Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rainy sick days..

I had two sick kids on my hands all day. Yesterday afternoon Will was feeling warm to the touch and took a little cat nap on the couch. I just knew it was going to be a power nap and he would be up all night. Nope, by 7:30 he was in bed asleep! So then I knew he was sick.

I got up like normal at 6AM....totally not realizing I snoozed my alarm and didn't really get out of bed! Oops, at 6:40 I jump into the shower and wonder if I have time to do the whole wash/dry/shave routine. I figured I am going to work out after I drop Will off, so I will shave but fore go the whole hair washing routine. Livi doesn't have a class on Thur so I can come home and shower then.

By 7:10 AM I am dressed in my workout clothes with my nicely fresh shaved legs. I get my coffee started. That is Livi's responsibility (she just clicks it on) but seems like she is sleeping in a bit. I even have time to roll the trash down to the curb for trash day. This is Will's responsibility but seems HE is sleeping in as well. These are the two children who never fail to be up by 7 AM at the latest.

By 8 I am wondering what he going on....of course I have gone in to check on them...Will is warm to the touch....Livi's nose is stopped up and breathing out of her mouth like a freight train coming into the station!

By 8:30 I call Will's school and tell them he won't be in today.
Livi finally wakes now I am wishing I could have gotten the memo to sleep in....oh well...

Livi is what my brother calls a secret thumb sucker. She has to have Bunny in her hand to sick her thumb. She holds one ear and rubs the ear of Bunny. To have a stopped up dripping nose is the worst for her. She would take a little suck on her thumb, then have to stop to breathe out of her mouth.

But in true Livi style...she saw my camera and perked right up....."cheese me, mommy" <---Livi speak for "take my picture."

By 9, my little boy is still asleep, or so I thought. I sneak in to take a picture.....Dang, I forgot to turn off the flash. I hear him, "Mommy, did you picture me sleeping?" Oops!

So needless to stay, we just all snuggled on the couch a lot today, ate what little they could, and watched Lion King a couple of times. It was raining so we just chilled and snuggled all day.

Speaking of the rain, this is what part of the front flower bed looks like. Note, there are no cute flowers in this corner....We had gutters installed last week, but just a tad too late for those flowers. So I had to cut them back or pull them out because they were damaged too badly. But this little crop of mushrooms seems to be doing fine there.

This little visitor seems to have camped out on the porch as well. Can you see the cricket on the brick? I was hoping to catch him trying to eat it...but no such luck.

But the hanging basket looks amazing! I will say two positive things about all this electric bill is half of what it was last summer! Also, my grass looks amazing!

happy friday y'all


patti_cake said...

Sorry the kiddos were sick but it sounds like you are making the best of things..
that's not a rattlesnake is it???

tommiea said...

patti-it is a little frong...but at a glance I thought it was a snake too. I was just letting my dog out and I saw it on the porch.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Sorry you had sick kids on your hands that stinks! It's so hard when you can only do so much to help them feel better! Livi is adorable! My daughter is a pacifier girl and we've been trying to get her off it now that she's just turned two.

I love the froggy photo!

Jessie said...

Poor little buggaz

sisters with style said...

Sorry the kids are sick, but since it's raining, you can stay in all day and not feel like you need to be doing anything. Hope they feel better soon!

susan said...

Sorry to hear the kiddos are sick. I hope they get better soon and you stay well also!