Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - Something RED.

This is the red wall in our home. The wall to the right in the dining area of the kitchen is also red as well as the wall through those french doors in the office. We have used this color in at least two homes...It is Kilz Casual color one coat paint. It really does only take one coat, maybe two if you have textured walls. It is called Cornelian Red. It is more terra cotta than red. When Mike first painted it (when we lived in Leavenworth), we used it in the dining room. I wasn't too sure if I liked it. I was wanting more of that deep cranberry red. But now I really do like this color. Here it is the entire south walls of the house.

Can you see the big A Texas star that is between the glass panels of our front door. That is one of the things we had the builder change when we were looking in this neighborhood. It originally had just a normal door. But we loved this house, so they switched out the doors for us! I guess if we are going to be in Texas, we might as well get on the bandwagon with all the star stuff.

One more red....this is how the Willster is most days....running from me so I can't get a cute candid pic....and he is wearing red. Can you see how big his cheeks are scrunched up? He loves to be chased!

happy Saturday y'all!

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nel said...

love the's my longtime fave colour, and the star looks great!

I can definitely see those big cheeks. Sooo cute and sounds so cheeky! Love it!