Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today's ABCs

I couldn’t decide what to write about tonight because I am so excited that Husband is coming home on his midtour leave! So, here’s a different format...

The ABC’s of what’s on my mind today!

A cute little finch family has found our bird feeder, there is a male cardinal there too. The squirells have not realized I filled it again.

Been cleaning like a mad woman...all that yucky stuff like wiping all the dust off the wood blinds...ugh!

Cute dishwashing gloves from Target's' dollar spot. You know how I love a shiny sink.

Dollar spot....speaking of it, they just restocked it with some great fun stuff....I got Livi that little mini muffin pan for her kitchen. She plays "muffin Monday" in her room now.

Eyebrow waxing... I've been doing my own, but I think I need to go get them reshaped. I miss my guy from Lawton that did them...why does it have to be so hard to find a new eyebrow guy? I am not brave enough to experiment with something that big and hairy on my face!!

For TV watchers, Thursday night is the night I camp out in front of the tv....need my Grey's Anatomy fix.

Grandparents arrive on the first!

HEB...or Itchy B as Livi calls it......went there this morning to get some good steaks and salmon. Stocked up on some adult beverages as well.

I love that new diffuser my friend gave me.

Just about done with this.....

Kids' Museum and Papadeaux' thing we will do while Mike is home.

Livi is napping, or supposed to be napping...I still hear her talking to herself. excited he will be home in a few days, even if it is just for two weeks!

Note to self: GET A PEDICURE....sandal season is about to start here in the Lone Star state.

Peeps! I saw some at the store today! Did you know that you should eat Peeps head first so that they can’t see you eating the rest of them?

Quiet....I love a quiet house. It is not very often that it is like this. Well, not too quiet....I can hear Will growling in the office.

Real Simple Magazine. The best magazine on the market.

So ready to plant some flowers out front. I love to do those little baskets of different things.

Tick tock..the clock in the kitchen is loud....and I just realized it needs a new battery! It says it is 10.

U was the hardest letter for me in this entry today.

Very lovely weather here....mid 80s!!

Will has been doing great in phone calls home lately!

eXpress yourself. You never know when it will be the last chance we have to tell someone we love them, so do it often.

You’re probably glad that this entry is almost done.

Zoo...Waco zoo or Austin there even a zoo in Austin???

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