Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Livi wanted to send her daddy a kiss. I told her she would have to blow it all the way there. She sat down and started blowing......that was 20 minutes ago. She is still blowing. So, husband, I hope you got it.
I told her to do a nice pic....this is what I got.
Will had to take a treat to his school for his party today. So while Livi napped, we made rice krispie treats. Will got to cut them out with the cookie cutter. After two or three though he got bored. Now I think I have a permanent indentation of a heart on my palm.
Note to self: next year buy some valentines....or better yet, start the week before. The afternoon before you need 24 valentines is not the time to start. Will did put the puffy heart sticker on them, but MAN, this was alot of work! But aren't they oh so cute!

I'll add a pic of Will later when he gets home from school.

Okay, want to see what a cupcake, a cookie and a sucker does to a three year?? He is literally rolling on the floor. He was on the bed, but fell off....cackling like the evil witch in The Wizard of Oz!

When I laid Livi down for her nap, I had told her she could have a sucker when she got up....welll, in her little two year old interpretation of that, I said..."Stay awake and play in your bed, and in an hour you can have a sucker!" So much for naps today. I guess that means an early bedtime.

Happy Wednesday y'all,


tongue in cheek said...

Happy Saint Valentines to you and your two little dolls!!
How sweet to blow a kiss our way!

Aunt Yen said...

Love looking at the Tuesday updates, whatever day they come.
Love y'all