Friday, April 13, 2007

emotional kind of day

List of emotions from today

Love: these two crack me was "Crazy Hat day" ....I was really surprised Will wore his hat. When I dropped him off at school, one mom and the secretary told me this was the last year I could buy the matching madras plaid hat and shorts from Gap.....i LOVE those shorts. He is almost four.....I think I can do it one more year!

Amusement: Right after we took took that pic, Will said, "Let's take a silly one....just for Dad...He is silly, he would like a silly one."

Sad: That little comment made me sad because it looks like it will be another nine months before Mike gets home! I can't believe he is being extended another three months. UGH!!!

Proud: the kids and I planted these and they are still alive....even after a snow over Easter weekend!!
Worried: this one has yellow tips.....does that mean it is dying???

Amazed: this one looks like it will live but will be permanently leaning to the side from the ice storm this past winter!

Relief: I literally ran across the street tonight from a Pampered Chef party because we were in a tornado warning! UGH!!! The power went out several times, so I lit a few candles....turned all the stuff off and hoped the battery on the laptop would last for a bit until I was ready for bed!

Excited! the weekends tend to be easy...we start Friday evening with Papa John's pizza, sleep in on Saturdays and make pancakes on Sunday....generally a nice lazy weekend

Heartsick... I try not to think about Mike being gone for yet another birthday, another thanksgiving, our ten year anniversary, and another Christmas.....but I do....and it sucks!

Thankful: for my neighbors and friends and family....I couldn't do this without them.

happy friday y'all


nel said...

I love the silly photo...what characters they are! Thinking of you...Nel

MilkMaid said...

The silly photos are the very best.

Good thoughts for you during your husbands deployment...I can't imagine that life. Thanks to him and thanks to you.

tommiea said...

Nel-thanks! They do keep me busy.

milkmaid-thank you, he loves what he does and is very good at it. I am so proud of him BUT WANT HIM HOME!!

JNas said...

Thanks for visiting my page! Your kids are too cute! I need to read some back posts from your blog to get to know you better! I'm sorry your Husband is missing out on all sorts of stuff, but I am grateful for him!!

h&b said...

The silly photo is hilarious !!
What a pleasure your children must be to you ..

As for your husband - WOW .. you must work very very hard and be very very patient to survive this time with love and humour.

I hope he is home with you all soon ..

The Kept Woman said... I feel for you with the hubs gone.

But on the other hand...could you be making your house any freakin' cuter? Wanna come up here and help me?