Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An "S" kind of day.....

Can we say ssssssssssssssss..?????.....swimming, smiles and so many miles.

We started swimming lessons this week. Or I should say that Livi started "hold me for 40 of the 45 minutes" class this week. She does little more than be held....though today she did blow some bubbles and kick. Whew hoo! The main reason I drive as far as I do for their classes is the teacher/student ratio. In Livi's class it is 4 teachers to 5 kids.....and like I said she is getting held for most of the time. They are the ones in the pool. Parents have to watch from a little pavilion or a classroom. We cannot be by the pool.

....a little tangent on the pavilion. Yesterday we got there a tad early. Grabbed a little table IN the shade. I could see the kids through the little tinted window....nice spot. Kind of like when you are in junior high and all the groups have their tables marked out in the cafeteria.

So today we get there...even a little early, and some chickadee is in MY spot! UUahhh, didn't you see me there yesterday?? I guess I can share the cool spot in the shade. It was super hot today since we are finally drying out and not in the rain. Which brings me to another picture.....

Splashing.....Will is doing amazing in his class. He is having a great time kicking, floating, and blowing bubbles. I wondered how he would do today because he got his 4 year old shots this afternoon. He did fine and jumped right in. His class has 7 kids and 5 teachers. He gets so much one on one time in the water. Tonight when he was getting ready to take his bath, he asked for a straw. He said he needed to "practice" his bubble blowing. I am sure his teacher suggested this!

The final S.....lots of smiles.....we picked up Aunt M and cousin E at the airport this afternoon....(as if you are keeping track, we went to school, music, shots for Will, the airport, and swim lessons today!)

Oh yeah, back to the little cute E....these were just taken with her playing on the table in the air conditioned classroom (instead of the pavilion where I had no seat...or no seat in the shade).

I told her mom that she looks like Jack Nicholson....don't you think so?? She has this little furry bear skin rug thing that is her lovey. I am so going to pose her on a white blanket in just a diaper with this thing. Will is so attentive with her. BUT he thinks she is a boy. Not sure what Livi thinks...other than she is a big toy.

happy tuesday y'all.....note to husband: I took a deep breath every time I thought I was going to spaz today. We were finally at swim lessons, I told M to grab the stroller to take E up to the pavilion.....M: what stroller? Me: the one in the back, it is probably behind your luggage....M: I don't see a stroller. Me: WHAT?? My adorable Kate Spade Maclaren stroller....NOT THERE!! Yes, husband, I left it in the parking lot at the pediatrician!! I didn't have their phone number...finally found it through calling information. Someone turned it in! Yeah, my cute little stroller will once again be mine in the morning. I knew today went way too smoothly!


Libby said...

My gosh! With a busy day like that it's no wonder that the stroller was misplaced!

(I do see the resemblance between Jack and the baby, what a cute kiddo!)

patti_cake said...

Glad the swimming lessons went so well and I love the pics.
That is one cute baby. You need a nekkid pic on the furry rug hehe...(classic)

Jana said...

Aww, what a sweet baby!

I played.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you will be able to get your stroller back! I hate to lose things, especially my favorite things!

Jaykeb is doing better in the water now, but it took forever and was horrible. He still won't jump to me or go under on his own but he is okay with getting splashed and walking around the pool by himself. We need to work with him some more but he is getting there. I'm sure Livi will too, in her own time.

Tammy said...

Mine didn't do well in swimming lessons either. She was all "Hold me, hold me, I scare!"

Oh, I would have killed someone had my stroller been stolen!

The Kept Woman said...

(drooling over cute baby...)

We are having a simlar experience with swim/hold me lessons...it's getting better and I find that I'm not above bribery.

Triple Bonus Points for just being so on top of things!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

The last "s" could have been for "oh shoot!" for almost losing the stroller!

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

You've had better luck than we. My dear husband lost his wallet and is no where to be found. We are thinking someone tossed in the trash after checking to see if there was any moolah in there...of course there wasn't any, us normal people are always broke!!! Great pics of the children. So what letter will Thursday be?!?!