Sunday, February 18, 2007

Elmo in Austin

Yesterday I drove down to the metroplex of Austin for a few hours of kid nirvana....otherwise known as Elmo. The kids throughly enjoyed it despite sitting behind the tallest woman in Texas! The whole thing was about making music even if you don't have instruments. So now they think they can bang on my pans because "Big Bird did it." Uuuhhmm, nope, not happening in your little world kids. Go bang on Livi's pans in her kitchen.
The show is actually very entertaining and enjoyable. I am glad I took them. Though Saturday morning I was ready to give the tickets to anyone who wanted them. It is very daunting to take two toddlers an hour away, take them to the bathroom, find your seat, keep the snacks coming, and the countless other details ALL BY YOURSELF. We have taken the kids to several of these types of shows, but Mike was always home. We went with neighbors and another family in the neighborhood, so it was a little easier. They are still talking about it, so it was worth it.
I never really watched Sesame Street as a child. I was more into Captain Kangeroo and Mr. Greenjeans.

On the way to the car the kids got a little ahead of us, so I told them to put their hands on the tree at the end of the path and wait for us. I wish the lighting was better, but I do like the picture!

Have a great weekend y'all....

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nel said...

what a beautiful photo...yes children and concerts = exhaustion!