Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: W.....wash or laundry? What do you call it?

It was "Wild Card Wednesday" over at TKW's I had to put my thinking cap and come up with a "W" word....

*I could do Will...that one is pretty obvious...but most pictures have him giving me the hand. So nope...not Will.

*I could do wine....I actually already have some pics of a glass I took the other day while Husband was still home.

*Then I thought about the laundry or the wash....what do you call it??

So why am I taking a picture of the iron? Because when I was ironing the WASH this week, I got all hormonal and started crying.
What could possibly bring a sane woman (well, sane on most days)...maybe I should say a grown tears? This was near the bottom of the iron pile. Mike's shorts. I got all weepy and sad because I won't have to iron his shorts for another seven months! I am pretty much caught back up with all the laundry from when he was home. All of the clothes he wore and now washed and put away. Some are even ironed. I thought about just hanging them up wrinkled but then I just felt sad again.

I did leave one tshirt that he wore while he was home under his pillow. It still has a little bit of a smell. I know pretty soon all the smell will be gone and it will then just be a dirty shirt. But for now I pick it up and sniff it before falling asleep.

Who knew I was so sappy??


Wendy said...

I think I would do the same thing if my hubby was gone for that long. Thanks for stopping by.

The Kept Woman said...

1. I call it laundry...I think "wash" is a more Southern term.

2. I have been SUCKY at reading blogs lately and didn't realize he went back. Crap, that was fast.

3. I would have totally started bawling, screw "weepy eyed"...

Lots and lots of Bonus Points for "laundry" and just 'cause...

Jana said...

Aw, ((HUGS)) to you! I can't stand being away from my hubby for seven days, let alone seven months!

MommyOutOfControl said...

HUGS. I played too, but yours is so much more emotional! When I saw the picture of the iron it reminded me of when I was pregnant. Wisk detergent had a commercial for its new detergent that decreases wrinkles. On it they showed an iron, and it was sad and lonely and crying because no one used it anymore. I used to bawl like a baby! My hubby still teases me about it!
I will keep you, your hubby and family in my prayers.

Kami said...

I call it laundry.

Sorry you're so bummed. I wouldn't be able to do it.

tongue in cheek said...

I think if i were you my clothes would be washed with my tears most the time.
As always i pray for peace and your husband's safe return.

tommiea said...

wendy- must be a woman thing!!

TKW-thanks for the bonus points, I try not to cry too much in front of the kids though! Freaks them out.

Jana- it definitely puts things in a dirty counter in the bathroom used to be able to send me into a spin....Now it is just his dirty sink, at least he is home.

Jamie-that is a cute story about the wisk.

kami- No choice, but I knew he was a soldier when I married him,so I guess I did have a choice once.

Corey- thanks! I appreciate it.