Saturday, February 24, 2007

the Husband is coming home!! Whew hoo

Even if it is just midtour leave...I am so excited. It seems like so long ago that I dropped him off at some gym on post.

From an email he sent me:
I thought I would be able to suprise you and get home early. We got a call to go over the airport and get on a plane at 6 PM. I went over and actually sat on a plane for an hour. Then they shut it down, said it was broken and told us to get off. There were no other flights so I have to go back at 4 AM. I guess its good they found out it was broken before we took off.I am going to go get a shower, go to midnight chow and watch a movie. I will be really tired but I will definately be able to sleep on the plane. I tried calling but couldn't get through. I will try again right before I leave.

Uhhhmmmm, yeah glad they found a problem BEFORE you were in the air.....I feel all fluttery (is that a word) like when we were he really going to be excited to see me?

I wonder how the kids will feel. Livi seems to think he is just a picture but she loves to talk to him. Even when she is supposed to be in bed she will talk to him ..."Mommy told me to go to sleep, Dad....but I just want to play...Do you want to play? I can only play with my bunny because 'toys don't belong in bed' (something I tell her daily!!!) Are you cold, Daddy? I can cover you up, are you nice and warm now?" Somehow she manages to get a picture from her nightstand next to her crib. She covers it up to make sure it is warm. She is so funny.

Will just wants to build with his dad....he wonders where his tools are (remember I rotate his toys, I guess I need to get the tools out again!)

I think we will all fall back into our same ole same ole with him.

Just a few more days!

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nel said...

Just a few more days...I am waiting with you and know it will be a wonderful reunion...yay!