Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 things....just because I am bored and the kids are sleep

In my refrigerator:

1. diet Dr Pepper, lot of keeps me sane

2. leftover grilled chicken and rice

3. sushi for Livi and I to have a nice little girl's lunch while Will is at school tomorrow

4. milk....gallons and gallons...well maybe just two...and the appropriate chocolate and strawberry syrup

5. meat thawing to grill tomorrow

In my closet:

1. clothes hung according to the color wheel

2. cute bags

3. cute shoes

4. wood hangers...or is it hangars??? which one hang clothes and not planes??

5. husbands clothes....we share like that

In my purse:

this cute thing is what I pretty much carry most days

1. red Kate Spade wallet...I doubt it is real, I got it at a garage sale in Leavenworth

2. the obvious....diapers
3. favorite Bobbi Brown lipstick.
4. favorite Bobbi Brown powder compact
5. Baby wipes

In my car:
1. cute Kate Spade Maclaren stroller
2. Sarah Maclachland cds
3. more baby wipes
4. spare diaper bag of change of clothes for the kids
5. for Livi and red for Will

1 comment:

The Kept Woman said...

"cute Kate Spade Maclaren stroller"

Dang, your kids are lucky spoiled!

All mine got was a crappy old Graco...I'm jealous.