Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring is here in Texas....bluebonnets have arrived

We have gotten so much rain these past couple of weeks. The rain brought spring to Texas. In the medians on the highway there are miles and miles of bluebonnets. I knew I wanted to get some pictures of the kids in them. BUT I am not daring enough to pull over on the side of the road where cars are whizzing past you at 80 miles an hour! So I loaded up the car, packed some ammunition (Easter m&ms), the camera, spare battery and headed out to the woods near Salado.

We found a little patch just off the road in a quiet little wooded area. I was surprised how small they were. In town they seem pretty big. but they much just be huge clusters of them. Anyhow, I told Will to hug his sister but not choke her!
After paying out the bribe they finally sat down. There was this little bare patch right in the middle of these.
The kids had a good time and were surprisingly cooperative. I did pay out a handful of m&ms, but hey it worked!
There were some white ones too. I didn't know there were white bonnets. Livi tried smelling just made her sneeze!

happy Sunday y'all!


Teena said...

I'm jealous of all the greenery! We just got rid of our snow last week.

Jean said...

youu are funny and fun and your photos are lovely!

jean from stuff portrait fridays

movin'mom said...


susan said...

Every spring I hear about the blue bonnets, but I've yet to see one in real life...

Bribery can be GOOD...I like how the pictures came out.

nel said...

I love these photos of your gorgeous children...and what a beautiful setting. M&M's could bring out the best in anyone I think!

tommiea said...

teena- I had to have my lawn mowed for the first time this week!!

jean-thanks, I tried to get the kids to pose, but just being goofy is what they do best these days!

movin'mom-they are everywhere, they are so pretty!

susan-they are a bulb and grow in the medians of the highway even.

nel-thanks, they are even helping Livi potty train!! whew hoo