Friday, March 02, 2007

SPF assignment: LEFT OVER

SPF: Did you pay attention to the link? it’s LEFT OVER

March 1st, 2007
Thanks Kristine for the link! She already linked this weeks SPF assignment (see, up there at the top? up there. Look? see it?)

It’s LEFT OVER. That is your only assignment. Something left over.

These are the leftover parts from the huge box of GeoTrax trains that Mike and Will put together today. Will first got these for Christmas the year he turned 2. Every since they have been played with! He usually only has out a simple little set that he can do by himself. When we first got the beginner set, we went crazy buying the extra little parts and trains. I am not sure if Mike liked them or Will. After an afternoon and a huge box, here is the final project:

The green part on the left goes up on an angle and is elevated. Super fun for a three year old and his dad!

happy Saturday!


susan said...

It's funny how dads always chose the toys for their kids to play with keeping what they love mind.

Nice SPF!

nel said...

so nice for them to be spending precious time the train track, I could play with that myself!