Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - my stuff

things that make me ....well, me

Recently I asked people to describe me in one word....I expected alot of neat, organized, anal...because I am . See that label maker there....I don't do much without it. Everything is labeled everywhere in the house. The plastic containers of things in the pantry, the Rubbermaid tubs of toys, the scrap supplies, pretty much everything.

Can you use one too much?? I think so, the letters are starting to not be as dark on the it has labeled one too many label.

Next, the glass of wine....yep, a big wino here. I am on a white kick these days. I am loving me some Barefoot pinot grigio. Cheap and light....what a great combo! I love my neighborhood....most Saturdays we get together in someone driveway or inside if it is too cold....and I can enjoy my little glass or two of vino. Now how many hours until Saturday evening???

Finally, my keys....I love my car. I never thought I would drive anything but an SUV....but we ventured over to the Volvo dealer near Austin when we first got now, I am truly a wagon-driving mom! When I was in college, I used to babysit for all these moms that had the black one with the warm brown leather interior. That was always my standard for a mom truly living the cushy life. Well, I like my cushy life.

Other words people used to describe me: I saved those emails...kind of like my own little "please validate me" file....



















Did you play?? Let Kristine at Random and Odd. know.


Sheri & SuZan said...

I'm liking the glass of wine!


We played too.

Anonymous said...

lol! i'm totally digging that labelmaker (i need one of those!) and that glass of pinot grigio(my favorite!). great job!

i played, but i don't have a blog. you can find me on flickr if you're interested. have a nice day:)


Christie said...

:) ooh I so want a labelmaker

happy spf

Wendy said...

Maybe I need a labelmaker. I put things away and never remember where they are!

I playe.

Random and Odd said...

I would be terrified to ask people to describe me in one word. LOL :)

You're so brave.

Kami said...

I sometimes miss my V70.

Jessie said...

Hooray for wine!

Happy SPF

Suzanne R said...

I miss wine -- can't have it with my diabetic med. Great "stuff" and it's neat that you have those descriptive words about you. Thanks for stopping by!

Katie said...

I love label makers & pinot grigio.

Thanks for stopping by.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love my label maker too. It the greatest thing!

Pinot girgio is also one of my favorite wines. Great representation for SPF this week.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by mine.

Lori said...

Great SPF! I really like that tray! And the wine. And I've been thinking lately about ditching the minivan for a Volvo wagon :)

Jenni said...

Nice stuff! I like the addition of the words to describe you as well.

Great SPF! I played too.

CrazyRN said...

I can't live w/o my label maker either! I love mine so much I actually gave one to 3 of my friend's for Christmas last year!

I don't think I've ever tried that wine! I'll get some next time!

We sound alot alike, with the rubbermaid boxes, containers in the pantry, etc. Do you organize your pantry by type of can, box, etc? Mine can only be 2 cans high, label facing out, and alphabetized. Remember the movie "sleeping with the enemy"? Yea...well..LOL!

tommiea said...

sheri & suzan- isn't it almost the weekend...cheer!

melanie-I loved your paintings.

christie- I am on my second or third one. I like this Dymo one best. It is easy to find the refills.

wendy- it will really change your life.

kristine- I don't feel brave.

Kami- I have an XC70, and I love love love it!!


suzanne r- thanks!

katie- you are so welcome

fleur de lisa- I usually drink a sauviginon this one by accident and love it!

lori-I went from a SUV to this and love it. We did get the third row but don't usually use it. It folds into the floor.

jenni-thanks, I knew just what I would choose!

crazyrn- I move all the boxed mixes and stuff into rectangular Rubbermaid containers. They are stacked in the pantry with a label on the side. I can get more stuff in a small space without all that packaging.

Tina said...

I read your spf and drink a glas of wine. How great is this. And if i had a label marker, i would be like you. ;-)

Tina said...

Cheers ;-) now we´ve 11:50 p.m. and i had the second glass. A south Africa red Wine.

Do you´ve a fave wine? I love, and i really mean love a wine called "California White Wine".

Weekend, right.. wish you calm or relaxing one.

san said...

Nice SPF... and from what people say about you, you must be a great person :) I played.