Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday....Wild Animals

Not sure if The Kept Woman is playing this week....but when I get stuck in a routine....well, we all know someone with a little bit of an OCD....so let's just leave it at that.

We are lucky enough to have a few trees in our yard. This is a new neighborhood, so not many do. It is nice because it does provide some shade in this Texas heat.

We have this little bird feeder an old boyfriend's parents gave us long ago. That is a whole other story,....okay where was I?? Oh yeah...bird feeder....well, I fill it usually on the weekend. We are out in front washing cars and playing with the neighbor kids. So it gets done then. All the birds flock to the house because apparently the flavor I buy at the commissary rocks!

I got it filled....all the birds in the neighborhood come out for a party. Seed is flying everywhere. The little birds are picking up the leftovers from the grass below. The big blue Jays are hogging it from everyone. When they get their fill, the cardinals come. yada yada yada, Come Tuesday, I notice the thing is empty! EMPTY....it is a good sized feeder.

Seems like the furry tailed little rat in the neighborhood likes the seed as well. Not only does he like it, he tells his friends as well...."Hey guys, easy feedings over at 1234 Easy Street".....because in less than the 2 hours I was gone this morning to drop Will off, go to Livi's music class, and come home....it was all gone. They had cleaned it out.

Apparently the bird seed wasn't enough. This one proceeded to try to chew through the string holding it to the tree.

When Livi saw him out there, she growled at him. It did not even faze the little rodent! Then she was mad because it wasn't afraid of her. She thought it was going to get her. Great ...now I can add squrril to her list of things she is afaid of....Batman being the first!

He even gave her the evil red eye look! Little beast....I guess I better go back to filling the seed, or my pour little feeder will be on the ground after he chews through it.

happy Wednesday y'all


patti_cake said...

There are supposed to be squirrel proof feeders but I have yet to see one they haven't eventually figured out. The little b*st*rds are smart!

Cheeky said...

ok I have to admit - I like squirrels - yes, I know they are rats with tails but I still like them. I had a pet squirrel when I was kid that we kept in the house and that died of brain damage (but that is another story).

We had a feeder in NC and would giggle watching the squirrels trying to get into it (yea it was one of those that Patti is talking about)...

Just keep feeding them and they will be happy.....I know, not what you want to hear

Head Hen said...


Jean Marie Ward said...

You're looking at this all wrong. Your yard has become the Field of Dreams. Feed the squirrels; the birds will come.
Cheers and grins,
Jean Marie