Tuesday, March 06, 2007

loving having the husband home

Not sure if it is the time change, sick people on the multiple amount of planes he was on, Texas allergies, or a combo of all of those....but for about 3-4 days he did alot of sleeping....it seems to have worked since he is finally feeling better.

One night he fell asleep while tucking Will in....I had to get my camera to snap a Kodak moment. Yes, I had to use a flash and risk waking up a sleeping toddler and the dear husband. but they looked so cute! Will was snuggled in just under his chin, the husband was covered in the bug blanket, all the while huddled on the "big dog" pillow.

Mike's mom and dad came out to visit on Saturday. We went to the Cav Museum on post. It was a beautiful spring day here. We were able to walk around all these big huge mongo army tanks and helicopters. As Husband says, "It was Cav-tastic."

Right before the John and Meg left, Livi had to pull out the tea set. They got her this adorable tea set for Christmas this past year. Is it bad now when she serves tea she asks, "Would you like a chocolate latte?" Uhhmmm, have we been to Starbucks one time too many??

Okay, I just loaded all the pics from the camera from this past week....I had a sum total of 5 of 76 that were of Will....multiple poses from the one of him and Mike...(yes, I had to take more than ONE with the flash to get a good one!) Note to self: take more pics of Will


Carmi said...

Such lovely pictures. Congrats on having him home...I can practically feel the excitement in your words.

I found your link on Susan's blog, and followed it home. I'm glad I did, as your blog compels. I look forward to reading more.

All the best,


nel said...

Love this post...that first photo is so perfect! It's so lovely to see you all enjoying great family time together...and I always love a good tea party.

Head Hen said...

You may like these: www.DaddyDolls.com. They can send you the recorder part ASAP so when the dolls get there they'll have a message from Daddy.

Enjoy your time! Thank your husband for his service and thank you and your kids for the sacrifice you make by having him gone.

Gina said...

What sweet pictures. The first one is priceless!