Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday dinner, cute toesies, big grins

Yesterday the weather was so nice. It is hard to believe it was an icy mess here not too long ago. Livi had to dress herself. These are her favorite "flappers"...I think she blends flip flops and slippers to get Livi speak ...flappers. I never realized how much her toes look like mine....big ole long skinny toes and bony feet. Yes, those are linen pants....yes, she is playing in the sandbox....She actually did pretty good not getting too dirty.

After a bit, the kids heard the neighbors playing out front. Will has his helmet on because he was on his scooter. He thinks he can keep up with the big boys. I love our neighborhood. It is full of kids. A couple of them are near the kids' ages. People are friendly. I know names and phone numbers. About half of them have deployed husbands, so we have to stick together. Anyhow...I love this picture of Will. As usual, I was carting around the camera trying to get a natural unposed pic of the little man. He is cracking up laughing running as fast as he can to get away from me. He thought it was a hoot his mom was chasing him with a camera, saying "smile".

He had a much better day at school today. Last Friday I got a phone call from his teacher. She put him on the phone and I talked to him. He said he didn't want to work but that he wanted to play with Blaze....With a name like Blaze, I can only imagine the havoc they were causing. His Montessori classroom is muli-age...(3-5 or maybe 6)...most of the time this works to his benefit. I really do wonder if the full moon last week was bringing out the crazy in him!

Finally, each Sunday we have what Livi calls a "candle dinner"...When Mike was home we ate on china, but now I am afraid that since they are at the kid table, they might break it. When they eat at the big table, they are belted into their boosters!

By the way...we are making apple ginger muffins for Muffin Monday ....the fresh ginger smells wonderful.

happy Monday y'all!


nel said...

I think I've said it before but it has to be said again...they are sooo cute! I love the candlelit dinner, very special. Nel

tongue in cheek said...

Candlelit Dinner! How wonderful to celebrate like that!
I hope you post the muffins!!

h&b said...

Cute candlelit dinner !!

I think it's lovely to do things like this for our children, to make things a bit special, and to show you trust them with 'grown up' things.

Just lovely :)