Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More sappy thoughts

Wasn't it last Tuesday when I was sappy??

This afternoon I was going back to Will's school to finish up my volunteer hours. There is a church right on the corner just outside our neighborhood. I saw a bunch of protesters. I wondered what was going on....it is also right by the highschool, so I just thought it was a bunch of kids fighting or something. Then out of the blue, I heard that familiar rumble of very loud Harley Davidson motorcycles. These guys formed a barrier the entire length in front of the people protesting. About four guys on their bikes with the biggest American flags that they could support lead the way. A hearse soon pulled out followed by all the people attending the funeral. Finally the rest of the Harley riders brought up the rear. There were probably 20 bikes or so. It was such an act of humble compassion. I was in tears as I waited on the side of the road for all of the cars and bikes to pass.

this is a link to the Harley riders: http://www.patriotguard.org/

If you click on the photo gallery on the left of their page, you can see pics of just how awesome this looked. It really was amazing!

At first I was angry that protesters would even come out at such a private personal time in some young soldier's familiy's time of grief. But then I was so proud that there are people who are willing to come and support that family and shield them in their time of grief. The last thing they need to see is someone toting a sign.

As I sat there in tears, I was thankful that my husband is in as safe as a place as he can be in a warzone. My mind never wants to go there ..the what if this was my husband. But it did, and I sat there and cried for that soldier and his family.

So if your loved ones are near, hug them a little tighter tonight.

Okay, sappy stuff over....

happy tuesday y'all...

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nel said...

Thanks for the sober reminded of what others are facing to keep us safe...Thinking of you, the photos are amazing.