Sunday, November 25, 2007

My first Weekly Winners

I saw this at Libby's ....who got it from Sarcastic Mom. Weekly Winners is photo feature that is the brainchild of Sarcastic Mom. The basic idea is that every Sunday bloggers post their best/favorite photos from the previous week. I think this is an awesome idea. I usually have some random photos that I am not sure how to blog. So whew hoo! Here are my Weekly Winners:
I love this shot of him....just peeking over his shoulder to see if I am still there. That goofy grin of his .....he was saying, "Hey! I thought you put your camera down."

Nope, sweety, I didn't. He is actually jumping on a trampoline. I was playing around with some settings. So I am very happy the way this one turned out.

The trampoline didn't have a safety net, so I only let them jump alone. I was paranoid that one of them would flip off. If I haven't said it here, one of my goals for this deployment is to NOT go to the emergency room. Even better, to NOT go to an emergency room while traveling somewhere far from home!!
Anyhow, Livi is saying, "STOP taking pictures!!!"
But if I did that, baby girl, I never would have captured this side of you!

This picture has no great qualities or anything, but it does show how much the kids love to read and be read to......This is one of the many cousins reading a story to them. They sat in there for almost 45 minutes listening to her read to them. Both Husband and I are readers. This is one quality I want to pass on to the, so far we are doing good!

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Since I could not figure out how to post this ticker on the blog itself, I will stick it in the post. I could get it to show up at the bottom, but not above the posts. Oh well.....whew hoo, we are down to a little more than three weeks!!

Edited to add: MUCHO thanks to Libby for getting it at the top of my posts. I was wondering if I was going to have to copy and paste this thing into every post!! LOL


Libby said...

Those are great shots, Tommie, as always you really capture Will and Livi's spirit in each photo. I an amazed that you nabbed those while they were jumping up and down on a trampoline, that's talent!

I love that you added a ticker, if you would like me to try to help you relocate it (I don't know if I can, but I'll try) shoot me an email.


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Oh, yay! I am so glad you decided to play. Your photos are wonderful.

The top 2 are just splendid captures of great facial expressions, excellent framing, and all!

The last is seriously precious. I so get you on wanting to pass on the love of reading. So far my little dickens loves books (he's 13months) and I really, really hope that continues.

Hope you'll keep posting WW! :-D

WorksForMom said...

24 days? 24 days? WOW, I'm excited for you. Excellent shots as always. Love that B&W shot - it's perfect.

Janet said...

My parents always read to both my brother and me and they were disappointed my brother didn't turn out to be a reader. Well...maybe not disappointed but curious, like how come it worked with me but not him, you know? LOVE the pictures, especially of Livi yelling :-)

Kellan said...

All great pictures and such adorable kids. Take care. Kellan

tiff said...

Beautiful photos. Your children are adorable.
Mine all love reading too, especially my little guy.

Secret Agent Mama said...

Love those shots! Great quality shots!

I have a sweet reading pic up in my WW, too. Stop by and see if you can (if you haven't already).

tulipmom said...

Hey Will, aren't you hot under there?

The fact that he sat there with his coat and hat on for 45 minutes just goes to show how much he must love reading stories.

Jientje said...

I absolutely love the first one!
So you must be a mum with a camera growing at her arms too then, judging by the look your son gives you? Hahahaha! I love it!

Fleur de Lisa said...

What a great idea! I love the expression on Will's face in the first shot. My son is always saying, "No more pictures!" just like Livi. :-)

LooLoo said...

ha! I love the one of your little one shouting.

patti_cake said...

Great shots, Will is adorable. I bet he can be a little devil sometimes. Wow the time is getting short. I love tickers!

Heather said...

I love the B&W one on the top...those are alwasys a favorite!

Good luck with your hubby coming a fellow military wife, you just take one day at a time.

Desert Diva said...

You have the most photogenic kids!

Kerry said...

23 days???!!! Are you so excited?