Wednesday, April 25, 2007

playing tag

carrieb tagged me, asking me to share seven RANDOM facts/habits (aka: idiosyncracies) about myself. There is so much to choose from goes:

1. No one ever really thinks I am as old as I am.....I do color my hair, but just back to its natural color....I have had gray hair since I was 19 or so, so back to the black but-not-goth-black it goes. It doesn't help that i have a two year old and a three year old....also, I am a bit older than Mike, so.....again, few people realize. I remember my friend's husband saying at my 30th birthday..."You don't act 30".....not you don't LOOK 30. Oh well.......(Yes, Rick, I am talking about you!)

2. I am organized clean freak in almost every area of my life. I used to be a bit more rigid...but two kids sixteen months apart will break one of that. It helps keep me sane.

3. I used to be a special ed teacher before kids. But then they wouldn't let me off to go my sister-in-law's wedding (hey Jen and Stephane) I quit. We were moving the next year anyway. So it just came a year early. I never thought I would be a SAHM, but I love it!

4. I have moved from Oklahoma, to Alaska, back to Oklahoma, to the east bay of California, to the cornfields of Kansas, to Texas in the last ten years. Before that, I had lived in Oklahoma most of my life! Sooner born and Sooner bred....Go OU! I always swore I would never marry a soldier...they are hitting on you when you are 13 at the mall.....Little did I know one New Year's Eve I would meet the man of my dreams!

5. I met my husband while cleaning up empties at a New Year's party....see the organized clean freak #2.....It wasn't even my house that I was cleaning up empties.....yeah, see ....used to be much more rigid.

6. I am very crafty and creative. I can reproduce almost anything I see. But on the whole I am not the just pull it out of the air creative........

7. I agonize over every single move we make. I have managed to make a lifelong friend at every place we have lived. In some places (Alaska) I have made more than one. So like a wise Army wife told me at the first place we lived..."You never know who is going to be your new best friend." So I take that to heart and open myself to new friendships where ever we are. We have been here almost a year, and I have developed a few friends. I am trying hard to get out and do things since Mike is not here. I know those girl friendships are so important. I value them and will take the time to nurture them. I don't have 5-10 years to develop friends. I need them here and I will make new ones. I do keep in contact with all those people who have made an impact on my life and maybe we our paths will cross again.

Okay, now this is getting sappy.....

I don't really know if I know seven people that if you read this and you blog....consider yourself tagged.

happy wednesday


Jessie said...

I guess I gotta do it since Im first, huh? You can tag me for stuff, I like being tagged.

tommiea said...


consider yourself tagged, I will remember that in the future.

I really am laughing! I start blogging as a way for my husband to keep up with the kids while he is gone.

I read TKW and that whole TX crew, so it just evolved....i read Katherine at Lost in Surburbia...and just went from there.

I saw one of those blog webs when I was looking for a "tag" gif, I am surprised how many people are connected.

now I really need to go to bed.....6AM comes quickly!!!

susan said...

It's kinda funny how blogging sucks you in isn't it? I started to keep out of town friends and family connected. Now it seems whenever I talk to them, I've nothing to say as they already know about it...and all my new blog's all so very connected!

Head Hen said...

You are such a YOUNG thing, I'd never guess you colored your hair!

I'm totally with you on the whole "reproduce what you see, but not originally crafty". That's me all over.

I'll tag myself for you! :)