Monday, March 26, 2007

I Spy....two kids in the rain

The skies opened up last night around the kids' bedtime and haven't let up yet! So rather than be cooped up in the house, we threw on some rain boots, headed out in the rain (more of a mist at this point), and had some fun. Yes, there are two kids on the play structure.....but I wasn't getting close enough to see you see them?

See how green the grass is....some neighbors have already started mowing their lawn. I tried mowing ours, but I am way too much of a wimp! Hire that lawn boy and pay him well. The going rate is a little less than $50.....every ten days, some kid could be raking it in. I know about seven wives on my street alone that would hire one in a heartbeat!..

No, Will does not have on a dress.....Yes, he has "naked legs"....I swear that boy never has pants on. After his rest/quiet time, he never put them back on. As he was swinging over the spot Livi is looking at, he would stomp his feet in a little puddle of water. It was kind of funny, since he is not the one to get dirty!!

Happy Muffin Monday....on today's menu: Oatmeal with muscat raisins. Livi ate about 4 of them....I guess she liked them. Will, not so much. They had molasses in them, so they were very rich.

Will was trying to make a face....this is what he managed. Can you see Livi with a muffin in each hand? She was worried Will would eat them all before she could get another!!


nel said... that last photo, good to see Livi knows how to look after herself! They look like they had so much fun outside, and any opportunity to stomp in puddles just has to be taken!

The Kept Woman said...

So Livi is a double-fisted muffin eater, huh?


I'm glad you guys got to go out and enjoy playing in the rain!

tommiea said...

nel-we had been cooped up for two days, so it was fun!

TKW- I didn't want to put double-fisted on the post, who knows what kind of people search for that!!!

colleen said...

I don't blame Livi, those muffins look good -- and you must look out for brothers!