Monday, October 29, 2007

Talk about a Manic Monday

under the tree, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Last week I started taking a new allergy medicine. I knew it had been messing with my sleep habits most of the weekend, but I didn't really realize how much. Finally last night after getting a tad drowsy around midnight, I decided to try to go to bed and hope to sweet Jesus I would fall asleep.

I kid you not, the kids get up at the a$$ crack of dawn. I get up at 6AM so I can have myself almost ready by the time they get up around 6:30-6:45 or so. I AM NOT A MORNING this kills me...but sleeping later is just not an option now.

1:00 AM- I look over at the clock that I have now covered with a wash cloth because those green numbers seem to flooding the room with light.. I am thinking...."okay, if I can just go to sleep now, I will get five hours of sleep!!" I can do that. My favorite sleep music is softly playing in the background. Still tossing, turning....getting comfortable but not feeling the least bit like sleep is coming anytime soon.

2:00 AM- Dude...say it isn't so....There is really no way I can function on four hours of sleep....I will now have to skip aerobics and come home and take a nap! It is too late to take a Tylenol PM....far be it I thought of that four hours ago!! Oh....well

a little after 2AM.....I must have gone to sleep a little after this. Thank you Mr. Sandman.

For some reason I woke up, threw the washcloth off my clock and looked at the time....OMG, that is LIGHT coming in my room. First, I sleep in a cave practically. We have this tint on our windows to lower our AC bill....and we have wooden blinds. At 6AM NO LIGHT should be coming in my window. That clock cannot be right, there is no way it is 7:47.....The kids have not slept late in ....well ever!! Why couldn't they have done this yesterday?

I jumped out of bed, I did not take a shower! But I did brush my teeth, threw on some tinted sunscreen and lip gloss. Thankfully I have pretty good hair that doesn't need to be washed everyday. I kind of fluffed it up a bit and hoped it didn't look like day old dirty!

Will woke up in the few minutes it took me to get dressed, as did Livi. Their clothes are already laid out, so the isn't the age old drama of "I don't want to wear that." While one was getting dressed, I brushed every one's teeth...made some sippy cups of milk, and threw some Cheerios in a bowl.

Just as we were headed out the door, I realized I didn't even have their lunches. But I pack their lunches the night before....I go so far as to even stick the whole lunchbox in the fridge. I grabbed a cold pack from the freezer and we headed out.

It is only an 11 minute drive to school (you know I have timed it!) Believe it or not, we made it there with one minute to spare.

As hectic as waking up late is, the kids were awesome....we just moved like clockwork. I do have to say I was impressed.

I got home, flipped on the coffee pot and took a long, hot shower! I did try to lay down. But no napping for me. Surprisingly I wasn't that tired all day.

Now it is almost bedtime and I am scared to take my medicine. As smoothly as the morning went, I don't want to do that often.

As for the picture up there, it is from Saturday at the parade field on post. Just kids, playing with's a wonder they didn't start hitting each other with them!

happy Tuesday


WorksForMom said...

Ahh the best laid plans. That "holy crap i'm late" feeling is awful.

My son is up by 6:45, so I try to get up at 6AM too.

But I'm still giggling over your kids getting up at the " a$$ crack of dawn" statement. Snort.

tulipmom said...

We all woke up late yesterday too.

Can you play around with taking the medicine at different times?

Tavolini said...

wow--great job getting everything together! I've been having the same issues with sleep...generally by the time it hits 5 am, I figure, well, at least I can listen to NPR.

I think we're all ready for the "fall back" an hour coming up :)

CarrieB said...

Oh my gosh....that is the worst! (desperate for sleep). Can you talk to your doctor about switching allergy medicine? Or take it only in the morning? I have to sleep. HAVE TO.

BTW...the rub on above P's bed says "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful". I'll send you a link to a photo.

Thanks for always making me smile with your kind comments!

Little Town Big Life said...

Allergy medicine, no matter what form or what it says, does me that way. I hate to take medicine!!! Good luck--wish I had some useful advice.

By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned, but your kids are darling!!! I really, really enjoy the pictures you post. Bet you have soooo much fun with them!!!

And--how many days now?????

patti_cake said...

Being late leaves me all out of synch. I have to be careful because some meds leave me wakeful too and i'd rather zonk out than the opposite! So glad things went smoothly for you and you've got adorable kiddos!

Cheeky said...

Allergy meds always give me sleep issues (as if I didn't have enough of those on my own).

Starting out all manic like that stinks...been there done that....

Janet said...

hahaha i say that all the time, too, @$$ crack of dawn :-)

Hate the feeling of not being able to sleep, ugh!

Libby said...

Ugh, not fun at all. You're lucky you have good hair, mine looks disgustingly greasy if I don't wash it.

11 minutes, heh, why am I not the least bit surprised that you know that? ;)

Meg said...

Wow - I would have freaked out also. The kids really rose to the occasion! - but I see why you don't want to repeat that again.

Can you take the medicine earlier?

Anonymous said...

Tommie-What kind/brand of tinted sunscreen do you use? Glad your day worked out. As I've said before love your blog.


tommie said...

Michelle-I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisturuzer with SPF 15.

Ashlee said...

The days are getting shorter!! YEAH!!!! By the way...check my blog!! Love ya!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Days like that are when your pre-planning and organization really pay off. But I wouldn't want to re-live it again either. There's nothing worse than feeling rushed!