Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Husband is finally home!

Does this look like the child of who is sleeping soundly ??? Yeah, didn't think so. Will fell asleep on the floor yesterday afternoon during his quiet time. So at 8:00 when I was leaving to go get Mike, I decided on a whim to take Will. I told him I was "running a night time" errand. He seemed okay with that. When we got to the airport, I was taking pics of him. He loves to take pictures now, so he asked to take a picture of a soldier...there were plenty arriving at the same time. I told him he could only take a picture of a soldier he would come down the little area and he would say, " I don't know that soldier.." Finally he saw Mike, I said, "Do you know that soldier??" He didn't recognize him at first, but jumped in his arms as soon as he did. He didn't quit smiling the entire time! I was surprised he even got to sleep last night!

This morning Livi was hollaring from her crib, "I'm awake!" Mike went in and said, "Can your daddy get you up?" She jumped into his arms and didn't let go for about 15 minutes. She even left her bunny in her crib...something that NEVER happens!

Only have a few minutes, so the WBW is in this post as well.....Way Back Wednesday: Stripper Style...

Not so sure I am up to par for stripper style, but how about some nakey babies....

My kids never seem to have clothes on....ever! This pic was taken when we lived in Leavenworth, see that lovely-Army-housing issue linolium??
I hurt my back when Livi was little enough to still fit in the sink, so wallaaahh no more bending over some dinky little tub!

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nel said...

oh your pictures made me cry...tears of joy of course that your wonderful husband is finally home! Have the best time together.

The Kept Woman said...

Love the kids' shots!

I'm with Nel...crying that is. Did you catch the Bob Woodruff special last night by chance? It focused largely on brain injuries of soldiers returning from Iraq. All I could think of are all you military mamas that I've met on the internet and hoping that your guys are safe no matter where they are.

Now stop blogging and go give that man some love, honey!!!!!!

h&b said...

I love the daddy/son cuddle !