Thursday, April 12, 2007

big girl bed

Can she really be old enough for a big girl bed??

I was hoping to not have to make this transition until Mike got home.....BUT, last week she got her little leg stuck in between the slats of one of the ends. So, I knew it was time whether I was ready or not. Will still comes and gets in bed with me every night sometime before 5:30AM. I just knew I was going to have another little body trying to wiggle into my bed as well.
But she has done very well. The first time she napped in it, she poked her head out once to tell me,"Mom, I am not getting out of my bed." That night she was so exhausted she almost went right to sleep. After getting Will settled, I went in to check on her thinking she was sleep. She was totally zoned out, but alert enough to ask me to let her go to sleep by herself. I was happy and sad all at once.
Today at nap time, she never went to sleep....BUT she did stay in there the entire time. I was really surprised!

She looks so tiny up there all by herself. We talked up the whole big girl bed thing for awhile. She picked out her bedding herself. It has "purpur" flowers embroidered on it. She likes to sleep on the sham instead of the pillow. That is great by me because they are super fluffy and I can tuck them in around her. She likes to be butted up right next to something, so this keeps her from rolling. I hooked up the video monitor again so I can watch her. I think I am more worried about this transition than she is.

As you can see, bunny is never far.

Note to self: I think the green walls are a little too light now....I wonder if it would be big of a pain to paint it or wait until Mike gets home? Since he is probably getting extended, that would be Jan 08!!!! UGH!! Pains me to even write the date.

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The Kept Woman said...

OK...I just read your SPF and this one.

I love the bedding and what a cute shot of her sleeping! My kids' cribs turn into toddler beds and then double beds. I'm not ready to let them have a double bed which is quite nearly the same size as my queen sized bed. Spoiled rotten they will be.