Thursday, March 15, 2007

see you in October

We dropped Mike off at the airport super early this morning. We dragged the kids out of bed at 6 ....Will was awake but very quiet. True to Livi form she woke right up and started chatting. To help distract the kids today we got them each a daddy-is-leaving again present. He gave them to them last night so he could see them play with them for just a bit. Livi got the little green lawn chair she is sitting on as well as the wooden birthday cake set for her kitchen. She has been singing Happy birthday to everyone! It has six candles, so for now, both she and Wil can have the right amount of candles. I love these little wooden play sets. Yes, some of them has little chew marks, but overall they are very sturdy.
Will got the little blue lawn chair and a new train for his Geotrax set. This one lights up on the inside. He hasn't stopped smiling since he got it. Finally, just a cute cheese ball pic of Livi and Mike. Last night we just had a quiet night....the kids had a picnic in the living room so they could sit in their new chairs. We ate a snacky dinner of stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes.

I am trying to not be the big cry baby today. But I have to admit when I run across Mike's flip flops in the living room or his wet towel hanging up, I do get misty eyed.

I am not going to even think these next seven months will go fast. The first five were rough, but we managed. Will is on spring break this week, so we are just going to hang out and try to get back to our routines. The weather is beautiful here so we will do some good outside sunshine time.

happy thursday y'all!

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nel said...

I love the photo of will with that little smile on his cute! and Livi with her Daddy...there's just something about dads and their little girls. Thinking of you...Nel xo