Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: t?? toad, tutu, telly...I am going with toes.

This week for Wild Card Wednesday I decided to go with a theme of "T" ....brought to us by she who plays with Peeps, so funny, you have to go read. This is her new game instead of Way Back Wednesday. .

without further ado, I give you Tommie's toes.
On Tuesdays I have a wonderful babysitter...big girl Agabell as the kids call her....come over while I go get some "I-need-some-alone-time-so-I-don't-lose-my-sanity" time. I usually go get some lunch with the girls at fun places like
the wildfire in Georgetown or shopping, or my favorite...just to get a pedicure. My friend was sick, so I headed over to get my little pedicure. I don't think she understood me when I was trying to tell her I wanted a little flower on the big toe. I was too scared I would end up with hooker toes, so I left....

By hooker toes I mean...once I got little flowers, but she had all this sparkly wings flying from them with little rhinestones along the flames....yep, pick me up on second street!

Back to my toes....while I was trying to take a pic, Livi had to come in and put her two cents....or her two feet in the picture as well. Can you tell that not only does she look exactly like me, but she has my honkin' long toes as well?
Standing in front of me wasn't good enough, so we sat on the step stool and tried this shot....

Did you play??


Kelly said...

I can't see the flowers, but the little toes next to yours are adorable! LOL

The Kept Woman said...

Hooker toes...snicker.

Bonus Points for initiative and assigning yourself the letter "t" for the week!

movin'mom said...

I miss the south...your legs look tan and the sky is gray here!

you know I played!

tommiea said...

kelly-she didn't understand I was asking for a flower, so I left!!

tkw-thanks for the bonus! whew hoo!

Kami said...

Cute shoes and great pedi!! Hooker toes. Love it.

Arlene said...

Your toes look great!! I got my nails done today, but that's nothing new. And let me tell ya, being broken, it felt like it took forever!!!
I love pictures of feet for some reason :-)
I played too :-)

IamDerby said...

hooker toes...i cant wait to work that into a conversation some time soon.

Wendy said...

The things I'm learning...hooker toes, porn star tongue from TKW, What will be next? Nice pedi! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Adorable little toes there. They have to be like mom :)

nel said...

very cute pictures! I am always being paid out for my toes by my family...of course they're just jealous because mine are perfect;-)Hooker toes is a new one for me, lol, learn something new every day!

Tammy said...


I so need a pedi.

tommiea said...

movin mom-yes, I am tan, but I stay that way!
cami-thanks...I wondered if the white was too big.
arlene-I hope you are feeling better, I can't imagine!
iamderby-when you do, let me know....I love a good "hooker toes " drop when you can get it in there!!

wendy-who knows? You learn something every day!

angi-yes, she does, she looks like me...but acts like Husband!!

nel-it is such a relaxing time...I can't imagine not doing it!

tammy-take the time out and get one....and hope your girl understands that you want a little flower!!