Monday, April 30, 2007

My pits....

When Will got dressed yesterday he wanted to wear this frog says, "U can't stop the HOP." Well, at his preschool they teach letter sounds rather than names, so he sounded out the H-O-P and knew it said "hop"...I was pretty impressed. He finally gets it on and realizes it is sleeveless. He cracked up laughing, threw his hands up in the air and said, "MY PITS! I can feel my smelly pits!" Okay, he is only three so there are no smelly pits. But when his daddy tickles him, he calls them smelly pits. Then he ran over to the door by the pantry and asked to take a picture of his pits for Mike. He is all about taking pictures for him now. So we did.

Far be it I follow in him into the living room to try to take another sireee, that would make one certain pit-showing three year old melt into the carpet whining the whole time. Does the whining stop soon?? Because it is getting old quick! But by the time he does stop, Livi will be right behind him taking up his slack.

Their cartoon of choice lately has been "The Backyardigans" the end of one we have DVR'd they go eat cheese and crackers. So of course we had to have a snack in the backyard. They go through cheese like I am feeding a colony of mice around here. They would prefer Black Diamond cheddar, but I am not going to Sams just for a foofoo cheese for them!!

See that rope that Will is playing with?? My in-laws left that while they were here when Mike was home on his R&R. Up until now it has been fun to play with....after I saw him basically making a noose, I decided to confiscate it. Yeah, mother-of-the-year right here.

We had washed the car this afternoon as well....of course it rained all night as well as the next day. I should be the weather man...sure beats the one we have here!

oh yeah....Muffin Monday was a lemon poppy seed muffin with this light honey lemon pics though

happy Monday

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