Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keys, come out, come out from wherever you are!

If you were my keys, where would you be? I haven't seen them in several days. I have been using Husband's keys.

Are they on any flat surface in the house?

Are they in any coat pocket?

Are they in any other bag?

Are they in the couch cushions?

Is it making me crazy that I can't find them?? YES!!!
Just for posterity's sake, here is a photo I have of them from this old post:

See the way there is no "key" sticking out from the fob? It is called a switchblade key. It folds into the fob....where some computer chip is as well.
While getting my oil changed and car check up today, I asked how much it is to get another one? Since it is to the tune of $300 I think I will a tad bit longer!


Libby said...

Argh, maddening. The only thing worse than losing keys is losing a wallet. I hope they turn up soon!

tommie said...

know! I saw this Michael Kors straw bag at TJMaxx today that I really want. I told myself if I found my keys, I am totally driving back into Austin to get it!

Here is a link to it: it is the one with the white trim

It was on sale at TJMaxx for a THIRD of that price!

Jen said...

$300! Ouch! Hope you find them soon.

Beth said...

O.k, not to change the subject or anything but I have that exact same tray!

You have great taste! :)

Good luck finding your keys.

Janet said...

arrrr, I hate when that happens! I see you have REAL motivation to find them now ;-)

The Kept Woman said...

Oh man. We have a ghostie in our house that moves stuff around and replaces it in exact places we already searched. Maybe she's visiting your place...don't worry, it's all in fun and she always puts stuff back after a day or so.

MamaGeek said...

Stuff like that drives me nucking futs! Hope you find them...soon!

Kerry said...

Is that a label maker next to a glass of wine and your keys? My two favorite things... label makers and a glass of white wine!!

Did you find them yet? said...

$300!! I would hold out too!

I hope you find them!

Kellan said...

I would hold out too - FIND THAT KEY!!!

I hope you find them - I'll be send good thoughts. Good luck. Kellan

MondaythroughSunday said...

That is the MOST frustrating thing!! I am always looking for my keys or my purse. I hope you find them!!

Cheeky said...

The keys are there - just where you least expect them and most likely where you have already looked.

I lose stuff all the time.....ALL.THE.TIME.

Jessie said...

Ok, Ill tell you where I once found mine. Does your bedframe have drawers under it? If so, check BEHIND them, open them all the way and see if they are back in the hole. In fact, check all drawer holes.

Im just saying, you have kids, and it was a kid who did my keys that time, so just thought you should know.

tulipmom said...

I was just about to ask if maybe one of your kids hid them somewhere.

I LOVE that bag!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love the wine and label maker together in that photo. Divine! :)

It's awful about the keys. I really think that someone else moved them because you are so organized. Have you seen this door organizer? I love the Container Store!

LaskiGal said...

Losing my keys is the only thing that frustrates me more than the person who says, "Well, where the was the last place you had them?" Um. Duh. If I knew that . . .

Patti said...

I think consulting a psychic would be cheaper even :)