Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New friends.....

I went to lunch with a new friend today. I think that is the hardest thing about moving.....having to find, make, and keep friends. This mom has a daughter that goes to Will's school. I have volunteered with her for a few events. Her little girl is always dressed so cute. I mentioned to her that she should sell her daughter's stuff on Ebay. So one afternoon she came over and I showed her how. She suggested we go to lunch sometimes. Since my babysitter comes over on Tuesdays, I suggested a little hole in the wall Thai place I had been wanting to try.

Well, I am so glad I did. We had the greatest time. She brought me this diffuser from Pier 1 called Ember. I was hesitant to even open because I am very picky about smells. I am not a fruity sweet type....this has rich scents of oranges, clove, cinnamon and more. Place the reeds in the glass bottle filled with fragrance and allow it to gently waft through the room. I am so impressed she noticed the couple of candles I had were very fall-ish...if that is a word.
I wanted to take my camera and take a picture of my Thai tea...but with the making-new-friends thing, I wasn't hesitant to bust out the camera and start snapping. Don't want to run her off too quickly. We had such a good lunch. It was 3:30 before any one noticed the time. (We met at 1.) We have already made plans for our next girls lunch at another place.
So here is to new friends.....I have definitely made a lifelong friends at each and every place we have lived.....from big Lawton America to Alaska, out to the beautiful bay of California, to the cornfields of Kansas...So now it is time to do the same here. I am trying to keep a positive outlook about this and things are looking up.
For muffin Monday this week, we made cinnamon raspberry muffins. I didn't take any pics either....oh well.
happy tuesday y'all.

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nel said...

It sounds as if you have found something that you both were looking for. That makes it all the more special to enjoy!

Here's to more happy times with new friends :-)