Sunday, March 11, 2007

happy missed birthdays....husband style

Happy Birthday to us.....or to all the birthdays Husband will miss.

For as long as I have know Mike, he has asked for this cake for his birthday. It is a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake. Needless to say it has become a kid favorite as well. We made this Saturday evening with dinner. Sunday morning the kids asked for it for breakfast...I don't think so! Even if it was a Cosby episode.
We each put in a candle for the birthdays Mike will miss. Hopefully he will be back before Livi's birthday in mid October. He left on the 8th, so I am hoping for an early October return.

Make a wish!


nel said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate so he can be a part of it! Love chocolate cake myself :-)

Jul said...

This cake was also shared with the neighbors that always get to enjoy this lady's baked goods .. once again, she out did herself!!