Monday, March 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Saturday was a beautiful Okie-living-in-Texas speak that mens it wasn't already 90 degrees with 80 % humidity! So the kids and I got down and dirty, filled some planters, and put the leftovers in the bed in front of the porch. It has some mums in it, so we just filled in with some annuals.

Will is very sensitive to texture and is not one to get his hands dirty. So he sat back and blew some bubbles. When he put this shirt on this morning, he pointed to it and said, ""! It is from a song Mike sings to him from Sesame Street I think. Anyhow, I guess all that Montesorri preschool is paying off. He amazes me at some of the things he already knows.

Now Livi is the one to be digging in dirt and jumping in mud puddles.....all the while wearing a "princess dress". She was actually pretty helpful. I don't know if the flowers will live as she was man-handling them while planting. But it not, she had fun and is still talking about her "purpur" flowers.

Can you see the dark brown little spots?? There really are some more little flowers there.

This one turned out very well I think. I hope that moss lining thing holds up. Last year I had one of those plastic ones in there. I really wanted to find some of that live mossy stuff to line it, but I couldn't find any of here in big Texas.

This one is one Livi did all by herself. I think I defintely will have to put that one in something else. It seems to low for that liner thingy. The opening is kind of crescent shaped, so I would have to probably put a square one it in.....

Oh well, it all turned out great. We got the potting mix cleaned up, porches swept, and everything put away before the kids were ready to eat and crash!

happy Monday, y'all!


Jenn said...

What great pics of the kids! They are totally cute. I don't see them in that play structure, tho...they must be good hiders! ;-)

tommiea said...

One is in the top house part with a green striped shirt, and the other is underneath the house part in the sand box part.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the haircut, it doesn't seem to be growing very fast.