Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hectic kind of day....

uugghh....did you hear that? That would be a huge sigh of relief. The kids are finally in bed....

Let's do a little "If you give a kid a cup of chocolate milk story" give a kid (and just for grins and giggles, let's give two kids) a cup of chocolate milk in the morning, they will bounce off the walls starting at 8AM.

If they bounce off the walls at 8 AM, they will be tossed out into the yard to play on the mongo play structure back there.

If they play on the mongo play structure out there, they will get wet from the rain pooled at the top and bottom of the slide.

If they get wet from the rain pooled at the top and bottom of the slide, they will strip their clothes off down to their skivvies.

If they strip their clothes off down to their skivvies, they will think it is okay to play in the sand box....the rain soaked sand box, better known as wet sand.

If they play in the sand box, they will want to rinse off at the faucet.

If they rinse off at the faucet, they will just get the sand in more places like their hair.

If they get sand in their hair, the little girl will remember her mommy one time put baby powder on her hands to get it she will think it is a FABULOUS idea to put it in their hair.

If they put it in their hair, it will just make a huge wet powder mess (little side note to the story, she couldn't find baby powder, so she got Husband's Gold Bond Medicated Powder from under his sink)...

If it just makes a huge man-powder smelling mess, they will want a bath.

If they want a bath, they will change need a change of clothes.

If they need a change of clothes, they will think it is okay to have a snack.

If you give them a snack, they will want chocolate milk.

Yep, this was my morning, all before nine o'clock. After Livi didn't take a nap, I knew it was going to be a rough evening. Someone should have handed me a sign that said, "Breakdown ahead..." It might have been easier. I know they are just 2 (and don't forget the half) and 4, but after today I am drained.

We are down to five months left of this deployment and it can't go by fast enough. Some days I feel like I am wishing away 15 months of our lives. I know other people have done this and lived though it...but days like today make it all that much to just wish for Jan 2008.

A little TMI alert: ***
I started charting my cycle to see if Aunt Flo were the root of all these tears and short temper I have certain times of the month, and I will danged if it isn't when I am ovulating.

How that one lame ovary I have left is causing all this is beyond me, but it is. It is precisely the 2-3 days smack in the center of my cycle. So, I guess I should just grab my bootstraps and drive on!

happy Saturday y'all


Monica said...

I don't know how you do it! My hubby works a lot of hours but he is around plus we have both sets of parents close by. I don't think I could do it alone (esp. on days like those)!

Wendy said...

I think there must be something in the air because Jayke has been a monster the past couple of days. If I had a morning like that I think I would have just put us all back to bed!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that there will be no more chocolate milk?

Thirty-One Trendy said...

Oh girl, I just want to give you a day off. All of that happeing in an hour?! Those are the days that seem to never end.

By the way there seems to be something in the water...everyone, and I mean everyone I know (me included) lately has been having the short temper, teary days. I don't know whether it's toddlers, PMS, ovulation, or someone said (EGAD) peri-menopause, but at least know this - you're in a club. You're definitely not alone!

tongue in cheek said...

...if you give a mouse a cookie
Good take on this story!

Aren't little children a handful and make your heart go boom boom boom!

Head Hen said...

Funny. Add that to the growing list of things I like about you: your humor is the last thing to go.

I think you've earned a babysitter this week (and it's not even close to Friday!) and a trip to the massage table--or how about just to the driveway to sit in your car in silence. I've done that once or twice. The silence is piercing and wonderful, especially when it's dark outside so the neighbors don't think you are crazy.

CarrieB said...

"I guess I should grab my bootstraps and drive on!"

I LOVE that!

I hope today is better for you!

tommiea said...

monica- not much choice here, but you would be surprised how much you can do on your own. It is very empowering to know you can, but you won't always have to.

wendy- I have heard that from more than one mom this weekend!

jd's rose- yep! at least no more first thing in the morning.

31trendy- I would like a day off...I will get one in a few weeks...Both kids will be in preschool in late Aug.

corey- I have to remind myself that I really did want these two on days like that one!

head hen- If I didn't laugh, I would always be crying...and I TRY not to cry in front of the kids.

I would love a babysitter, but she left to go to school at A&M! UGH! The others ones I use are in Maine for the summer.

carrieb- Yesterday was wonderful...much the older one is at preschool, so we are back to our 'normal' until Friday!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Great post! Love the ode to the "If you give a..." series!

Baby powder in hair...not the best idea.

patti_cake said...

My hat is off to you, Sweetie!

tulipmom said...

Great post! Would it be too much to ask for babysitters to stay home ALL SUMMER? :)

Kerry said...

way too much for that early in the morning!