Sunday, April 15, 2007

I got this from By the Way Sunday

~Your Favorites~

~Your Favorites~By the Way...
  • 1. April, May, or June?'s by baby's birthday
  • 2. birthday, Christmas, other? birthday
  • 3. breakfast, lunch, or dinner? dinner
  • 4. car, truck/SUV, or van? wagon...haven't I mentioned I love love love my car!
  • 5. lounging, shopping, or sightseeing? oohh hard one....I love to lounge, but with two rugrats running around it is not very relaxing......I can shop with the best of them....but I like to sightsee too. So it's a cointoss here.
  • 6. blonde, brunette, or redhead? my hair is almost is that brunette....brunette seems more brownish to me??
  • 7. mystery, romance, or history? mystery, but not scary mystery
  • 8. slow, medium, or fast? I never go anywhere fast with two toddlers, so slow it is.
  • 9. apples, bananas, or oranges? I have that stupid song in my head...."B-A-N-A-N-A-Anas" ...make it stop!
  • 10. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? I love pizza Fridays, meet the neighbors on the driveway Saturdays, and pancake Sundays, all of them.

Tomorrow for Muffin Monday we are making Orange Pineapple.....yum!

happy Sunday!


nel said...

great post! Some of those I don't think I could decide between, I love mystery, romance and history so perhaps I could have a little of those all together? lol

Tina said...

Like your favourites. Maybe i "steal" the questions and post it tomorrow.

Wish you a great week.

Carmi said...

Uh oh, now the banana song is in MY head, too!


Love your answers. Beyond WHAT you said, it's HOW you said it. With charm and grace. Just lovely...just what we needed on a day like today.