Sunday, April 22, 2007

My first Sunday Six...thoughts by Will

Brought to you by Will...who says "I am not three anymore, I am almost four." ...oops, so sorry...I'll keep that in mind. Also, he just noticed himself on the computer and he said he didn't want ANYMORE pictures!

1. Do you like music? uuhhmm, yes I do.

2. What kind of music do you like? I know, a red flute. I love a red flute. (Grasping his hands in a mother-may-I-please-have-one)....May I have one?? Pleassssseeee.

3. Who invented music? I don'tknow.

4. What is your favorite musical instrument? I said a red flute...I think they have them at Target. (like I must have lost my mind because he just begged for one two seconds earlier.)

5. What type of music to Mommy and Daddy listen to? I think a violin. (I am shocked he didn't say Dad listened to LOUD music!!)

6. Where and how do you listen to music? In my room.


movin'mom said...

that is adorable...I should ask my kids these questions.

Now I know when I go to Target...I will be looking for a RED FLUTE.

KC said...

LOL Duh mom didn't you know about that Red Flute, you know the one from Target LOL

Great Sunday Six

OH and congrats on your 1st sunday six. :)

my answers are up now also.

tommiea said...

movin'mom-I think he is talking about a recorder....not sure though.

kc-thanks for stopping by....thanks, this is the first one he really wanted to answer.