Tuesday, April 03, 2007

questions and answers

I was given these questions by Susan .....

1. What kind of a flower would you be and why?
I think I would be an orchid....a delicate flower....or at least that is what I tell everyone!

2. Would you consider yourself a leader of a follower?
Depends on the situation..I can take charge if I need to.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I am sure I have many....but to pick just one...is one I often try not to do myself....to see dirty dishes in the sink in the morning.

4. What advise would you give to a brand new mother?
If your child attaches to a certain lovey....run, not walk, and go purchase two NOW. The skanky bunny Livi carries around is from Pottery Barn Kids....they don't make it anymore. It sells on Ebay for more than $60!!! Yeah, not happening in her little world...I hope she never loses it!

5. Describe your perfect day.
*Sleep in, wake up naturally.
*Favorite breakfast on the planet: frosted mini wheats with a banana
*Any kind of latte...then once I am appropriately fed and caffeinated, get great big hugs and kisses from the kids
*a little shopping
*lunch at Nordstroms cafe
*home for a nap
*dinners with Husband

Can you tell there is a lot of eating and sleeping involved??

If anyone would like their own interview questions, let me know.


susan said...

I've heard that more than once about the lovies and blankies. We never really had that issue...it was just the binky for 4 years! (how embarassing!)

Fun answers :)

MilkMaid said...

OMG yes yes yes on the the lovies and blankies. And its hard to replace them, cuz even when I washed his damn bunny over and over and never SMELLED like his real bunny. Oy..good times LOL