Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - your letters

Since Mike left today I need a distraction. The kids are in bed, the kitchen has its shiny sink, so I have time to play..... I know it's not Friday yet, oh well.... SPF today, hosted by Kristine at Random and Odd.

These are the letters I love best. Letters from Husband....he is so good about writing a letters. I get one at least 4 days a week. Some time a few days go by then I will get three or four in one day. I love walking across the street (we have one of those community boxes for half the neighborhood just across from our house), giving will the "golden key" to open out box, and hoping to see one of plain white letter-sized envelopes with his handwriting on it.
Being as anal as I am, I don't rip it open right there. I go inside, pour me an ice cold diet Dr Pepper, neatly open it across the top (not on the side like I do bills)with a letter opener, and sit and really enjoy the letter. It is usually just a simple note of how he is doing or something that reminded him of us that day. Sometimes I cry and try not to let the kids see me crying, other times I just crack up just like I would if he were walking in the door at the end of the day.
Except I know he is not walking in and this is all that I have to hang onto until .....
the next day that I walk out to the mailbox.....
with the "golden key".
Did you play??
happy thursday, almost friday.


Jenn said...

My letters are actual USPS sent letters, too. ;-) I love getting letters! It's so cool that your husband is so good about writing them!

Christie said...


Happy spf :) I played

Jana said...

God bless you and your family. And a big thank you to your husband for what he's doing. So great that he writes that much! If my husband left for seven months at a time, I'd be lucky to get two letters!

I played.

Wendy said...

Very sweet SPF...Mine is up too.

Jessie said...

What a neat guy!

I played too!

CarrieB said...

I love this post. I'm so glad you get so many letters. I'm sure they are very powerful and so important to you. Thanks for putting a smile on my face thinking about you walking out to your mailbox.

Arlene said...

Awww, so sweet!!
I played too :-)

Suzanne R said...

That's so sweet -- I love how you expressed yourself, and the treasures your letters from him are to you.

I played.

san said...

Wonderful, wonderful SPF... this could have been my post [except for that I rarely get mail from the hubby anymore - now that we live together after a long distance relationship], but I would get letters from friends and family and I always celebrate it :)

tongue in cheek said...

Cherished love, what a darling husband to write you loveletters!
My prayers for his safety and for the time to pass quickly.

tongue in cheek said...

Cherished love, what a darling husband to write you loveletters!
My prayers for his safety and for the time to pass quickly.

tommiea said...

jenn-he just left again, so I can't wait to start getting them again!

christie-yes, it is an awww moment!

jana- you are so welcome....he is a soldier through and through, I couldn't be more proud of him!


jessie0 yes he is, neat doesn't begin to describe him!

carrieb-glad I could make you smile

arlene-yes, he knows I love letters

suzanne-they are a treasure, I guess they should be stored in more than just a shoebox!!

san- write him one just to see if he writes back! LOL

thanks! I can't wait until October!

Teena said...

What a sweetie!

I played too :)

nel said...

So nice you hear from him so often...I hope it helps the time go by faster.