Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter, toddler style.

On Thursday morning, we went to Will's easter party at school .....while the parents hid the eggs, the kids played a bit on the playground. I loved this picture of the baskets.

Livi didn't take her basket to Will's school party, but she helped him find eggs. Imagine nearly 40+ kids finding eggs in a courtyard...you couldn't take two steps without stepping on one.....eggs, not the kids.... They had fun though. After a quick lunch of cookies and rice krispie treats..(the carrots and ranch, and sandwich seemed to get overlooked in all the sugar overload both were on) we got on the road.

We trekked down ......oops, I meant up to Oklahoma for Easter...

First and foremost, the road trip.....I was geared up the the DVD players installed, snacks in a cooler, and some caffeine for me. The kids don't eat fast food like McDonalds except for the fries and chocolate milk, so I quit spending $20 on fries and milk many road trips ago. I pack things that I can pass back easily that won't end up on the carpet the carseats. I have mastered moving my arm into unnatural angles to hand either kid something.

Fastforward to Easter morning, the kids woke up to their filled baskets....more sugar...can you see the gleem in Will's cheeks as he is dreaming of yet another sugar filled day??

We went to my aunt RoseMary's for the Easter egg hunt. Will's teachers had made this little rice krispie treat with peanut butter and jelly beans.....I thought they were so cute, I made them for us. The kids helped by making the dip in the nest and placing the jelly beans. They are actually pretty good. Note to self: rub vegetable oil on your hands while forming the nest...not nearly as messy!!

Will was so proud he found 14 eggs...he even counted them all. He opened up the plastic prize egg with a dollar bill in it and said, "Hey! I got one with a ticket!"

Livi found a prize eggs too and said, "This one has paper!"

Welcome to my world of the debit card...I hardly ever carry cash anymore....I guess I should show the kids what real money looks like.

The kids had to get in all the trampoline time they could. We decided not to get one until Mike came home. I don't plan on being outside all summer in the Texas heat....so we are waiting. Livi looks like she is practicing for a sky diving trip...

While we were gone it snowed 4 inches here in TX....reminded me of the guy that told Mike not to plant in late March because it would freeze one more time....who knew?? It had been in the high 80's already. My awesome neighbors covered my flowers, winterized my sprinkler system, and took in my urns and flower basket things. I love this neighborhood!

happy tuesday y'all

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The Kept Woman said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I cracked up at the "you couldn't take two steps without stepping on one.....eggs, not the kids" part!