Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday fill in #11

Courtesy of Janet

1. The things I give thanks for this Thanksgiving are my family, friends, my health, and most importantly Husband....even if he is thousands of miles away.

2. My Thanksgiving traditions include watching the Macy’s Parade!

3. The best part about Thanksgiving is spending it with whatever family or friends nearby.

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing Husband makes.....since I don't eat pork, this is one of the recipes we have altered from the notes we have from his mom.

5. I don't think I have anything that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me on Thanksgiving.

6. After the meal, I talk with my family and help with the dishes.When I was younger, my older cousins and I used to load up the kids in a couple of cars and take them to see whatever Disney movie was released. Now that the cousins are older, we are now taking our own kids! It gives the 'adults' some time to spend together and the 'kids' love it. Sounds funny now that I am 39 and still considered one of the 'kids'.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to putting my feet up, tomorrow my plans include going to a kid's birthday party (yeah me!) and Sunday, I want to get the laundry done so I can lay out what clothes we need to take to my mom's house.

ps....just a little note on the slippers....I was very hesitant to get them...I HATE toe cleavage...but they are oh so comfortable and remind me of the old ballet house slippers I use to wear. Do they not make those anymore? You know, the ones with the little leather soles, the little stretchy tops.....oh well....these are a close second, even with toe cleavage!

Happy Friday, y'all.


Janet said...

lol you know...for some reason I thought you were in your 20s! When do you turn 40?

Literary Feline said...

I always seem to forget the Macy's parade is on until it's too late. You'd think since it's on every year, I'd figure it out. Haha

I hope you have a great weekend!

tulipmom said...

Hope you're having a nice relaxing evening. I'm headed to the couch with some hot chocolate (sugar free of course) and today's mail ... People and Real Simple!!

tommie said...

LOL at janet!! Probably because I have two kids under four!

I turn 40 in July. Eeeekkss, feels funny typing it....! Maybe I can be like Tulip mom and just celebrate the anniversary of my 39th! (oops, she celebrates her 29th anniversary!)

tommie said...

I got my Dec Real Simple, I haven't even cracked the spine yet!

Kellan said...

My mom loves the parade as well and we always watch it here in our house too. I like the turkey the best - I'm not a big stuffing fan (I do like StoveTop Stuffing and I don't think that counts).

Thanks for coming over and leaving such a nice Anniversary wish. Take care and have a great weekend. Kellan

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love Real Simple! Toe cleavage is just ick, I'm with you. I have to have warm slippers way up here where it's cold, so I don't have to worry about that.

Hope you're having a great Friday night. :)

IamDerby said...

I love your Thanksgiving tradition. We always just sit around afterwards...movies would be better I think

tulipmom said...

I think Isotoner still makes those. I had a pair a couple of years ago.

tommie said...

tulipmom-Yes, those are the ones I am talking about. I haven't seen those recently...I'll have to keep a lookout for them.

WorksForMom said...

You really do have the coolest shoes Tommie. I so can tell you drive a Volvo. And that's a compliment.

I have perma-smile yet after reading your post about the official homecoming. :)

Janet said...

toe cleavage????? ahahahahahah!!! Thanks for the laugh ;-)