Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: Whew hoo! My stuff is in....

The Kept Woman Wild Card Wednesday once again

WHAT could I possibly post this week:

WHEW HOO, look at all the stuff I got from my Southern Living at Home party.

WITH these simple tools I can simply amaze myself. I will be the first to admit Husband has a "Honey Do" list a mile long....But I have to do this myself for the time being, whether I want to or not. I prefer not to have these lying around for another six months, so I dug out the tools from their properly labeled place in the newly organized garage.

WALL ART: Yes, start clapping your hands and patting me on the back, I hung these all by myself! I think they are even straight! I would like them to be a little farther up on the wall, but I am NOT hanging those things again. So for now, or at least until Husband gets home, they will stay where they are. This reminds me of the rusty iron gates I love so much!

WOODEN beaded tassel: I added a little pop of color to the child-proofed front door. This tassel is so pretty, it has wooded beads and ribbons that match the colors in my home so well!!

WATER PITCHER: Okay, I guess it could hold more than water, but I am doing like using basic WHITE dishes and adding color with salad plates and such. Since I could get it for next to nothing, I did.

Old WORLD splendor: I loved this metal tray. It is a little more peachy than I thought, I wanted a more mustardy color. She had it displayed with little magnets like a bulletin board. I have plans of putting it above my desk for something like that. It has little distressed fleurs-de-lis on it. This was one of the things I got for half off!

I haven't hung the planter yet. I have to ask Husband how to drill in concrete.....I will post pics of it when I do.

Did you play?

until then, happy Wednesday!


movin'mom said...

Okay...I am totally an iron gate lover myself! I love what you bought. That is soo me....needing it just an inch or two higher after I hung it so well.

I completely forgot to incorporate a W into my WCW...I better do that !

Wendy said...

I love that tassel! I neesd that tassel! It would work perfectly in my house too. Every thing looks great! I just got an iron wall grill to hang on my patio yesterday but I'm afraid to put a hold in the house too. Waiting for husband to do that!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Kept Woman said...

Wow...I'm totally impressed. All those little touches make a home so nice...I'm horrible at that stuff.

Tons of Bonus Points for your Ws!!!

Arlene said...

If I called John and asked him how to drill in concrete, he'd have horrible visions ;-)
Those are great, especially the wall art!! And it is straight!! You deserve 2 pats on the back for that one!!
I played too :-)

Creole Wisdom said...

What lovely details. The tassel around the door is really smart. I'm glad you put up that fence thing, too. Way to go gurl.


nel said...

good on you! Sometimes you've just got to get it done the wall hanging and it looks pretty straight to me! I also love tassels..hang them wherever I can.

tommiea said...

movin mom-I hate hanging new things every time we move!! Too many arguments!

wendy-have you ever been to a SL party?? Don't go, you will be sucked in and start plotting your purchases you will make at the next party!

tkw-copy from mags, that is what I do!!

arlene- I forgot to ask Husband when I talked to him today, I am sure he will be shocked!

katie-thanks! I really do like it!

nel-I never thought I would be a pseudo single mom...