose and say, "Cheese me!" That my friends, made me laugh!


Kerry said...

If it helps... I am always impressed with how together you seem with your husband gone. I can tell you just want your kids to be happy and healthy. It has to be so hard - but you make it look easy!

tommie said...

kerry-thanks....I try to keep us busy, but not overscheduled. We have certain days we do the same things....pizza Friday, pancake Sunday, muffin Monday..gymnastics on Wednesdays....it keeps us going.....one more thing to check off until he gets home.

Little Town Big Life said...

If it makes you feel any better, I had a horrid day also. And my kids weren't here!!! But every idiot that could possibly escape the asylum either called or came by my office!!! It's a wonder I didn't go postal on one of them. However, I did manage to chew a sore on the inside of my cheek. Thanks everyone!!!

A little bathroom humor--my co-worker was telling about taking her 5th grade daughter to Build A Bear with a friend after she got over a stomach virus. Make a long one short==her daughter looks at her as she's paying and said "I think I just crapped myself"!!!! And she had!!!!

See sweetie, it could have been much worse---and much funnier!!!

queeniep said...

What an awesome mom you are! I would have burned down the house, broken all appliances, and wrecked the car. You have so much strength and are doing so great. You have looked that elephant-army in the eyes and have chewed it piece by piece, you are at the tail now. Keep chewing sista!
Mike will be home soon. I bet I hear the cheering clear up here in the old sooner state!

tulipmom said...

I lost it this morning too. D's out of town and SB kept me up half the night (fourth night in the past week). By the time I dropped him off at school (no time to walk today due to all his stalling) I felt like a raving lunatic. Came home, sat down, shook my head, and cried.

Tomorrow is another day, right? Hope it's better.

p.s. The "cheese me" thing cracks me up everytime.

tommie said...

little town big life- I am always aware things could be worse. For Husband being deployed, I do live a pretty cushy life. I have a husband who is coming home in 1 1/2 months...other wives can't say the same.

queeniep-thanks! that is a great way to look at it.

tulipmom- I hope your day is better as well. Sometimes it does take a good crying to start all over. and the "cheese me" makes me laugh as well!

Melinda Zook said...

Sorry to hear you had "one of those days." It totally sucks when they happen, especially when the kids see it, but I think they are there so that we can all appreciate days that are good.

It is really cool though that you thought about what was making you edgy and communicated with you kiddies so they knew what was going on.

It is important they know how to handle a bad day too. My guys have definitely seen me on a day that things aren't going well and not too proud of myself for how I handled. I am now trying to "train" myself that even when things seem like they are going bad, they really aren't (think of what could be worse).

And I am also a clean-oholic. When I need to release, I start scrubbing floors. It is terrible!

WorksForMom said...

I so like that "let's start over". Very wise.

I'm so sorry for your craptacular day Tommie. I think you do so awesome given the circumstance. I don't know how you do it girl.

If only you lived closer, I'd attempt (ATTEMPT) baking you some of those acorn donuts you posted a few days ago. :)

lisagh said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day... the only positive thing about those is they make us appreciate the good ones so much more.

Libby said...

Check your email. ;)

Cheeky said...

In the midst of letting it all out (venting, whining we all do it and need to do it from time time) you found your answer - what's the worst that would happen - you would be late. And you know what - its ok. It happens. AND Will is right - sometimes you just have to take a mulligan and start over :)

And the strange thing is - I am the one to give this advice - me, miss I am always stressed out. Me, the one who has found this strange sense of zen living in Minnefreakinsota......I am starting to scare myself bwahaha!

susan said...

You know...we all just lose it every once in a while. And often it's our loved ones that get caught in the crossfire. What's really important is how you dealt with it. Agreeing to just start over is brilliant. Hang on...just keep hanging on...you can do this!

Janet said...

I'm glad Will has that favorite phrase: "Let's start all over okay?"

Makes it easy for him to understand when you have to use it too!

Hang in there!

patti_cake said...

Girl I am so sorry you had a craptastic morning. I yelled at Maddie yesterday and I still feel terrible about it even though I apologized to her. That is the worst feeling imaginable. Yes we need to realize sometimes it WILL be okay and there's no need to get so bent out of shape. I don't know what i'd do in your shoes. You are awesome. Awesome, lady!
BTW My BFF's nephew always had to take his clothes off to poop LOL Boys!

Kerry said...

I am headed to TX - San Antonio early Nov.. is this near you??

Anonymous said...
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Fleur de Lisa said...

I love Livi's "Cheese Me"-- so cute!

It is hard doing it all. You're a great mom but we all have those craptastic mornings (or days) sometimes.