Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hanging Basket

On Saturday we headed over to the garden center to get some flowers. In the Walmart ad this week they had a handy dandy little step by step to a hanging basket. I showed the girl the ad and told her we wanted these plants. She tried to steer me to the ones that were already done. I know it would be a lot easier to just plop one in the planter. But, my dear friends, we were needed an activity that would last at least an hour!! The weekends can crawl by all too slowly if we don't have enough to do. Then they think they can watch tv sun up to sun down.
Where was I?? Oh yeah.....planting. So we get home and get the hanging basket down. Will starts swinging the chain around like he is some stripper from Girls Gone Wild. I had to rein him in for fear that he would whack Livi up the side of her head. Hence the sad look on his face in this picture. Who wants to be scooping potting mix with a old bucket when you can swing a chain around??

Livi had to get in the dirt action too. She couldn't get far enough into the bag, so she just started using her hands. She actually was alot of help.

After knocking the basket over two or three times, we finally got it planted and hung. Not bad for an hour on a Saturday afternoon.

Happy Sunday


sisters with style said...

Love the hanging basket. I know what you mean about the week-ends. The question I hear every week-end is "what are we going to do for fun now?"

Jessie said...

Hanging baskets are nice! We use to have strawberries in ours but with the addition of the windchimes and birdhouses I took it down and instead did a window box.

CarrieB said...

LOL about your Girl Gone Wild. Yeah, I have one of those too. Scares me.