Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply Kind Tuesdays

Claudia at On A Limb with Claudia hosts a meme called Simply Kind Tuesdays. Her goal of Simply Kind Tuesdays is to increase awareness of the kindness that surrounds us. Unless of course you are on the Mary Poppins' level of kindness, I seriously don't think you can have too much kindness around you. I continually try to encourage the kids to be kind to each other and to those around them. Some days they are the best of friends. Others...oh me oh my....bicker with a capital B.

But for my first week of participating (in this meme, not being kind!...I crack myself up!), I was shown some kindness. I have blogged before about my love of tassels before: Livi's little fat pink and green tassel, the artichoke tassel.....the tassel that looks like a sugared pear, fall pumpkin tassel .....All of these are from Angela at The Tassel House. She is so easy to work with. I showed her a few of some girlie ones I liked. Several emails were exchanged. She came up with the amazing little pink and green one for Livi's room.

With that purchase, she included this adorable little one. It hangs in my stairwell on an old medicine cabinet door that I use as a mirror. I can't count how many times I go up and down those stairs everyday. But each time I do, I am reminded of Angela's kindness. Of her effort to take I am sure what were just a few scraps from other projects and brighten my day. That is the kind of kindness I am hoping to do and to model for the kids as well.....the little things that go a long way to make someone smile!

Simply Kind Tuesdays are a meme. Click here to learn more .
On a side note...Live woke up with a fever today. Since Will was sick last week, I didn't want to risk exposing the barf-barf-toot-toots to anyone at their preschool. Just send the thank yous my way now. I know I would be honked if my kid came home sick two days before Thanksgiving!
I am sure by tomorrow she will be back to playing her funky music....and hopefully being kind to her brother and those around her!
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Monogram Queen said...

I know I come across as snarky and cynical and - dare I even say - a tad bitchy in my blog but I honestly am a huge fan of kindness and try to be kind and teach Maddie the same.

I think you do a fine job Tommie!
You were kind not to send Livi to infect her schoolmates :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

I hope Livi feels better! It's no fun to be sick right before a holiday.

Joyce said...

Yep; it's a good cause, helping the kiddos learn to be kind to one another.

The tassel story is awesome. :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

This is a lovely post, Tommie! And so Tommie - filled with the joy and gratitude of others then blessing us all with a little Livi Spryte (the fairy kind, not the soda! Although, if she's sick to her stomach.... ;)

You do a great job. Maybe once upon a time, you were an awesome teacher. What I know is that right this minute, you are an awesome human being and a gift to me, action jackson, will, livi and everyone who knows you.

((hug)) Thanks for spreading a little kindness

Janet said...

ooh man, I hope Livi's ok!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh no. keep the barf barf toot toos away from us. Sugar had the puke last thankgiving. I'm crossing my fingers for a WELL holiday this year.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yes, a good cause indeed. I love that shot of Livi! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Tommie.

gina said...

Very nice post- Hope everyone is well for tomorrow...

Happy Thanksgiving!

amariaf2000 said...

Tommie - I just got a chance to read this - oh so very sweet! Thank you for your kind words. That means so much!
I've truly enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know a bit about what a fabulous woman - wife - mommy you are!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!