Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday 13, the letter W

Keeping with my ABC theme....the letter W

1. Will-Of course my favorite W of all time. This is actually in Will's Tuesdays with Will book . He is nine months old here. It is still one of my favorite shots of him!
2. Wreath-I pretty much always have a wreath on the door. Now there is one with multicolored eucalyptus one.
3. Warm- I like my coffee luke warm, not quite cold...but warm. My new flavor is chocolate mint. yummi-licious!
4. Water- I go to sleep to a playlist on my Ipod called Nature is like mellow orchestra music mixed in with rain.

5. more Water- I took this with the kids' camera...driving down the road. Well, I wasn't really driving. I was stopped, waiting for traffic so I could turn. Love the water droplets on the window!
6. West-This is the farthest western state I have lived. I LOVE the seasons here so far.
7. Write- I have never kept up with a written paper journal. But I enjoy blogging so much. I started this blog when Husband was deployed. He has been back from a 15 month deployment almost a year....and I am still at it.
8. Wheat- I could eat frosted mini wheats cereal for breakfast most days!

9. Whoo Hoo! When I saw this sign coming home from the commissary, I pulled in to fill up, even though I had half a tank. You know I was saying "whoo hoo!!"
10. whimsical- I try add a little whimsical piece in each room of my home. Kind of a little funky in each room.
11. Wipe- I wipe down my sink with Windex (another reminder of My Big Fat Greek Wedding!) every night....I love me some shiny sink.
12. Wild- I don't think I was ever the wild child....nope, not me!
13. Wake - One child or the other wakes up every single solitary night. While I don't want to rush these preschool years....I am was HONKIN' excited for those lazy sleeping teen years! But I think that might be one of the only thing I like about those I am not rushing it!


ElleBee said...

LOVE that pic of Will! Such a great expression (and great baby hair). :)

Anonymous said...

Hate to bust your theme, but I think this is the farthest eastern state you have lived in ! Love Ya SIL

On a limb with Claudia said...

Ok, I'm a little frightened by the comment before me. What the heck is an anonymous SIL-- (shivers at the thought) ;)

Do you buy the chocolate-mint coffee or add something to it?

I love that picture of Will - he's so alive in that shot - so Will.

Yes, you'll get sleep sooner than you think


Darla said...

*sigh* Here in USAREUR, gas is still over $3 a gallon.

My youngest child is 14--and I'm still sleep deprived. I think it's part of the "mom" job description. He does sleep in on weekends, though.

tommie said...

SIL M-Not sure what I was thinking....but I think I will leave it just for grins and giggles!

Claudia-That is my Sister In Law....she doesn't blog, so she comments as an Anonymous person.

The coffee is Millstones's Peppermint and I add Chocolate Mint creamer to it.

CC said...

I would SO be woo hoo about those gas prices too. Wish the'd drop below $2 here!

Monica said...

Our gas isn't that low, but it's getting there. Woo hoo!!

Love the Greek Wedding comments...I have that movie memorized. :)

Anonymous said...


It was actually SIL J, but I don't want to log in from work. Although I was on the phone with SIL M at the time and we figured you were enjoying your favorite adult beverage while blogging.

Really bored at the office today...maybe I should blog???

marina said...

you know in central america, diesel is cheaper than gas, and everyone prefers diesel cars to that.
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Janet said...

LOL love that shot of Will! And WOW! That's some cheap gas! Love the raindrops shot, too :-)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Wow, that shot of Will is just so priceless, it made me instantly smile!

And I'm LOVING those gas prices!

Lifecruiser said...

I sure can understand why that is one of your favorite photos of him! He is soooo cute there! I love his hair!

...and your choice of bloglayout, verrrry nice!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word. I love the vintage Will. :) toooooooooo cute!

and the fuel prices....WOW! we are still nearly $3 here. eeekkk!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Will is such a handsome guy! Adorable!

Love the tidbits too. Gas is down to $1.75 here. I've been taking photos and trying to make a post about it, but uh, yeah, other things have kept me busy. LOL!

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you, Why Tuesday Update?

Wendy said...

I had to stop and fill up today too when I saw that same sign...only here, in a totally different state.

Dea Felis said...

"6. West-This is the farthest western state I have lived. I LOVE the seasons here so far."

Waht-what?!? {scratches head}

I was wondering if you'd moved to Hawaii without telling us. :D I didn't know that you haven't been east of KY. I haven't been west of WY, though I've visited Utah. Spending a summer at Ft. Lewis doesn't really count, since for all that we saw of the rest of the base, we could have been anywhere. :)

I'm missing that cold, rainy, snowy weather. Enjoy it for me, k? :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Love that photo of Will!

Windex makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding too! Shiny sinks make me think of Fly Lady. :)

Moi said...

that photo of Will is such a hoot!!!! how can one not love your brood :)))))