Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday 13....number fears

In honor of Friday the 13th coming up.....I give you thirteen fears:

1. I am totally afraid of backing out in the car. I think I will back into the mailbox EVERY time.

2. I am afraid I will find a scorpion in my bed! ICK

3. I am afraid of the kids walking in the parking lot.

4. I am afraid a spider will get in my water glass at night so I keep a napkin over it....or use a water bottle.

5. I am afraid I will lose my debit card and be screwed.

6. I am afraid I will get in a car accident and my emergency contact won't be able to be reached.

7. I am afraid someone will ding my door of my cool mom-mobile.

8. I am afraid I will lock my keys in the car and my cell phone will be locked inside. The number to get it unlocked is on my cell phone.

9. I am afraid I will run out of milk, so I keep a half gallon frozen.

10. I am afraid I will run out of toilet paper, so I buy it in bulk. Nothing says I love you like a cabinet full of tp....the good stuff too, not that cheap-a single ply stuff!

11. I am afraid one of the kids will barf in the car and it will stink....I can't drive a stinky car.

12. I am afraid of tequila.....too much comanche in me to be friends with that devil water.

13. My biggest thing I am afraid of is that my husband won't come home and I will have to do this thing called life, alone for the rest of my life.

hurry home, husband, these six months can't go by quick enough.
happy thursday y'all
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amy said...

Hope your hubby comes home soon and I hope you never have to face any of those fears

patti_cake said...

Ditto what Amy said!

Anonymous said...

Some of those made me giggle (like the water bottle one), but the last one made me sad. I hope that your hubby is safe and home with you all soon.

I am afraid of the world that will be when my son is my age.


Lori said...

I think Friday the 13th should be a holiday:) Happy TT.

Suprina said...

Big Hugs....My thoughts and prayers are with your husband. I am a displaced Okie married into the military. My husband just retired at the ripe ole age of 40.

Great TT!

Haley-O said...

Oh, I hope he comes home soon!! Then you'll be so much less afraid -- even of little things.... :)

Wendy said...

Ahhh the good old scorpions. I took care of them yesterday. Went to Wally World and bought some bug spray for the inside to prevent them and a lot of other critters from wanting to visit. Good stuff! It works instantly.

Susie said...

I followed a link to your site and love the things you say about your husband. My brother and stepson are in the military and I dread every day that one of them will be deployed (my brother, not too likely; but my stepson could be anytime). I pray your husband comes home safely and soon.

MissMeliss said...

Followed a link here from Carmi's blog...not a military wife, but a member of Soldiers' Angels, so I have three soldiers and a sailor I write to weekly.

I pray they all - your husband, my pen-pals, all the rest - come home soon, and safe.

Lara Angelina said...

I love #10!! I have the same worry -- I think because we ALWAYS ran out of TP when I was growing up. Now I have 2 - 24 packs and one in the wings!
Great TT and thanks for your kind words on mine!

Amy's Zoo said...

Girl, I hate it that you have to live with so many fears. That is so not fun! Sure, everyone lives with them, but if they are strong I would seriously seek some therapy! Hey, a little therapy never hurt anyone! :) Happy TTing!

tulipmom said...

I hadn't realized tomorrow was Friday the 13th ... thanks for pointing that out :)

I always hold my breath when I back out of the garage. I've hit something a few too many times.

I hope the next six months go by very quickly for you.

Lisa said...

I hope time flies and you're with your husband again before you know it.

Happy thursday, my TT is up too.

tommiea said...

amy's zoo- These are in total jest.....well, except the last one...but my husband is in a warzone!

sisters with style said...

I think about you and your family daily! I pray that these last 6 months fly by for you!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Ditto on your husband coming home..soon and safe!

And I had no idea that you could freeze milk!

Carmi said...

I relate all too well to your fears. Life alone is the worst one of all.