Friday, February 02, 2007

Star muffin and a bug covered boy

This morning the husband called me super early to see how Will did with the sleeping probs...he came crawling in our bed at5:45 AM!! I get up at 6 anyway, but man that is early. Because he got up so early, he took a nap this afternoon. So it is now 9:30 at night and this is what I found sitting in front of our bedroom door. He is wide-eyed and pretty perky for it being so late for him. So after a couple more "twinkles" and and snuggles, I think he is sleep.

While the husband talked to Livi, he told her to tell me to take her to get a Star muffin <---kid #2 speak for a muffin from Starbucks. After we dropped Will off at school, she remembered the we drove over there. The drive thru line was wrapped around the building, so we went in. I saw some of the cutest mugs! I am more of a covered cup kind of girl, and those weren't nearly as cute. Livi had her token low fat bluberry muffin and I indulged in a white chocolate mocha latte. When I say it, it always wants to come out as "mocha choca loca latte"....and I can never remember what their medium is called...tall, grande, venti...??? Once I got the large and I was on a caffeine high ALL DAY! Note to self: look at the sign! Or better just say medium.

Then Livi and I went to Target...this cheese slicer is what I was looking for. We had one exactly like it but the wire on it finally gave out. With the amount of cheese we go through in this house, you would think I was feeding a small country of mice....but no, it is just two toddlers! Well, they didn't have this one, but I got one similiar with a couple of replacable wires.

I think I hear kid #1 happy Friday, y'all!


nel said...

He is so cute! How could you say no to that gorgeous face? And your daughter looks very pleased with herself with that muffin...mocha choca loca latte, yes please!

tongue in cheek said...

What sparkling eyes your children have! I am happy you heard from your husband! That is why you had a "high," all day ;) it wasn't the coffee!!