Saturday, April 28, 2007

sunday six: SPF edition

Sunday Six!

1. What does SPF stand for?
for daddy

2. What is your stuff? my dinosaurs and my cars

3. What does anniversary mean? that means you don't jump

(Can you tell we have issues with jumping on the couch!!)

4. How do we celebrate anniversaries? with cupcakes and a glass spoon

5. Did you celebrate SPF's 2nd anniversary? Nope, I didn't, because we didn't make cupcakes

6. Say something nice to Kristine & Shaun! Thank you....I am sweet and nice like that....brought to you by Will, who still doesn't want his picture taken.

happy Sunday....we are off to the duck pond and car washing I am sure there is rain in the forecast.


Carmi said...

Ah, the duck pond: such fond memories from my own childhood. I love your scenes from the fridge. Between the birds and the cold stuff, you're creating indelible memories for them.

KC said...

I love these answers.. a glass spoon.. hummmmmm..
Great Sunday Six
I didn't get a chance to play this week :(

Kami said...

A glass spoon, huh?